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Home Automation - A Smart Home Option


Best Reasons To Switch To Home Automation The Benefits Of Home Automation Home Automation Can Be Fun for Us All, But It Is Great for the Elderly and Disabled Home automation Find out more at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Home Automation - A Smart Home Option

Home Automation - A Smart Home Option
  1. Best Reasons To Switch To Home Automation
  2. The Benefits Of Home Automation
  3. Home Automation Can Be Fun for Us All, But It Is
    Great for the Elderly and Disabled
  4. Home automation

Best Reasons To Switch To Home Automation
  • Where we once had to wash dishes by hand,
    dishwashing machines are saving homeowners money
    by using less water. In a world where we are
    consistently focused on how our actions and lives
    impact the environment, smart homes can offer a
    measure of energy-efficiency that often has the
    potential to save money on lighting, HVAC
    management, and temperature control systems .
    Installation is becoming more accessible than
    ever, and the convenience of having second
    generation home automation devices like
    voice-activated speakers means that homeowners
    with accessibility issues can now focus on more
    important tasks, and let their home focus on
    running itself!
  • Convenience is essential to us all in a world
    where our attention is needed in so many
    different areas. With home automation, we can
    make sure our homes are optimized to run
    efficiently without having actually to be in
    them. It is easier than ever before to remotely
    lock your house and garage, adjust your
    temperature remotely, and check in with the
    family to make sure everything is fine at home.
    With the additional connectivity, homes with
    automated security systems add another layer of
    safety and peace of mind for homeowners without
    breaking the bank. More importantly, adding
    multiple layers of home automation also further
    increases the value of your home.

The Benefits Of Home Automation
  • Saving money
  • Home automation can allow you to control your
    homes air conditioning, heating, and lights in
    order to turn them on and off when they arent
    needed. If you go on a long vacation, work a
    sudden late night at the office, or just need to
    make some changes on a budget. Youll be able to
    turn the air conditioning to what you desire,
    turn off the heating and lights if no ones home
    and save money without even leaving your chair!
  • Safety and security
  • Connecting certain aspects of your home to a
    keychain or phone will allow you to keep your
    house safe. Camera systems in your house can be
    attached to your phone, giving you 24/7 access to
    see whats happening in your home. Whether you
    want to make sure your child gets home from
    school okay or to make sure your house is safe
    when youre away, home automation can allow you
    to prevent problems by keeping you notified. You
    can even attach an alarm system to your phone,
    allowing an alert to be sent to you when an alarm
    is tripped.

The Benefits Of Home Automation
  • Ease of access
  • Do you hate having a cold bathroom when you get
    up in the morning? Do you not like having to wait
    five minutes for a cup of coffee to get started?
    With home Automation, you can set your bathroom
    heater or your coffee maker to turn on at a
    preset time, cutting down on micromanagement for
    tasks you do every day. It frees you up to do
    more important things as some tasks are completed
    for you.
  • Fun benefits
  • Do you have a large party in your home and want
    to turn the music up throughout various rooms?
    Would you like to dim the lights for a romantic
    evening with your spouse? Do you have a large
    dinner planned and want to start cooking a little
    earlier? With home automation, all these things
    can be done, and the fun can get started with a
    simple tap of a finger on a screen.

Home Automation Can Be Fun for Us All, But It Is
Great for the Elderly and Disabled
  • Home automation could save the average person a
    lot of time, but it also has an efficient and
    extremely needed purpose regarding people with
    disabilities as well as older adults who would
    prefer to live in their home instead of ending up
    in a nursing home.
  • There are health systems embedded in things like
    appliances and furniture that will collect data,
    which can then be obtained, analyzed, and used by
    medical professionals (and even family in some
    cases) to ascertain the health of the
    elderly/disabled person.
  • As the industry expands and prices consequently
    go down, home automation is being installed in
    more homes of elderly/disabled people, which
    allows them to stay out of assisted living
    facilities and nursing homes. The process of
    moving out of ones home and into a long-term
    care facility can create a lot of anxiety. The
    home automation systems let the elderly and
    disabled remain in their homes secure in the
    knowledge thatshould something go wronghelp is
    just a moment or two away.

Home automation
  • One of the newer areas of automation is cooking.
    Cookers are now using Wi-Fi technology allowing
    their user to prepare food from anywhere. There
    are also Wi-Fi controlled electric smokers.
    Baking scales are now available with a connected
    app to help newbie bakers get it right the first
  • Many options are available for outdoors as well.
    Automated sprinklers can monitor over 10 zones
    and dont water the lawn if it is raining all
    controllable with the tap of a screen. Even
    handier are the automated mowers. Many can mow up
    to 20,000 square feet. The mower neatly mulches,
    so there is no need for raking or bagging of
  • Like the mowers, several devices offer automated
    cleaning. Robot vacuums and mops are becoming
    more popular and are also controllable by
    Smartphone. Have unexpected company coming over?
    No problem. Simply launch a cleaning robot
    remotely and come home to a clean house.

Home automation
  • Security companies have long been offering
    Smartphone apps to control security systems. Now
    its easy to integrate cameras to monitor, arm
    and disarm your home system remotely.
  • It is also possible to control your homes
    lighting through smart technology. Not only can
    you turn the lights off and on, but now you can
    control the intensity and even the color of the
  • The last piece of the automation puzzle and the
    single piece that connects all devices bringing
    us closer to a fully automated home are the
    controllers such as Echo powered by Alexa. These
    hubs are compatible with most of these automated
    machines and allow their user to control his or
    her home with a single spoken command.

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