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Get The Doors and Windows Of Your Dreams


Guide to Authentic Craftsman Door and Window Design Craftsman Front Door Styles Expand Your Room With Bay and Bow Windows Craftsman Doors Expand the Space and View of Your Home With a Bay or Bow Window New Bay and Bow Windows For Your Home French Doors – Value At Its Best Sliding Door System Designs Are Creative Solutions For Any Homeowners Mirrored Sliding Doors Create Beautiful Light Effects Inexpensively Benefits of Installing French doors Find out more at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Get The Doors and Windows Of Your Dreams

Get The Doors and Windows Of Your Dreams
  • Learn Different Doors and Windows Options

  • Guide to Authentic Craftsman Door and Window
  • Craftsman Front Door Styles
  • Expand Your Room With Bay and Bow Windows
  • Craftsman Doors
  • Expand the Space and View of Your Home With a Bay
    or Bow Window
  • New Bay and Bow Windows For Your Home
  • French Doors Value At Its Best
  • Sliding Door System Designs Are Creative
    Solutions For Any Homeowners
  • Mirrored Sliding Doors Create Beautiful Light
    Effects Inexpensively
  • Benefits of Installing French doors

Guide to Authentic Craftsman Door and Window
  • Rule of Three
  • The starting point for getting it right with
    Craftsman design is acknowledging that having a
    good sense of symmetrical alignment is Important.
    Once you have this acumen, you can deploy it into
    using well aligned simple straight lines to make
    creative designs on windows. Every genuine
    craftsman window would have part of their whole
    part divided into three vertical symmetrical
  • Real Wood
  • The very emblem of craftsman design is wood. The
    good thing is that with the diverse hardwoods
    available out there, you can't have them in short
    supply. However, there is also the place of
    knowing where to use what. This is an essential
    skill you must also master to produce crafts of
    the best quality. It is recommended that wood
    trims, frames, sashes, and grilles remain the
    best materials for windows, doors and main floor
    trims these materials are by-products of
    traditional hardwoods like Mahogany, walnut, and
    white oak.
  • Divided and Stained Windows
  • The most common window patterns for craftsman
    home designs are double or single hung windows.
    Windows are divided into two sections, the top
    section, and the lower section. Many windows
    feature divided vertical grilles in their top
    section and a glass pane in their lower section.

Craftsman Front Door Styles
  • Design
  • The templates and specification for craftsman
    doors designs are simple but require paying
    attention to details front doors for craftsman
    styled houses a designed to rest and wrap around
    an attractive porch a typical craftsman front
    door has certain distinct features including
    panes of glasses which could be either clear or
    stained at the upper section of the door
    supported by wooden panels on the lower
    two-thirds, the panes of glasses are usually
    between three and six doors with three panes
    feature the symmetrical cased arrangement of a
    typical craftsman design as they are three
    vertical rectangles cased together while doors
    with six panes feature a two-dimensional
    symmetrical arrangement which forms a grid-like
    pattern other glass arrangement pattern at the
    upper section of the door do also exist but these
    are by far the commonest of them all one more
    feature craftsman front door come with are small
    ledges with molds situated below glass panes.
  • Color
  • Popular choices of the color scheme for most
    craftsman homes are neutral and earthly colors
    and usually, door colors rhymes with that of the
    carcass of the home. Invariably, this means
    craftsman homes determine door colors Earthly
    color shades include a variety of colors ranging
    from dim blue to aloe green to reddish brown and
    stained wood mahogany which appears to be the
    dominant color scheme for many craftsmen styled

Craftsman Front Door Styles
  • Material
  • The major material used in craftsman styled house
    construction is wood, though very recently
    materials like fiberglass and steel have become
    useful in making simple constructions. But to a
    large extent, wood remains the primary material
    for the craftsman. Several reasons including the
    fact that wood is the very emblem of craft and
    that the peculiar designs of craftsman homes
    featuring wood railing, shingles can only be
    crafted with wood have been adduced for this. To
    this end, craftsman front door is also made of
  • Hardware
  • There is hardware that could be mounted on
    craftsmen front doors but the common one that
    seems so indispensable are handled with their
    deadbolts and keyed entry. They make a good fit
    especially when they come with oil- rubbed bronze
    finishes as they tend to rhyme with the overall
    earthly hue of a craftsman home.

