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How To Grow Younger — Mind Body Spirit Practices


In both ancient and modern, we focus a great deal on consciousness studies and mind body spirit practices and apply the shift of consciousness to growing younger. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How To Grow Younger — Mind Body Spirit Practices

How To Grow Younger Mind Body Spirit Practices
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  • The idea of growing younger is a shift for most
    of us because society has been indoctrinated with
    the prevailing ideas and beliefs about aging.
    Weve been taught that growing old is grim, that
    aging unavoidably involves the loss of many of
    our aptitudes and abilities, that aging isnt fun
    or graceful and that it is often painful.
  •     Not so many decades ago, we were also taught
    that people couldnt fly until a few forward
    thinkers chose not to accept the impossibility of
    flight. Instead, they figured out how to do it.
    We were taught that polio couldnt be prevented
    until Dr. Jonas Salk invented the vaccine. Today,
    I and other age-reversing pioneers are shaking
    the roots of the prevailing belief system and
    figuring out how to grow younger as we age. The
    first step toward making it happen is to conceive
    of becoming youthful.

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  • Science is helping to move us closer to the day
    when the progressive deterioration of aging is a
    thing of the past. Many fields of discipline,
    including life-extension science and medicine,
    have jumped on the bandwagon of age reversal, so
    the possibility of growing younger is being
    examined and tested from many vantage points.
    Astounding advances are taking place every day in
    molecular biology, organ and tissue regeneration
    and nanotechnology. Breakthroughs in these fields
    will potentially eliminate age-related illness
    and give us youthful skin, organs and brains.
  •     A younger you is within your reach. Just keep
    yourself vitally alive and vibrant so youll be
    healthy and ready to take advantage of the
    scientific advancements when they happen.

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  • When you allow the belief that you can grow
    younger, youve taken a significant step toward
    making it happen.
  •     I focus a great deal on consciousness studies
    and mind body spirit practices, both ancient and
    modern, and apply the shift of consciousness to
    growing younger. As expressions of the Divine, we
    are all interacting in a field of unlimited
    potential. Our conscious connection to the Divine
    and our beliefs and behaviors determine the
    degree to which we express radiance and joy and
    this applies to every area of our lives.

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  • New scientific discoveries are revealing what
    many wise teachers and healers have taught for
    centuries our thoughts and beliefs create our
    reality. Quantum physicists have found, to their
    complete surprise, that matter is affected by
    thought, a discovery that rocked the boat for the
    scientific community. Scientists have since
    peered into the life of our trillions of cells
    and found that they are actually responding to
    the environment of our thoughts and beliefs. What
    we say to ourselves about who we are and how we
    age does matter! As Henry Ford once said, If you
    think you can or you think you cant, youre

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  • As the science of epigenetics shows, our fate is
    not controlled by our genes. Instead, non-genetic
    factors over which we can have control send
    signals to our genes to express themselves
    differently. More specifically, our beliefs and
    behaviors including diet, exercise, skincare,
    prayer, and our thoughts about and responses to
    life strongly influence the expression of our
  •     This is good news, my friend! For me it means
    the APO-e4 Alzheimers gene I have inherited has
    the opportunity to remain in the off position. I
    spent five years accepting the symptoms of
    Alzheimers as my fate. Then, fourteen years ago,
    I made a conscious choice to grow younger. My
    behaviors and my genes followed my belief, and
    now Alzheimers is just an unexpressed potential
    in my life.

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