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Secret Betting Tips to Help You Win More Bets -


At a time when the quality of tips available online is declining greatly, I take tremendous pride in continuing to offer only the highest quality betting tips. When you sign up for a plan here, you can count on receiving winning tips in a timely manner. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Secret Betting Tips to Help You Win More Bets -

Secret Betting Tips to Help You Win More Bets
Betting is all about risk and reward. The higher
the risk the higher the reward. In fact at
one-time betting had so many elements in common
with insurance they had to create principles of
insurance to differentiate between a bet and
insurance. With both, you are placing your money
on an uncertain outcome which nobody can predict
with 100 accuracy. For this reason, you will
need the following secret betting tips to help
you make as much money as possible from the
bookies. Placing the bet Place a bet that you
are at least 95 sure of the best. If you are
less than 80 sure of your bet remove it from
your betslip because it will probably lose. Yes,
upsets in sports happen every day. The team that
is on form loses or the player that was supposed
to score does nothing the whole game. But do you
really want to gamble your hard earned money on
luck? Studying the team form, the players and
teams last 10 games, the team sheet and other
data you can find on the internet. This will
give you a lot of useful information to go on
when placing your bet. Also when you are making
a betslip start with the sport you are most
thoroughly familiar with. Most people have a
goal when betting, say for example today I want
to make 50 dollars on a bet. I will first look
at the soccer games being played today and
create a betslip from there until it reaches 50.
If the games you are comfortable betting on do
not take your bet to 50 go the next sport you
follow, for me its tennis. Trust some of your
instinct, not all This may seem like an
abstract idea for anyone who has never placed a
bet but for those who do so regularly they know
what I mean. There is a gnawing feeling when you
are placing your bet that you should remove that
game from the betslip or bet on away win/draw
instead of a straight away win. Most times these
feelings are right and later on you kick yourself
and say next time you will listen to yourself
but next time you still do not. Your body
instinctively tries to protect the body from any
physical or mental distress. The feeling you get
is your body trying to protect you from future
anguish, so try and listen to it. The feeling
that you should add just one more game to the
betslip is just greed so do not listen to that
The lowest odds do not always win Another
secret betting tip is that the favorite with the
lowest odds is not always a guarantee of
success. As we said sports have a lot of upsets.
For example, there was a run of games last
season but one where Bayern Munich one of the
greatest teams in Europe and one of the only six
teams in Europe that has won the Champions
League more than 5 times went on a series of four
consecutive losses and draws. Many punters lost
their money keeping the faith in Bayern Munich
even when they clearly should not have. Your
research and knowledge is the only thing that
will help you determine if the team you want to
bet on will win. This is the same research that
betting companies use to set their odds. Both you
and the betting company rely on the same
information so you can contradict them and still
win. Pick the right time to bet This can be
meant both in terms of time and day. Some punters
have found it better to bet on a whole week of
games on one day. Last minute injuries or squad
disturbances can change the way the team
approaches the game but all in all, it is a
solid strategy for making a profit with
betting. Plus, the earlier you place a bet the
better the odds you get. Betting companies
usually adjust the odds according to the number
of people betting on the game in order to cover
themselves. Betting is a risky affair and you
can always lose but it is a fun way to enjoy the
sport. Bet only what you can afford to lose so
that you can keep enjoying the game. If you
follow these secret betting tips here and do
further research you can start making good money
with betting. the
highest quality betting tips.