How to Control White Discharge to Treat Vaginal Infections Naturally? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Control White Discharge to Treat Vaginal Infections Naturally?


This power point presentation describes about how to control white discharge to treat vaginal infections naturally – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Control White Discharge to Treat Vaginal Infections Naturally?

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How To Control White Discharge
The genital passage consists of mucus glands in
its walls. Fluids are secreted from the mucus
glands to keep the vaginal walls moist and
flexible. It also maintains a healthy pH balance
in the genital passage and prevents the growth of
infectious agents. It also flushes out the
harmful agents that enter through water or other
How To Control White Discharge
The secretion of these fluids is high when women
are excited for lovemaking. Some women
experiences heavy discharge of fluids in certain
cases. It is due to the presence of the harsh
substances, hormonal fluctuations, infections,
and dryness etc. The excessive white discharge
causes bad odor.
How To Control White Discharge
It should be cured immediately otherwise it makes
the copulation dull. You will also suffer from
irritations and itching apart from foul smell. So
how to control white discharge naturally Lot of
companies is offering remedies to treat vaginal
infections naturally. However, few remedies are
helpful to tackle the menace of excessive white
Gynex Capsules
You need to choose the right herbal remedies to
effectively cure excessive white discharge and
maintain health of your reproductive system.
Excessive white discharge is also called
leucorrhea. How to control white discharge or
leucorrhea is through the use of Gynex capsules.
Regular use of this herbal pill provides a long
lasting relief.
Gynex Capsules
Apart from curing leucorrhea, Gynex Capsules also
cures menstrual problems. The powerful herbs in
these herbal pills ensure healthy flow of blood
to the genital passage and prevent excessive
secretion of the fluids. Women are advised to
prevent excessive douching, toilet papers,
scented tampons and IUDs.
Ingredients In Gynex Capsules
Key ingredients in Gynex capsules Main
ingredients in this natural white vaginal
discharge treatment are Nagkesar, Lodhra,
Ashwagandha, Godanti Hadtal Bhasma, Subhra Bhasma
and Mochras.
Gynex Capsules
All these herbs in right combination maintain
healthy balance of estrogen progesterone and
maintain upbeat health of the female reproductive
organs. It also provides the supply of oxygen and
nutrients and ensures healthy lubrication.
Gynex Capsules
The ingredients in this herbal remedy have
antifungal and antibacterial properties to cure
leucorrhea, control the white discharge and
prevent infections. It maintains healthy genital
walls. It also improves resistance to bruises,
cuts and injuries. It helps to overcome the bad
effects of IUDs, oral contraceptives, and toilet
paper etc.
Gynex Capsules
Usage Instruction of Gynex capsules, the best
natural white vaginal discharge treatment- You
need to consume one or two Gynex capsules once
after dinner and another after breakfast daily to
treat vaginal infections naturally. It is
suggested to use this herbal pill for three to
four months for best results.
Gynex Capsules
Where to Buy Gynex capsules? Good quality herbal
remedies are available at reputed online stores.
You can place an order for Gynex capsules using a
credit or debit card from the comfort of office
or home. You can also benefit from free shipping
to your doorstep.
Healthy Advice
How to control white discharge is by keeping the
genital passage cleans always with the help of
mild soaps and warm water. You should wear loose
clothes. It is suggested to use cotton
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