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Origin of Basic Drawing Materials


In this presentation, by ShowFlipper Inc. you will get information regarding the materials used for drawing as well as information regarding their history, origin, discovery, and invention. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Origin of Basic Drawing Materials

  • Origin of Basic Drawing Materials

  • The history of using paper date back to the 2nd
    Century BC, in China.
  • The Chinese paper making process spread to the
    Middle East and to the medieval Europe in the
    13th Century. This century also saw the building
    of first water powered paper mills.
  • Canadian Inventor, Charles Fenerty, and German
    Inventor, F.G Keller, independently developed
    processes that could pulp wood fibers in 1884.
    This invention lowered the cost of paper making
  • Modern paper is made of cellulose pulp derived
    from wood, rags and grass. The paper is produced
    by pressing together these moist fibers and
    drying them in the form of flexible sheets.

  • Origins of the word - "PENCIL"
  • French - "Pincel" - meaning "A Small Paintbrush".
  • Latin - "Penicillus" - meaning "A Little Tail".
  • Evolution of Pencil
  • Modern pencil evolved from ancient Rome, where a
    writing instrument made of Lead called as
    "Stylus" was used. Poisoning from Lead was very
  • Graphite is Discovered
  • Graphite was first discovered in Cumbria, England
    in the year 1565. Locally, it was used to mark
    the sheep and was thought of being some form of
    Lead. Graphite is not poisonous.

  • Grading of Pencil
  • Pencils are graded on the European System based
    on hardness, blackness and ease of usability.
  • Classification of Pencil Pencils are classified
    as -
  • (H) for hardness.
  • (B) for blackness
  • (F) for in-between HB and H
  • Standard writing pencils are graded as HB.

  • Introduction to Erasers
  • Erasers are used to remove pencil and ink
    markings on paper.
  • Erasers are made from synthetic rubber.
  • Expensive or Specialized Erasers are made of
    Vinyl, Plastic or gum like materials.

  • History of Erasers
  • Before rubber based erasers, rubber or wax
    tablets were used to erase lead or charcoal marks
    from paper.
  • Rough stones like sandstone or pumice were used
    to remove small errors from parchments and
    papyrus based documents written in ink.
  • Crust-less bread was also used as an eraser.

  • Edward Nairne, an English engineer developed the
    first mass produced and mass marketed rubber
    based eraser while participating in an inventions
  • Nairne sold these natural rubber based erasers
    for 3 shillings per half inch cube which was
    very expensive for that time.

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