Expand Your Room With Bay and Bow Windows
  • For a bay window, its glaring differential
    feature is its number of window panel they are
    usually three in all with the middle one being
    the largest those on the sides, also known as
    flankers, are closer in while the middle pane
    bulges out making it only possible to be pushed
    out from the exterior the flankers may vary in
    their positioning they may be double-hung or
    fixed depending on how they are installed.
  • In comparison with Bay windows, Bow windows have
    about 3 more window panels all of the same size.
    Another so obvious difference of Bow windows from
    Bay windows is that panels have a curved outline
    allowing for an even broader viewing angle. Bow
    windows are not varied in their placement when
    installing them they are only placed in a fixed
    or casement position. The many panels of a Bow
    window mean that they would give you better
  • One more nugget you should know about Bay and Bow
    windows is that they wont fit as good
    installations in all rooms of your home youve
    got to be thoughtful and purposeful about which
    rooms to use them. Naturally, it just appeals to
    the mind to enjoy and revel in the realms of the
    natural environment while sprawling on your sofa
    or pausing intermittently to look far the yonder
    as you take your meals in the dining room
    instinctively these places and may be your
    kitchen also, makes the best rooms to have Bay
    and Bow windows installed in your home.

Craftsman Doors
  • Against this backdrop, works of craft continue to
    remain relevant. One of them is the craftsman
    cottage door. Historically, this type of doors
    dates back to the latter years of the 19th
    century. Just before the close of the Victorian
    era, they were first designed in America, about
    the period of the craftsman architectural
    upheaval. Small homes in California were recorded
    to be pioneers of the use of these doors before
    its gradual spread to other parts of the world.
    As typical of the craftsmans design pattern,
    cottage doors have straight lines and angles.
  • Many simple features make cottage doors unique
    and perfect for the structure and design of
    houses at this time. Apart from the fact that
    they were handcrafted from mahogany wood or
    particle board, they just had simple artistic
    designs and layouts that made them very ordinary
    in look.
  • However, under craftsman styled design are other
    door ranges all for exterior use while some may
    look very traditional others are quite compliant
    with modern design patterns. In the class of the
    latter are French doors or arch doors to
    accentuate their unique look, accessories like
    door shelf, sidelights, and decorative crowns
    have been fabricated as go-along .

Expand the Space and View of Your Home With a Bay
or Bow Window
  • Talking about stylish windows, there is just one
    pair that stands out- the bay and bow windows.
    Going down history lane, they were largely
    associated with flagship model homes, it can be
    said that the legacy of a status symbol of this
    type of windows very well remains till today. A
    look beyond this into the rationale for bay and
    bow windows reveals much more. The first is that
    a well-lit environment sparkles with brilliance
    the more access natural light has to your home,
    the more soothing the illumination and ambience
    in your home becomes installing bay and bow
    windows enhances the flooding of your rooms and
    living area with light. This can become the
    unique selling point if your home if you must
    sell it in future. Bay and bow windows have also
    got nice features you want to consider. For broad
    viewing, they have got four projection angles up
    to 90 degrees bay, you also don't want to miss
    out of their fantastic thermal performance as
    they come with a 7/8"insulated glass they are
    also quite sturdy as they have a slimline
    reinforced design with adjustable turnbuckle
    cable hanging system. The highlights of its
    features are the luxurious appeal pronounced in
    its graceful sweep away from the floor in arches
    of four to six window and a top grade furniture
    veneer head and seat board.

New Bay and Bow Windows For Your Home
  • A bay window is a window that extends from your
    home and features three separate windows or
    window panels. A window extends at an angle on
    each side of the bay window and the middle window
    extends flat across between the two.
  • A bow window, on the other hand, can feature
    three, four or five different window panels or
    sections. Whereas the bay window takes on a very
    angular appearance and it projects from the home
    several feet, a bow window is going to look more
    curved in nature. Hence the name bow, as the
    curved design looks like the arch of an archery
    bow. The bow window will still extend out from
    the home but typically will not extend as far.
  • Bay and Bow window would make a great addition to
    any home. If you are about remodeling your home
    but yet to have an idea of what you want the
    interior of your home to look like, you may not
    need to rack your brain any further. Fixing a bay
    and bow window is the idea for you. Apart from
    having a transforming effect on the interior of
    your home, it confers economic value on the
    purchase consideration for your home.
  • Having a befitting home that stands out from the
    rest is the dream of everyone. Sometimes, it
    doesn't just end there, the lurking motive is to
    make a strong statement of your worth whichever
    class you fall into, bay and bay windows are good
    means to achieve your ends.

