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Staying In The Fitness Track - Made Easy


Don’t Do Any Of These Things To Lose Weight Don’t Do This If You Are On A Diet! Having A Personal Trainer And A Nutritionist Is The Answer To Reach A Great Fitness Level The Importance Of Nutritionists For Good Fitness Levels Types Of Diets And Some Other Crazy “Non-Diets” Find out more at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Staying In The Fitness Track - Made Easy

Staying In The Fitness Track
  • Made Easy

  1. Dont Do Any Of These Things To Lose Weight
  2. Dont Do This If You Are On A Diet!
  3. Having A Personal Trainer And A Nutritionist Is
    The Answer To Reach A Great Fitness Level
  4. The Importance Of Nutritionists For Good Fitness
  5. Types Of Diets And Some Other Crazy Non-Diets

Dont Do Any Of These Things To Lose Weight
  • We should start with the use of supplements. Many
    times it sounds like a dream the amount of
    nutrients and vitamins they provide. But lets
    take into account that pharmaceutical companies
    dont have to prove the effectiveness or safety
    before selling on the market. Many of these
    products claim to be natural and they are really
    not. If you think of taking supplements to lose
    weight, you better not.
  • Also, it is common to starve, or eat very low
    calories diets. This is very harmful because
    severely cutting calories leads to weight loss
    but it also includes muscle loss and lower
    metabolism. Diets which tend to be very strict
    cause a shift towards a higher percentage of fat
    in the body, this increases the risk of metabolic
    syndrome and diabetes.

Dont Do Any Of These Things To Lose Weight
  • Likewise, anything related to purging should be
    completely avoided. This means making yourself
    vomit, chewing and spiting or using laxatives on
    a daily basis is extremely harmful. These
    behaviors are unsafe and harmful for the body,
    yet unfortunately, they are very common. The
    danger of these methods lies in the fact that the
    stomach has strong acids for absorption and
    digestion, so when vomiting, these acids cause
    erosion in the esophagus, mouth and teeth. This
    potentially leads to cancer and tooth decay.
    Using laxatives cause excess fluid loss which
    produces extreme dehydration and fluids
    imbalance. Therefore, this way of losing weight
    is extremely dangerous.
  • Last but not least is doing exercises to an
    extreme level. Although it sounds excellent on
    TV, over-exercising in the real world can really
    cause many problems. It can lead to grave tear
    and wear of muscles and tendons. This causes an
    increase in the occurrence of injury,
    electrolytes imbalance and dehydration. Also many
    people do exercise as a punishment for eating,
    this produces extreme psychological damage. So
    far, many specialists recommend just doing 30
    minutes of intense cardio exercises 5 days a week

Dont Do This If You Are On A Diet!
  • Firstly, it is very frequent to find people
    losing hours of sleep while on a diet to do
    exercise. This can be a catastrophic mistake.
    Whether if it is very important to do exercise to
    lose weight, sleeping a certain amount of hours
    is as important. According to statistics, when
    people dont sleep enough, they approximately
    consume an average of 385 more calories the next
    day. Likewise, according to medical studies, the
    hormones in our body that control our hunger and
    satiety are brought to balance as we sleep.
    Thats why exercising more than normal and losing
    hours of sleep should be avoided.

Dont Do This If You Are On A Diet!
  • Also, it is usual to think that starting a diet
    means changing completely our feeding patterns
    once and for all. We are not making a mistake by
    not eliminating right away the sugars from our
    diet. However, it is about making changes in the
    long term, but step by step. Our organism needs
    time to adapt to changes. Sudden changes,
    although with the best healthy intentions, are
    not recommended when starting a diet. It is not
    about exploiting our body but of progressively
    increasing the exercises, and then making
    nutritional alterations to our diet. But all of
    these require baby steps.
  • Another common mistake is interrupting the diet
    we are currently following. This means that once
    we start our diet, and our exercises routines, it
    is extremely important to follow and to respect
    it. There are no days off where we can violate
    our schedule. One violation can potentially mean
    a backfire to months of endurance. If we do this,
    we are playing with our health and our body. It
    is not easy to get accustomed to a routine, but
    once we do it, any single mistake can collapse
    the dream and effort. Therefore, interrupting a
    diet is just another barrier to achieving our
    goals. No matter what, always try to follow the
    diet, after months your body is already used to
    that routine, dont gamble with what you have

Having A Personal Trainer And A Nutritionist Is
The Answer To Reach A Great Fitness Level
  • Firstly, we can point out that both of these can
    draft a program specially designed to our needs
    and body characteristics. People without
    professional assistance can indeed workout on
    their own, follow some online programs or
    magazines adds, but they wont have the
    specialize care that they can get by having two
    experts focused on them and their development.
    Having a training and nutrition programs fit to
    our needs, goals, health conditions, schedule,
    and preferences are only possible with the aid of
    these two persons.
  • Secondly, we need to point out the accountability
    of having a personal trainer and a nutritionist.
    It is a great emotional help having someone to
    tell you at the end of each week that all your
    hard work is paying off, or that you need to keep
    working. In terms of motivation, it is vital to
    have these experts push you toward your goals.
    This fact is a filter to reach or not your
    objectives. Having someone to guide you, follow
    your progress and stimulates you, is a great deal
    when following a diet and doing exercises.

