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Tips For A PPC Search Campaign


The world has become digital, so has the advertising space. Earlier the businesses use traditional forms of advertising like the direct mail, TV, Radio and even print advertising. But as the world evolved digitally, the advertising space transformed itself from traditional methods of advertising to digital methods of advertising. One of the very popular forms of online advertising is the Pay Per Click Marketing. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips For A PPC Search Campaign

Tips For A PPC Search Campaign
Intro of PPC ? The world has become digital, so
has the advertising space. Earlier the businesses
use traditional forms of advertising like the
direct mail, TV, Radio and even print
advertising. But as the world evolved digitally,
the advertising space transformed itself from
traditional methods of advertising to digital
methods of advertising. One of the very popular
forms of online advertising is the Pay Per Click
Marketing. Over the years it has proved its worth
of being one of the set platforms for online
advertising. Owing to the fact that PPC is
dynamic in nature and is always changing. Hence,
more often it comes up with new updated. By being
a PPC marketer, you should constantly find ways
to make sure that your clients get their desired
results. You should try to get more exposure and
increased qualified traffic to them, which will
further lead to more conversions. If you want to
become masters of Pay Per Click Marketing, you
should have a habit of constantly learning the
new tips and techniques from experts around you.
Even if you are an advanced professional in PPC,
you can still improve your capabilities. Pay Per
Click Marketing has a plethora of information
which keeps changing as the new updates are
released. There is a lot more to learn apart
from the popular concepts like the Quality Score,
Landing Page Optimization, Keywords, etc.
Perhaps, you just cannot spend all your time
looking for information from anywhere. Dont
worry! You need not go through heaps of books to
get the relevant knowledge about PPC. With
digitization, the resources of gathering
information have also evolved. And now a
reliable blog is the best way to gather the
dynamic knowledge. For this reason, there are
many PPC authorities who are publishing PPC blogs
to educate the search marketers. Although you
can learn from trial and error, sometimes one
single mistake in PPC can prove to be very
costly. And it is but obvious that you would not
like to make disastrous mistakes in PPC when you
can easily the learn how to get optimal results
through the PPC
  • blogs. Here are top 12 PPC Blogs that can surely
    provide you with ample information to make your
    next PPC Campaign strategy a success.
  • 10 Tips For A More Effective Paid Search
  • Show when it counts- Adjust your campaign to
    consider user peak times. If your target
    audience is primarily searching for your products
    between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on weekdays, then only
    show your ads during these times. Within its
    Edit Campaign Settings Google has a handy
    option called Ad Scheduling, which allows you to
    automatically turn your campaigns on and off at
    specific times. Whats more, if there is a peak
    time of day when your customers tend to search
    then you can even up the budget at that time and
    lower it at others.
  • Choose keywords carefully- Various tools will
    help find specific keywords or phrases that are
    being used by your audience. You can pay to use
    tools such as Keyword Discovery, but a free and
    easy way to find out is to use Googles Keyword
    Tool (accessible when youre logged in to
    AdWords). To use it, you type in your term and
    the tool instantly gives you variations people
    have searched for, a rough idea of the number of
    searches, the advertising competition against
    those terms, and, if you add a max CPC, an
    estimate of the position and cost for each term.
  • Select longer tail terms- Another useful aspect
    of the Google keyword tool is that it can help
    you find Longer Tail terms. Longer Tail terms are
    ones that appeal to users searching for very
    niche or specific items. For example, a generic
    term from the B2B world would be valve. A Long
    Tail term would be pneumatic pilot valve. If
    your budget is limited, it is worth avoiding the
    high cost generic terms and trying to pick up
    traffic from people doing very specific
    searches. Not only will the CPC be significantly
    cheaper, but youll tend to find that prospects
    know exactly what they want, and the quality and
    number of inquiries resulting from the clicks
    will be much higher.
  • Go negative to be positive- Staying with
    Keywordsthink negative! A lot of keywords are
    included in B2B, B2C, and general social
    searches. Appearing in the results for anything
    other than your target market is a waste of time
    and potentially a waste of money. Adding
    negative keywords is an ideal way to exclude your
    campaigns from areas that are not relevant to
    you and enquiries you cannot fulfill. For
    example, if your company sells power tools but
    you dont rent them, then words like rent,
    hire, or lease would be your negative
  • Think seasonal- Some products are going to be
    more or less popular depending on certain times
    of the year due to holidays, weather, or major
    events. If your business sells seasonable
    products, it may be worth upping your spend in
    the months leading up to these high- demand
    times to reap the extra trafficand profits. To
    the same effect, if seasonal keywords are not
    part of your core business, focus your energy
    elsewhere until the excitement (and bid price)
  • Ad copy is key- Youve spent ages picking
    quality keywords and setting up your campaigns
    and hopefully now your CPC ad appears high on the
    Search Enginesyoure there in