French Doors Value At Its Best
  • Curb appeal is a term used by realtors to
    qualify the home. This refers to how attractive
    the exterior of the home/property is. One of the
    few ways you can increase the curb appeal of your
    property is by installing exterior French doors.
    It leaves buyers spellbound when transitioning to
    the interior of the home. Think of it as a tinted
    glass which helps you view outside while youre
    inside. French doors have successfully created a
    balance between expensive and cheap. The
    gratification it offers is the additional value
    it gives. This ensures a great yield on
    investment upon selling the property.
  • If you seek to upgrade your interiors, installing
    French doors are your best bet. Cramped-up areas
    in the home can be made to appear spacious as
    well. French doors can be installed in the border
    between an abandoned room and a stuffy room. This
    allows for more usage. Also, sets of small rooms
    barricaded with a wall can be put to good use.
    All you need do is replace the wall with a set of
    French doors. Their uses are limitless. Here it
    can be seen that French doors allow for space and
    privacy at the same time.

Sliding Door System Designs Are Creative
Solutions For Any Homeowners
  • Sliding doors offer so many advantages. Here are
    a few of them
  • It is a delight to see sliding doors swing open
    and close the fact that the extent of opening of
    the door can be controlled makes also makes
    ventilation and radiation control really easy.
  • As a sliding door variant, rather than having two
    doors, you can have a single sliding door so that
    there is ample for hitch-free passage when the
    door is stacked to one side.
  • The doors on the system are free moving and very
    easy to swing close and open.
  • Apart from the variant mentioned above, theyve
    got so many others with options to have them open
    from the interior or exterior there is also the
    center and paired panel options.

Mirrored Sliding Doors Create Beautiful Light
Effects Inexpensively
  • Closet doors have come a long way and have
    evolved from mere large mirrors maneuvered
    somehow to fit into doors to doors composed of
    seamlessly assembled components. Old versions of
    closet doors in addition to looking very rickety
    in construction concealed mirrors when closed.
    Today's closet doors have been innovatively
    designed to clearly display mirrors even when
    they are closed. In addition, they come in chrome
    grooves and edges that give them a nice
    three-dimensional outline when viewed from the
  • For those embarking on a home improvement
    project, here is some useful piece of advice. It
    is okay to improve the quality of existing closet
    doors by adding mirrors to them but this can also
    be a very risky venture as attached mirrors may
    not be so compatible with closet doors, the
    chances of the mirror falling off is high it is
    better and safer to rather completely change
    closet door systems if they are no longer fitting
    for use. There is more guarantee that components
    of a mirrored sliding door kit would be
    compatible and fit perfectly together. It is
    always a nice idea in the long run to bear the
    pains and cost of rightly installing closet doors
    as this is cheaper than having to cope with
    makeshift closet door systems.
  • However, sliding door kits come in two variants,
    there is thebe bi-fold closet doors and the
    by-pass sliding doors. Whichever one you chose to
    go with comes with metal frames there is also
    the molding wooden frame option if you want
    something more classic and stylish that befits
    all rooms in your home.

Benefits of Installing French doors
  • Functionality
  • The functionality of French doors cannot be
    overlooked. They also add a touch of class and
    exquisiteness to the home. Thus, installing
    French doors is a simple way to boost the
    aesthetic value of the home. Consequently, both
    the exteriors and the interiors of your home will
    be in sync. If you have space between your
    kitchen and patio, French doors can be put as a
    border between the two. Another example is when
    you want to bring your exterior inside the home.
    French doors can be installed to open the master
    bedroom onto the balcony.
  • Versatility
  • Unlike most doors, versatility is what French
    doors offers with ease. This is why you can get
    away with installing multiple French doors in the
    home. They come in single pairs and multiple
    pairs as well. So far, French doors have suitably
    replaced solid walls. They can be installed as
    stationary doors. All you need do is to keep them
    fixated using a bolt or a post. This way, you can
    keep things more interesting while enjoying
    better-aerated home space.

Benefits of Installing French doors
  • Return on investment
  • By now, you must be aware that French doors just
    like home systems can yield high returns.
    Therefore, they have proven to be good investment
    over time. Because of their quality and high
    value, they increase the value of the property
    when you want to sell your home.
  • Variants
  • Many home entrances are well-known for ancient
    wooden door types with no appeal. French doors
    can be installed to add a touch of elegance to
    the entrance of the home. Fortunately, they can
    be found in different colors, styles, and
    materials. Because doors are known to take up
    space in the home, French doors have been made in
    a unique way. They allow for an increase in the
    amount of space in the home.

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