Having A Personal Trainer And A Nutritionist Is
The Answer To Reach A Great Fitness Level
  • Thirdly, these two experts can guarantee your
    safety when following a diet and exercises
    routines. It is very common for people on a gym
    to do exercises in the wrong way. By doing so,
    they risk suffering injuries. A personal trainer
    can push as much as you can manage, but no
    further. This same thing happens to nutrition.
    Following a diet not fit to your characteristics
    could lead to hunger, crankiness and lower levels
    of metabolism. Having the right diet is a must.
  • Fourthly, having the assistance of a personal
    trainer or nutritionist means learning more about
    nutrition and exercises routines. By doing so, we
    have at our disposal new routines and recipes
    that may adapt better to our needs. At the end of
    the day, with these individuals we learn how both
    activities complement each other. This is only
    possible because of the experience that personal
    trainers and nutritionist bring to the table.

The Importance Of Nutritionists For Good Fitness
  • The first benefit that we can get from the help
    of a nutritionist is the possibility of getting a
    read on our Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This is
    a calculation of the number of calories consumed
    by our body when at rest. This can also be
    calculated when our digestive system is resting.
    These calculations are difficult but a
    nutritionist has the equipment to measure the BMR
    simply with our breathing. This type of machines
    is very reliable and it provides very accurate
    results on our BMR. Having the right reading on
    this is essential when following a specific diet
    and/or exercising routine.
  • Secondly, a nutritionist advises us on the
    importance of prevention. We can all become
    healthier simply by not eating certain types of
    food which can potentially endanger our fitness.
    By doing this, we can avoid some diseases and
    eating disorders simply by watching what we eat.
    Nutritionists are trained and have enough
    experience in making special meal plans which
    help us lose weight and stay healthy. And if by
    any chance you are affected by any genetic
    disorder due to your family history, these
    individuals can help you prevent the side effects
    with a proper nutrition.

The Importance Of Nutritionists For Good Fitness
  • Thirdly, a nutritionist is an expert in coaching
    you how to best support your body when sick.
    Fighting an illness is a tough period for your
    body and mind. It is not just taking pills until
    we get better. A nutritionist has the tools to
    help our bodies cope with the disease depending
    on what we eat and stop eating, and the life
    style that we are having which enables diseases
    to take a hold on our body.
  • Fourthly, nutritionist can advise us best about
    the usage of supplements. Nowadays, these are
    becoming more and more employed by people on
    diets and on exercises routines. If we use the
    right set of supplements we can indeed boost our
    fitness performance. But this is only possible
    with the assistance of a good nutritionist.

Types Of Diets And Some Other Crazy Non-Diets
  • A weight loss diets is among the widest used in
    the market. Obesity is a problem in almost every
    country. The diet industry is growing fast
    where is needed. Even when this is a more common
    problem in undeveloped countries, in United
    States and United Kingdom the obese population is
    growing with great pace. That is why a weight
    loss diet is the most used. This specialized in
    low-fat diets or low-carbohydrates diets. The
    first one is about eating high fiber, rice,
    potatoes, and beans. This means your system will
    not receive any fat, so it will metabolize the
    one you already have. This will result in low
    levels of fat in the organism, controlling and
    decreasing your weight without restricting
    proteins. Some of these diets are South Beach
    diet and Mc Dougals starch diet.

Types Of Diets And Some Other Crazy Non-Diets
  • Other types of diets are those linked to
    vegetarian habits. This category has as many
    subdivisions as existing types of vegetarians.
    For instance, fruitarian diet, lacto vegetarians,
    ovo vegetarians, ovo-lacto vegetarians, vegans,
    and the list can be endless. These diets are very
    strict and sometimes can be risky. People who are
    not used to it may fail or go beyond their body
  • There are also some specific diets which are not
    recommended by experts due to the problems you
    may face while implementing them. Raw food diet
    is one of those. Its true that when food is
    cooked is suffers some transformations regarding
    its composition and its properties, but it also
    kills bacteria and enhances some other benefits.
    Another curious method to lose weight is spending
    time sleeping. This is called The Sleeping
    beauty diet. The risks are even bigger, because
    it implies the use of sedatives pills to sleep
    many more hours. Moreover, it is not safe because
    not eating at all be bad for your health. There
    are other crazy diets that imply eating cotton
    balls, or tapeworms which you should not do under
    any circumstances.

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