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Alcohol Rehab - Selecting The Right Program


A look at Alcohol Rehab Program The Features Of The Best Alcohol Rehab Program Alcohol Counselling – What You Need To Know Why An Alcohol Counselling Is Important In Your Treatment Why Alcohol Counselling Is Necessary Alcohol Counselling Centers – Finding The Best What You Need To Know About Alcohol Counselling Centers How To Identify The Right Alcohol Rehab Program The Different Types Of Alcohol Rehab Programs The Best Alcohol Rehab Program – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Alcohol Rehab - Selecting The Right Program

Alcohol Rehab-
  • Selecting The Right Program

  • A look at Alcohol Rehab Program
  • The Features Of The Best Alcohol Rehab Program
  • Alcohol Counselling What You Need To Know
  • Why An Alcohol Counselling Is Important In Your
  • Why Alcohol Counselling Is Necessary
  • Alcohol Counselling Centers Finding The Best
  • What You Need To Know About Alcohol Counselling
  • How To Identify The Right Alcohol Rehab Program
  • The Different Types Of Alcohol Rehab Programs
  • The Best Alcohol Rehab Program

A look at Alcohol Rehab Program
  • The first aim of AA is to help addicts remain
    sober for as long as it takes. This is regardless
    of their financial position. They do through
    smaller groups around the world. Addicts meet
    from time to time to share challenges that they
    have been facing in their journey to sobriety as
    well as evaluate their success in the journey.
    Many other private and public sectors have come
    up with similar programs but they have all been
    derived from AAs model.
  • AA sees alcoholism as a disease without cure and
    the only way to stay sober is to avoid alcohol at
    all times. This is different from a problem
    drinker who can stop the consumption of alcohol
    when he decides to. However, an alcoholic cannot
    be able to stop drinking even if he decides to.
    He must get some help in the process. There are,
    many centers around the world where this can
    happen and it is important consider joining one
    of them. Alcoholism is an incurable disease that
    can only be solved by avoiding alcohol
  • Most private Alcohol recovery centers are run by
    former addicts. There is a belief that, a
    recovering addict has the ability to connect with
    other addicts and therefore, is in a better
    position to assist them recover. This model is
    seen even in public rehabs where employees of the
    facility are mostly recovered addicts. With their
    experiences, they are able to motivate the other
    patients into recovery.

The Feature Of The Best Alcohol Rehab Program
  • Evaluation
  • Evaluation is an important feature in any detox
    program. This is because it is the stage that
    takes brings to light the status of the addict.
    The therapist uses this chance to find whether
    the addict is ready for recovery by looking at
    their behaviour. It is also through this stage
    that the therapist can look at the man causes of
    addiction. Mostly, people get to alcohol
    addiction as a result of family pressure,
    unidentified depression and job issues.
  • Detoxification
  • Detoxification on the other hand is the process
    that involves the use of medication to remove the
    effects of alcohol in your body. This is a very
    important thing especially because it cleanses
    the body of the effects of withdrawal. When you
    stay for a long time without consuming alcohol,
    your body might react in a painful way.
    Therefore, detoxification will help in
    eliminating these effects.
  • Rehabilitation
  • During rehabilitation, you get briefed on the
    best ways to stay without alcohol consumption.
    The process involves coaching on the best ways of
    avoiding a relapse once you have stopped taking

The Features Of The Best Alcohol Rehab Program
  • Many addicts fall back to alcohol consumption
    just a few months after leaving the
    rehabilitation center because they lack
    motivation to stay sober. However, with the right
    rehabilitation, you can see the need for
    abstinence and keep your body off alcohol. With
    that, you will have a higher chance of success
    when out f rehab. Furthermore, it strengthens
    your resolve to kick addiction.
  • Counselling
  • Counselling is another feature of Alcohol Rehab
    Program. During cancelling, you get out talk to a
    professional counsellor about issues that you are
    facing both during the treatment as well as the
    main causes of your addiction. The therapist then
    briefs you on the progress that you have made as
    well as what to expect in the remainder of the
  • Group therapy
  • Group therapy is offered to the whole team of
    patients at the institution. The patients are
    divided into groups where they attend individual
    meetings together. In these meetings, the
    patients encourage one another through the
    process of treatment and if you have a challenge,
    they help you tackle it. With this, the
    therapists are able to harness team energy.

