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Greens Technology is the best AngularJS Training with 100% Placement Institute in Tambaram Chennai. We offering AngularJS online, placement, corporate Training around the Chennai. Our syllabus is revised monthly once by our trainers. We provide weekday classes, Weekend classes and Fast track classes in low course fees – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: AngularJS Training in Tambaram

INTRODUCTION- AngularJS is an effective
JavaScript Framework. It is utilized as a part of
Single Page Application (SPA) ventures. It
expands HTML DOM with extra traits and makes it
more receptive to client activities.   It is a
JavaScript system that grasps expanding HTML into
a more expressive and comprehensible arrangement.
It enables you to beautify your HTML with unique
markup that synchronizes with your JavaScript
abandoning you to compose your application
rationale rather than physically refreshing
perspectives. Regardless of whether you're
hoping to expand existing JavaScript applications
or bridle the full influence of the system to
make rich and intuitive SPA's, Angular can enable
you to compose cleaner and more proficient code.
AngularJS is a JavaScript Framework- AngularJS
is a JavaScript framework. It is a library
written in JavaScript. AngularJS is distributed
as a JavaScript file, and can be added to a web
page with a script tag ltscript src"https//ajax
min.js"gtlt/scriptgt Directives-   Presently
you're truly getting into the meat of what makes
Angular unique. Mandates are unquestionably a
standout amongst the most critical aspects of the
structure, and thusly, this is one of the
greatest areas of the course. The general thought
behind mandates is this imagine a scenario in
which you could make your own particular
component and trait composes with relating
usefulness. With orders, you can make custom,
reusable segments for your application that make
creating intuitive UI gadgets radically
AngularJS Moduules-   1.An AngularJS module
characterizes an application.   2.The module is
a holder for the diverse parts of an application.
  3.The module is a compartment for the
application controllers. 4.Controllers dependably
have a place with a module.   AngularJS is an
auxiliary system for dynamic web applications. It
gives you a chance to utilize HTML as your layout
dialect and gives you a chance to stretch out
HTML's language structure to express your
application's parts obviously and briefly.
Precise's information authoritative and reliance
infusion dispense with a significant part of the
code you as of now need to compose. What's more,
everything occurs inside the program, making it a
perfect band together with any server innovation.
Highlights-   AngularJS is an intense
JavaScript based improvement system to make RICH
Internet Application(RIA).   AngularJS gives
engineers choices to compose customer side
application (utilizing JavaScript) in a clean
MVC(Model View Controller) way.   Application
written in AngularJS is cross-program consistent.
AngularJS naturally handles JavaScript code
appropriate for every program.   AngularJS is
open source, totally free, and utilized by a huge
number of designers around the globe. It is
authorized under the Apache License variant 2.0.
  • Center Features-
  • Information restricting - It is the programmed
    synchronization of information amongst model and
    view segments.
  • 2.Extension - These are objects that allude to
    the model. They go about as a paste amongst
    controller and view.
  • 3.Controller - These are JavaScript capacities
    that are bound to a specific degree.
  • 4.Administrations - AngularJS accompany a few
    implicit administrations for instance https to
    make a XMLHttpRequests. These are singleton
    objects which are instantiated just once in

5.Channels - These select a subset of things from
a cluster and returns another exhibit.
  6.Mandates - Directives are markers on DOM
components, (for example, components, properties,
css, and that's only the tip of the iceberg).
These can be utilized to make custom HTML labels
that fill in as new, custom gadgets. AngularJS
has worked in orders (ngBind, ngModel...)
  7.Layouts - These are the rendered see with
data from the controller and model. These can be
a solitary record (like index.html) or various
perspectives in a single page utilizing
"partials".   8.Steering - It is idea of
exchanging sees.
9.Display View Whatever - MVC is an outline
design for separating an application into various
parts (called Model, View and Controller), each
with particular duties. AngularJS does not
execute MVC in the conventional sense, but
instead something nearer to MVVM
(Model-View-ViewModel). The Angular JS group
alludes it entertainingly as Model View Whatever.
  10.Profound Linking - Deep connecting enables
you to encode the condition of use in the URL
with the goal that it can be bookmarked. The
application would then be able to be
reestablished from the URL to a similar state.
  11.Reliance Injection - AngularJS has a worked
in reliance infusion subsystem that helps the
designer by making the application simpler to
create, comprehend, and test.
  • Points of interest of AngularJS-
  • AngularJS gives capacity to make Single Page
    Application in a perfect and viable way.
  • AngularJS gives information restricting ability
    to HTML hence giving client a rich and responsive
  • AngularJS code is unit testable.
  • AngularJS utilizes reliance infusion and make
    utilization of division of concerns.
  • AngularJS gives reusable parts.
  • With AngularJS, designer compose less code and
    get greater usefulness.
  • In AngularJS, sees are unadulterated html pages,
    and controllers written in JavaScript do the
    business handling.
  • Over everything, AngularJS applications can keep
    running on every significant program and advanced
    cells including Android and iOS based

