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Why Information Technology is Essential to the Workplace


Technology has important effects on business operations. No matter the size of your enterprise, technology has both tangible and intangible benefits that will help you make money and produce the results your customers demand. For more insights about technology and computer repairs visit now. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why Information Technology is Essential to the Workplace

Why Information Technology is Essential to the
The amount of information that companies must
keep secure is increasing.
As a result of industrial advances, companies are
constantly gaining more data about their clients
and customers. Companies must ensure that data
security and company privacy remain a priority to
protect against all cost of breaches.
Privacy can be an issue in the workplace, as
well. As technology advances and employers are
able to easily and inexpensively install and
operate surveillance from security cameras and
motion detectors to software that tracks employee
internet usage.
The truth is that most data breaches can be
avoided specifically the Online Trust Alliance
(OTA) found that 91 (percent) of data breaches
in the first half of the year 2015 could have
veeb prevented. There are four major ways to data
breaches when it occurs.
External Intrusions
The OTA (Online Trust Alliance) studied breaches
involving the loss of personally identifiable
information, found that 34 (percent) of data
breaches happen through peripheral means. This is
a traditional idea of hacking, where a executor
gains access a system from the outside. External
intrusions can happen through accumulating user
credentials, hacking personal devices connected
to a network and finding its lapses in the
security of an app.
Thirty percent (30) of data breaches are the
result of employee actions, whether accidental or
malevolent. For an instance, phishing can lead
employees to give access to a hacker. By giving a
brief background on the dangers of phishing,
companies can prevent these not acceptable
situations from happening. The Online Trust
Alliance (OTA) reports that insiders or employees
can be a threat when they are feeling unhappy,
stressed, moving to another company or having
financial problems. Companies must realize that
insider threats to data protection are a reality
to every business.
Lost or Stolen Devices and Documents
It is about seven percent (7) of breaches
occurred most of the day because of lost or
stolen devices and another nine percent (9)
occurred because of lost, stolen and misplaced
documents. While some of these particular issues
happen by accident, others create a planned
attack by hackers to acquire data. It is easier
and convenient to steal a laptop than hack a
database, and as long as employees are bringing
their devices outside the office, they bring or
run risk for the company. These breaches often
affect the small portion of people because of the
container features of data protection systems.
However, they can still result to big issues and,
in some cases, a fine against the company from
the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Social Engineering and Fraud
One more popular method used by the hackers to
gain access to information is social engineering
or fraud, estimated to eight percent (8) of
breaches. Social engineering involves deceiving
someone into handing over their credentials and
using that login to have an access to a system.
This was the cause of perhaps the most infamous
data breach in the history, the 2014 Target hack.
Two factor identification and proper training can
help individuals or employees t stop social
engineering attacks, but it is hard to catch this
kind of malicious activity in real
time. Monitoring employees allows business to
keep tabs on the dissemination of potentially
confidential information, track employees
productivity and even prevent lawsuits by
watching for harassing behavior.
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