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ASP.NET Training in Chennai (1)


Greens Technology is a leading Training and Placement company in Chennai. We are known for our practical approach towards trainings that enable students to gain real-time exposure on competitive technologies. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: ASP.NET Training in Chennai (1)

  • Introduction
  • ASP.NET is the new offering for Web designers
    from the Microsoft .It isn't just the up and
    coming age of ASP truth be told, it is a totally
    re-built and upgraded innovation that offers a
    whole lot more than customary ASP and can expand
    profitability altogether.
  • Since it has developed from ASP, ASP.NET looks
    fundamentally the same as its forerunnerhowever
    just at first sight. A few things look
    exceptionally natural, and they help us to
    remember ASP. Be that as it may, ideas like Web
    Forms, Web Services, or Server Controls enables
    ASP.NET to fabricate genuine Web applications.

  • Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP)-
  • Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) is a
    server-side scripting innovation. ASP is an
    innovation that Microsoft made to facilitate the
    improvement of intuitive Web applications. With
    ASP you can utilize customer side contents and
    additionally server-side contents.
  • Possibly you need to approve client info or
    access a database. ASP gives answers for exchange
    preparing and overseeing session state. Asp is a
    standout amongst the best dialect utilized as a
    part of web improvement.

Points of interest of ASP.NET- 1.Partition of
Code from HTML To influence a decisive victory,
with ASP.NET you to be able to totally isolate
design and business rationale. This makes it
considerably less demanding for groups of
software engineers and fashioners to work
together productively. This makes it
significantly simpler for groups of developers
and planners to team up proficiently. 2.Support
for ordered dialects engineer can utilize
VB.NET and access highlights, for example, solid
composing and protest situated programming.
Utilizing incorporated dialects additionally
implies that ASP.NET pages don't endure the
execution punishments related with deciphered
code. ASP.NET pages are precompiled to byte-code
and Just In Time (JIT) gathered when initially
asked. Consequent solicitations are coordinated
to the completely assembled code, which is stored
until the point that the source changes.
3.Utilize administrations gave by the .NET
Framework - The .NET Framework gives class
libraries that can be utilized by your
application. A portion of the key classes enable
you with input/yield, to access to working
framework administrations, information get to, or
notwithstanding investigating. We will broadly
expound on some of them in this module.
4.Graphical Development Environment - Visual
Studio .NET gives an exceptionally rich
improvement condition for Web designers. You
can relocate controls and set properties the way
you do in Visual Basic 6. Furthermore, you have
full IntelliSense bolster, for your code, as well
as for HTML and XML.
  • 5.State administration -
  • To allude to the issues said previously, ASP.NET
    gives answers for session and application state
    administration. State data can, for instance, be
    kept in memory or put away in a database. It can
    be shared crosswise over Web homesteads, and
    state data can be recouped, regardless of whether
    the server falls flat or the association
  • 6.Refresh records while the server is running!-
  • Segments of your application can be refreshed
    while the server is on the web and customers are
    associated. The Framework will utilize the new
    documents when they are replicated to the
    application. Expelled or old documents that are
    still being used are kept in memory until the
    point when the customers have wrapped up.

Introduction Diagram-
some background information on the .NET
Framework- 1.Document name expansions Web
applications composed with ASP.NET will comprise
of numerous documents with various record name
expansions. The most widely recognized are
recorded here. Local ASP.NET records naturally
have the expansion .aspx (which is, obviously, an
augmentation to .asp) or .ascx. Web Services
typically have the augmentation .asmx. Your
document names containing the business rationale
will rely upon the dialect you utilize. In this
way, for instance, a C record would have the
augmentation .aspx.cs. You officially found out
about the setup document Web.Config.
These are content documents These documents
are content records, and in this manner
comprehensible and writeable. The simplest
method to begin The most straightforward
approach to begin with ASP.NET is to take a basic
ASP page and change the record name augmentation
to .aspx. Page Syntax Here is speedy
presentation of language structure utilized as a
part of ASP.NET
Mandates You can utilize mandates to indicate
discretionary settings utilized by the page
compiler when preparing ASP.NET records. For
every order you can set diverse traits. One case
is the dialect mandate toward the start of a page
characterizing the default programming dialect.
Code Declaration Blocks Code presentation
squares are lines of code encased in ltscriptgt
labels. They contain the runatserver property,
which reveals to ASP.NET that these controls can
be gotten to on the server and on the customer.
Alternatively you can indicate the dialect for
the piece. The code square itself comprises of
the meaning of part factors and strategies.
Code Render Blocks Render squares contain
inline code or inline articulations encased by
the character successions appeared here. The
dialect utilized inside those pieces could be
indicated through a mandate like the one appeared
previously. HTML Control Syntax You can
proclaim a few standard HTML components as HTML
server controls. Utilize the component as you
know about in HTML and include the trait
runatserver. This makes the HTML component be
dealt with as a server control. It is presently
automatically available by utilizing a one of a
kind ID. HTML server controls must dwell inside a
ltformgt segment that additionally has the
characteristic runatserver.
Custom Control Syntax There are two various
types of custom controls. From one viewpoint
there are the controls that ship with .NET, and
then again you can make your own custom controls.
Utilizing custom server controls is the most
ideal approach to typify normal automatic
usefulness. Simply indicate components as you
did with HTML components, however include a label
prefix, which is a nom de plume for the
completely qualified namespace of the control.
Again you should incorporate the runatserver
characteristic. On the off chance that you need
to get automatic access to the control, simply
include an Id characteristic. You can
incorporate properties for every server control
to portray its conduct. For instance, you can set
the most extreme length of a TextBox. Those
properties may have sub properties you know this
rule from HTML. Presently you can indicate, for
instance, the size and sort of the textual style
you utilize (text dimension and text style
compose). The last credit is devoted to
occasion authoritative. This can be utilized to
tie the control to a particular occasion. In the
event that you actualize your own strategy
MyClick, this technique will be executed when the
relating catch is clicked on the off chance that
you utilize the server control occasion
restricting appeared in the slide.
Information Binding Expression You can make
ties between server controls and information
sources. The information restricting articulation
is encased by the character successions lt and
gt. The information restricting model gave by
ASP.NET is various leveled. That implies you can
make ties between server control properties and
predominant information sources. Server-side
Object Tags In the event that you have to make
a case of a question on the server, utilize
server-side protest labels. At the point when the
page is incorporated, an occurrence of the
predefined question is made. To indicate the
question utilize the identifier characteristic.
You can pronounce (and instantiate) .NET items
utilizing class as the identifier, and COM
objects utilizing either progid or classid.
Server-side Include Directives With server-side
incorporate mandates, you can incorporate the
crude substance of a document anyplace in your
ASP.NET record. Indicate the kind of the way to
filename with the pathtype trait. Utilize either
File, while indicating a relative way, or
Virtual, when utilizing a full virtual way.
Server-side Comments To keep server code from
executing, utilize these character arrangements
to remark it out. You can remark out full squares
- not simply single lines.
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