  • front of your potential customers, so dont fall
    at the last hurdle. Ad copy is one of the single
    most important components in differentiating you
    from your competitor. To help improve your copy,
    try Googles Dynamic Keyword Insertion Tool.
    Automatically adding the keyword someone
    searched for into the ad copy is an easy way to
    ensure relevancy in the eyes of both Google and
    users, but is no longer the most effective. This
    is a trick that many people already know and it
    is therefore overused. Try to use distinctive,
    even quirky, verbiage to catch your prospects
    eye. Include a major call to action if you have
    a unique selling proposition or new offer, say
  • Back it up- Dont think of your other
    promotions, be they offline or online, as
    separate entities. People may see your print ad,
    for example, and remember the creative and the
    product youre selling but not your company
    name. If they typed your latest marketing slogan
    into a search engine, would a recognizable CPC
    ad appear for your company taking them to your
    site for more information? If not, then you
    could be missing out. Likewise, the only thing
    they may remember from your print ad or trade
    show booth is your company name, so make sure
    your ads are appearing when someone is searching
    for you by name (and dont just bank on your
    company appearing on the first page of organic
  • Go vertical- Google AdWords allows you to
    display your ads across their content and
    partner networks. However, the content network is
    not always great for the B2B market, as it
    relies on Google understanding the contextual
    content of pages and then only bringing your ad
    back on the pages that are relevant. To make ads
    more effective, you can specify the sites you
    wish your adverts to appear on by creating a
    placement targeted campaign.
  • Another option for reaching a more focused,
    relevant audience is vertical search engine
    advertising. Because of their more segmented
    nature, vertical search engines reach a very
    targeted audience, and often produce far better
    quality traffic at the same or smaller spend
    levels than youll find with their general
    search engine counterparts.
  • Go local versus international- Is your business
    local or international? If its international,
    you may need to set up campaigns on a country by
    country basis and tailor your keywords and ads
    to the various languages, time-zones, product
    variations, specific landing pages, etc. Also,
    determine your businesss capabilities. If you
    can only deliver locally, there is no point
    displaying your ads to the whole US. Google
    allows you to target your ads (based on users IP
    addresses) to a named state or town, a radius
    around a specific location, or even a specified
    geographic area of your choice.
  • Use CPC management tools (Google AdWords)- In
    addition to Googles keyword tool, there are two
    others that are particularly helpful. The first
    is AdWords Editor. Its a free tool that offers
    you great control over multiple and/or large
    campaigns. The benefits include uploading bulk
    campaigns and keywords, making multiple changes
    to any part of the campaign, getting stats
    across all campaigns, etc. The second tool is
    Googles Search Query Performance Reports. These
    reports show you what people are searching for to
    trigger your ads, which you can then use to
    adapt both your CPC words and the content on your
    site for SEO.