Alcohol Counselling What You Need To Know
  • Alcohol Counselling involves a talking
  • For a successful Alcohol Counselling session to
    be conducted there is need for the patient to
    talk to the counsellor. The conversation starts
    with the professional seeking to understand why
    the patient resorted to alcoholism. In so doing,
    the therapist is able to know how to tackle the
    situation with the addict. Also, the counsellor
    seeks to establish whether the patient has
    honestly decided to quit being an alcoholic or
    not. Therefore, the counselling part is mostly a
    discussion between the therapist and the patient
    on different issues.
  • The counselling demands honesty
  • Honesty is one of the characteristics of a
    successful counselling session. The patient has
    to be very honest with the interviewer so that he
    can be able to get help. It is only through
    honesty that the interviewer can get the true
    picture of things. That way, he will be able to
    propose solutions for the alcoholism illness.
    Unfortunately, some addicts do not provide
    accurate information to the interviewer and thus,
    fail to get the right assistance. Therefore, it
    is advisable to answer all the questions that the
    interviewer has with the largest degree of
    accuracy that you can get.

Alcohol Counselling What You Need To Know
  • You should ask questions
  • Another mistake that addicts make when going for
    Alcohol Counselling is failing to ask questions.
    If you have a question about treatment, life and
    alcoholism in general, you should take the
    opportunity to ask the therapist about it. That
    way, you will have the right information on the
    issue. Similarly, it s important to answer the
    questions asked by the therapist well. This is to
    ensure that they have the right information on
    your case.
  • A brief about the treatment
  • It is through Alcohol counselling that patients
    are briefed about the treatment that they are
    going to receive. Many a times, the counsellor
    explains the process of treatment to the patient
    so that he can understand what to expect from the
    process. This makes things easy especially
    considering that many patients are not well
    conversant with the treatment procedures being
    offered at the centers.
  • Arising issues
  • If the patient has a problem that had not been
    noted before, the therapist will identify it.
    That way, the patient will be properly treated.

Why An Alcohol Counselling Is Important In Your
  • Helps the therapist to understand you
  • One of the benefits that people get from Alcohol
    Counselling is that the therapist is able to
    understand you better. There are some things
    that only a counselling session can be able to
    reveal. For example, if a patient has some
    underlying issues, the therapist would be able to
    identify it in the process of counselling.
  • Identifying the root cause of addiction
  • Drinking is just a simple symptom in the big web
    of alcoholism. Therefore, it is only a therapist
    who can be ale to identify the root cause of the
    problem. Many addicts get into alcoholism
    because of the pressures that they are having in
    their life. The good thing with professional
    counselors is that they are able to identify the
    problems that addicts are facing in their normal
    life. These are the problems that prompt them to
    start getting addicted. It is only by tackling
    the root cause of the problem that the addicts
    can get total healing.
  • Motivating the addict
  • Some people fail to kick addiction because of
    lack of the necessary motivation. Normally,
    Alcohol counselling professionals encourages
    addicts that they can achieve healing. Fighting
    addiction is very challenging but when you have
    the necessary support from family as well as
    medical practitioners, you can be able to beat
    this habit. Therefore, addiction counselors play
    a major role in helping.

Why Alcohol Counselling Is Necessary
  • Introducing an addict to the treatment
  • Many counselling professionals claim that
    addiction is a disease unlike the drinking
    itself. There are many problems that arise when
    one starts drinking large amounts of alcohol for
    extended periods of time. Unlike a casual
    drunkard who can be able to stop drinking when he
    decides to, an alcoholic has no control over
    their drinking and thus, can only stop when
    provided with professional assistance.
    Furthermore, addicts have lives that have been
    messed up by their drinking. For example, an
    addict cannot be able to keep a permanent job,
    loses family because he cannot keep his
    obligations and fails to maintain good
    relationships with friends.
  • An Alcohol Counselling session helps to introduce
    such an addict to their treatment so that they
    can heal from the addiction. Therefore, it is
    important to realize that the counselling session
    will play an important role in introducing the
    addict to the treatment. The counsellor takes the
    opportunity to explain to the patients the
    benefits of undergoing an alcohol rehabilitation
    treatment. The session comes as an opportunity
    for the therapist to advise the addict on the
    treatment that they are going to receive.
  • Finding the issues
  • Alcoholics have issues that drive them to
    alcoholism. However, it is important to have a
    counselling session so that the therapist can be
    able to identify the problems that he is having
    in life. Many addicts are driven by situations t
    start drinking. However, the drinking does not
    come out as a serious issue since most addicts
    start with one or two bottles a day. Before they
    even realize it, they have become hardcore
    addicts. However, the transformation takes months
    and even years to complete. One thing for sure is
    that, an addict does not come up in a day.
    Instead, he is created over a long period of
    time. What happens is that the drinking keeps on
    escalating with time and after months, the
    drunkard cannot do without drinking. At his
    point, he may suffer withdrawal symptoms when he
    does not take alcohol.