  • Disadvantage of AngularJS-
  • Despite the fact that AngularJS accompanies
    bunches of in addition to focuses yet same time
    we ought to consider the accompanying focuses -
  • Not Secure - Being JavaScript just structure,
    application written in AngularJS are not
    protected. Server side validation and approval is
    must to keep an application secure.
  • Not degradable - If your application client
    handicaps JavaScript then client will simply
    observe the essential page and nothing more.

The AngularJS Components-   The AngularJS
system can be isolated into following three
noteworthy parts -   ng-app- This order
characterizes and interfaces an AngularJS
application to HTML.   ng-model- This mandate
ties the estimations of AngularJS application
information to HTML include controls.   ng-bind
- This mandate ties the AngularJS Application
information to HTML labels.   Demonstrate View
Controller or MVC as it is famously called, is a
product configuration design for creating web
applications. A Model View Controller design is
comprised of the accompanying three sections -
  Model - It is the most minimal level of the
example in charge of looking after information.
  View - It is in charge of showing all or a
part of the information to the client.
  Controller - It is a product Code that
controls the cooperations between the Model and
MVC is prevalent in light of the fact that it
confines the application rationale from the UI
layer and backings detachment of concerns. The
controller gets all solicitations for the
application and after that works with the model
to set up any information required by the view.
The view at that point utilizes the information
arranged by the controller to create a last
adequate reaction. The Model-   The model is
in charge of overseeing application information.
It reacts to the demand from see and to the
guidelines from controller to refresh itself.
The View-   An introduction of information in
a specific configuration, activated by the
controller's choice to display the information.
They are content based format frameworks, for
example, JSP, ASP, PHP and simple to coordinate
with AJAX innovation.    
  • The Controller-
  • The controller reacts to client enter and
    performs communications on the information
    display objects.
  • The controller gets input, approves it, and
    afterward performs business tasks that adjust the
    condition of the information show.
  • AngularJS application basically depends on
    controllers to control the stream of information
    in the application. A controller is characterized
    utilizing ng-controller order.
  • A controller is a JavaScript question containing
    traits/properties and capacities.
  • Every controller acknowledges scope as a
    parameter which alludes to the application/module
    that controller is to control.

AngularJS bolsters measured approach. Modules are
utilized to isolate rationales say
administrations, controllers, application and so
forth and keep the code clean. We characterize
modules in partitioned js documents and name them
according to the module.js record. In this
illustration we will make two modules.
  Application Module - used to instate an
application with controller(s).   Controller
Module - used to characterize the
controller AngularJS advances frame filling and
approval. We can utilize ng-snap to deal with
AngularJS tap on catch and utilize dirty and
invalid banners to do the approvals in seemless
way. Utilize novalidate with a shape revelation
to debilitate any program particular approval.
Structures controls makes overwhelming
utilization of Angular occasions. We should have
a fast look on occasions first.
Occasions-   AngularJS gives different
occasions which can be related with the HTML
controls. For instance ng-click is typically
connected with catch. Following are upheld
occasions in Angular JS.
  • Scope-
  • Scope is an uncommon javascript protest which
    assumes the part of joining controller with the
    perspectives. Extension contains the model
    information. In controllers, demonstrate
    information is gotten to by means of scope
  • Following are the imperative focuses to be
    considered in above case.
  • scope is passed as first contention to
    controller amid its constructor definition.
  • scope.message and scope.type are the models
    which are to be utilized as a part of the HTML
  • We've set esteems to models which will be
    reflected in the application module whose
    controller is shapeController.
  • We can characterize works also in scope.

Angularjs Concept-
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