Best Basmati Rice Brands, Top Indian Basmati Rice Company - Mishtann - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Best Basmati Rice Brands, Top Indian Basmati Rice Company - Mishtann


Mishtann Foods Ltd. is one of the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of Basmati Rice. We are based in Ahmedabad, in the west Indian state of Gujarat, which is also known as the food bowl of the country. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Basmati Rice Brands, Top Indian Basmati Rice Company - Mishtann

The Magic of Aged Basmati Rice
All grains, as they get older, tend to lose their
quality and value. But with Basmati and other
types of rice, it is the completely the
opposite! Basmati rice gets better and better as
it gets older. And there are reasons to it.
Basmati rice grains when harvested fresh, are
sticky. That's because they are yet not
completely dry and because of this they cannot
absorb water when you cook them. Now in case of
rice grains, the more they absorb water, the
more fluffier they will become. This does not
happen with new rice grains. Basmati rice grains
as they grow older, they lose all the moisture
content and become completely dry and no longer
remain sticky. This leads to their absorbing more
water and become longer and more fluffier. And
is it or is it not that rice look great, they
taste awesome and they bear a divine aroma when
they are fluffy and every grain is distinct from
the other? But the question is how ld should it
be to get the best of it.
Basmati rice is preserved for anywhere between 2
to 3 years. It is required to be stored and
maintained in such a way that it is protected
from rodents and bugs. And this is the reason why
the price of aged basmati rice is higher. Many
brands offer aged basmati rice in the market
today. Mishtann, among them is a leading brand
and has the best premium quality basmati rice on
offer. Mishtann sources basmati rice directly
from the farmers in the foothills of Himalayas
which is the only place where Basmati rice is
cultivated. Mishtann Snowflake Aged Rice and
Mishtann Pristino Aged Rice are the two Indian
products that are in high demand these days
because of rising awareness about the benefits
of consuming aged rice. Old is gold is a cliched
saying we've heard far too often. But it is
absolutely apt when it comes to Snowflake
Basmati and Pristino Basmati rice products. Now
that we have unraveled the mystery of how aged
rice is superlative, taste it to experience the
magic of taste and aroma.