Hopefully youve discovered a few new ideas from
our list of top tips for effective CPC
advertising. Adding these to your repertoire of
online marketing tools can help improve your
current (and future) online advertising campaigns
without expending a vast amount of resources. 10
Best Useful PPC Tools You Need To Try Running
a pay-per-click advertising campaign can be
time-consuming and costly. And, here PPC tools
can save your time, optimize your budget, offer
important insights, inspire you, and in due
course help you make more money. So, to help you
get insight into keywords, ad copy, and
competitor research, we have presented a list of
10 amazing PPC tools here. Take a look 1
AdWords Editor Manage a lot of AdWords campaigns
  • AdWords Editor is a free desktop software
    application that lets you build and edit
    campaigns offline. This tool will simply save
    you hours if you manage large/a lot of AdWords
    campaigns(Microsoft has an equivalent application
    called Bing Ad Editor).
  • AdWords interface can take you minutes in AdWords
    Editor because you can quickly copy/paste/drag
    keywords, ads, ad groups, campaigns, etc. You can
    also import and export data so you can massage
    it in Excel and/or share it with others who are
    helping to manage the accounts.
  • Feature Benefits-
  • Promoted Video ads
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Ads using ad parameters

  • App install ads
  • Ad scheduling
  • Topic targeting
  • Price -
  • Free
  • Best Use of AdWords Editor-
  • If you spend any amount of time working in
    AdWords, using AdWords Editor is a must!
  • 2 SpyFu
  • Competitive insights on keywords and PPC
  • SpyFu finds out and analyzes your competitions
    keywords and ad copy. Get your competitions
    most profitable keywords, and remove the
    money-wasting keywords.
  • Use SpyFus Kombat tool to analyze multiple sites
    for overlapping keywords. You can also run a few
    sample queries to see limited data provided by
    this tool.
  • Features Benefits-
  • Full suite of core keyword search and management
  • Affordable pricing
  • Sleek user experience
  • Interactive reporting
  • Deep PPC/CPC and paid advertising metrics
  • Backlink tracking

  • Ongoing site monitoring
  • Unlimited search results
  • Price-
  • Annual Plans start at 33/month
  • Best Use of SpyFu-
  • See the most profitable keywords of competitors
    based on their last a number of years of
    advertising history.
  • 3 iSpionage
  • Analyze competitors top performing keywords and
    ad copies
  • iSpionage is an easy-to-use competitive
    intelligence tool. It has a PPC Campaign Builder
    tool to provide you with a complete solution for
    your PPC campaigns.
  • It offers accurate, up-to-date competitive
    intelligence information and is a great way to
    size up competing websites and their online
    marketing efforts.
  • Features Benefits-
  • PPC SEO Keyword Lists
  • Competitor PPC Budget
  • Ads Grouping
  • Landing Page Gallery Access
  • Competitor Website Monitoring

  • Top Competitors Identification
  • Keyword Alerts
  • Price-
  • Free/ Plans start at 29/month
  • Best Use of iSpionage-
  • This tool is fantastic. The ability to go in and
    find out exactly what your competition is up to
    gives you an almost one-sided advantage. If you
    are running your PPC/organic campaign at home on
    a small budget, it will give your business the
    tools to enhance your ROI.
  • 4 Visual Website Optimizer
  • A/B Testing and Conversion Optimization Platform

This landing page optimization tool creates
multiple landing pages for testing with no coding
required and makes A/B testing a bit easier and
more effective. It offers businesses the ability
to design and implement their own brand of A/B
testing by allowing them to choose from rich
types of testing campaigns and allowing them to
configure and add test criteria for more
detailed results.
  • Features Benefits-
  • A/B Testing
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Split URL Testing
  • Heatmaps
  • Targeting
  • Mobile Website Testing
  • Visual Editor
  • Price-
  • Plan starts at 49/month
  • Best Use of VWO-
  • VWO offers businesses the competence to design
    and implement their own brand of A/B testing by
    allowing them choose from several types of
    testing campaigns and allowing them to configure
    and add test criteria for more detailed results.
  • 5 Adbeat

Adbeat lets you uncover any advertisers online
strategy and see what works for them, spy on ad
copy, split testing, and find all exclusive
creative used by an advertiser.
  • Features Benefits-
  • See all advertisers in your market in one place
  • Uncover new markets and niches
  • Advertiser Vertical Report Tool
  • Smart Alerts India Data is Live
  • Price-
  • Plan starts at 249/month
  • Best Use of Adbeat-
  • Scan top ads and ads by format (text, flash,
    video, etc.). It helps you become a leader in
    content network advertising channels.
  • 6 CallRail
  • Call Tracking for Data-Driven Marketers
  • CallRail is an intuitive and powerful call
    tracking solution for data-driven marketers. It
    measures call conversions from search, offline
    and digital marketing campaigns, including PPC
  • Features Benefits-
  • Call recording
  • Dynamic number insertion
  • Agency call tracking
  • Quick setup
  • Keyword Call Tracking

  • AdWords call tracking
  • Dynamic Website Call Tracking
  • Static Offline Call Tracking
  • Price-
  • Free (14-day free trial)/ Plan starts at
  • Best Use of CallRail-
  • CallRail helps in understanding which sites,
    campaigns and search words are driving
  • 7 Übersuggest
  • Keyword Research tool for marketer
  • Übersuggest is a keyword research tool that
    quickly generates a plethora of keywords in
    response to any words you type in the field. It
    makes good use of Google Suggest and other
    suggest services.
  • It can get suggestions either from a regular Web
    search or from search verticals like shopping,
    news or video.
  • Features Benefits-
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Price-
  • Free
  • Best Use of Übersuggest-
  • This tool can help you generate more ideas for
    your own blog. It helps you understand
    consumers keyword/keyphrase behavior so you can
    ensure you are creating the most relevant
  • 8 AdGooRoo
  • Keyword Suggestion and Tracking

AdGooRoo is digital Marketing Intelligence
platform identifies competitors keywords,
informs campaign. It offers quite a lot of
products and services that let you access
knowledge about your competitors PPC strategies
including keywords, ad copy, landing pages,
spend, impressions, and much more. For PPC
campaigns, its SEM Insight is the most helpful
tool that puts all AdGooRoos data to work for
  • Features Benefits-
  • SEM Insight
  • Analyze competitors campaigns/data
  • Industry Insight
  • Local Insight
  • Identify keywords in your campaign
  • Automated Custom Reporting
  • Price-
  • Paid (Unlisted on the website)
  • Best Use of AdGooroo-
  • Get in-depth analysis of your ad copy and landing
    pages along with your competitors. Measure your
    competitors PPC methods on both desktop and
  • 9 Certified Knowledge
  • Save you time and money in help you to optimize
    SEM Accounts
  • Brad Geddes has a nice set of tools at Certified
    Knowledge that will support you analyze data,
    create tons of ads, and optimize your Quality
    Score. Use this time-saving PPC Tools that will
    make your advertising more effective.
  • Features Benefits-
  • Get your paid search accounts on track
  • Grow your accounts

  • Help define your marketing products
  • Scale your agency or reseller program
  • Train your team in paid search
  • Price-
  • Free/ Plans start at 79/month
  • Best Use of Certified Knowledge-
  • This tool helps you to score quality history
    optimizations, top ad line patterns, Best/worst
    landing pages and more.
  • 10 WordStream
  • Online Advertising Made Easy
  • WordStream is a suite of online marketing and
    advertising tools that helps businesses cover
    Keyword Research and Management for PPC and SEO
  • Its PPC tools give the ability to frequently
    optimize a campaign through enhanced keyword
    analytics, keyword organization, keyword grouping
    and long tail keyword discovery.
  • Features Benefits-
  • Landing Page Tool
  • Google Keyword Tool

  • AdWords Keyword Tool
  • Bing Ads ToolCall
  • Tracking Software
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Research for PPC
  • Keyword Niche Finder
  • Price-
  • Free/ Plans start at 264/month
  • Best Use of WordStream-
  • It helps businesses perform PPC campaign
    management and keyword research, as well as
    implement practical SEO strategies.
  • Trusted Web is a SEO and Web development
    outsourcing company headquartered in Ahmedabad,
  • Trusted Web is founded by a group of Marketing
    web development experts who have been working in
    IT outsourcing industry around 15 years in India.
    While working with multiple clients and hundreds
    of projects we have learnt a lot about customers
    needs, expectations and challenges. And we
    wanted to help them work more effectively by
    providing flexible yet high quality service which
    would leverage IT potential of India, assure
    skills and quality. That is why Trusted Web was