Alcohol Counselling Centers Finding The Best
  • A search through the internet
  • The easiest way to look for an Alcohol
    Counselling center is through an internet search.
    This is because most of the Alcohol Counselling
    centers in your area have websites through which
    people can find the service that they provide.
    You can search for the centers based on the
    location of your home and area and this will help
    you locate the best centers. There are many
    sites online that can help you in finding the
    best Alcohol Counselling centers available. You
    can then look at the features that these centers
    have to offer in order to determine the one to g
    for. The best ones have good counselling services
    at affordable prices. Also, it is advisable to
    look at reviews that other clients have left on
    the services of the Alcohol Counselling center so
    that you can be able to determine the best. You
    should also make also make a point of looking at
    independent review sites to see what they have to
    offer. Normally independent reviewers have
    objective opinions about different counselling
  • Referrals
  • Referrals are another method of finding the best
    Alcohol Counselling your area. You can for
    referrals from the people you know so that they
    can guide you in the process of finding alcohol
    rehabilitation centers. There are many people who
    can help you in finding these centers. Friends,
    relatives, colleagues al play an important role
    in making referrals. However, you should rely on
    the best sources so that you can get the right
  • Cold calling
  • Cold calling is also another method that you can
    use to find Alcohol Counselling centers. However,
    it is important to note that this method requires
    to visit different alcohol rehabilitation centers
    in one go. This is important for it can enable
    you to get firsthand information on the services
    provided by these centers. If you are looking to
    take your loved one into one f the centers, you
    can have a feel of the environment that they will
    be living in and this will help you make a

What You Need To Know About Alcohol Counselling
  • Family members
  • Family members can play a big role in helping
    their loved one recover from alcohol addiction.
    Besides being the ones to organize for the addict
    to go to a rehabilitation center, family members
    can give a lot of morale to the addict by
    encouraging him to reform. Also, family members
    pay the price for having an addict amongst them.
    Although they may not be taking alcohol
    themselves, the members suffer the effects that
    alcoholism brings. For example, if the alcoholic
    person was the bread winner of the family, the
    rest of the family suffer when alcoholism sets
    in. family members can also be of much help as
    they can help their loved ones through the
    process of recovery. In addition, they should
    also attend Counselling sessions so that they can
    understand what is needed to be done to help the
    addict heal. And with their encouragement, the
    patient can feel less pain and suffering.
  • Getting counselling
  • Counselling is a part of healing when it comes to
    the treatment of alcohol addiction. It is
    important to get counselling if you want to heal
    from addiction. Counselling sets apart all the
    underlying issues that are contributing to an
    addict being the way he is. Addiction is usually
    not the root cause of the problem but just a
    symptom. Alcoholism is a disease that has no
    specific cure. Addicts have to take a combination
    of therapies, medications and counselling so that
    they can heal from addiction. During counselling,
    addicts are briefed on the treatment method that
    you will undergo.
  • Costs of the treatment
  • Rehabilitation services for both alcoholics and
    drug addicts are very expensive. Therefore, you
    need to get prepared for the treatment both
    physically and financially. Mostly, the addict is
    not in a position to process payments for their
    treatments and therefore, that role is left to
    the rest of the family members. It is however
    advisable to go for rehabilitation centers that
    you can afford so as to get the most value.

How To Identify The Right Alcohol Rehab Program
  • Appropriateness of the program
  • When looking for an Alcohol Rehab Program, it is
    important to consider whether the program is
    appropriate for your treatment or not. Since
    there are many different rehab programs in the
    market, you need to find the one that is suitable
    for your level of addiction, age as well as
    health condition of the addict. You can talk to a
    professional counsellor who can guide you on the
    process of getting a program. The counselors
    normally assess your needs before recommending
    the right program. With many programs in the
    market, patents have a task of scrutinizing
    through them to find the best.
  • The length of the program
  • Different Alcohol Rehab Programs have different
    lengths of completion. Thee rare addicts who have
    obligations at home and it is important to
    consider this when choosing a program. If you do
    not want to spend a lot of time at the rehab
    center, you can choose a program that is both
    simple and short. On the other hand, those
    without many obligation scan be able to follow
    long programs. Therefore, the duration of the
    program plays an important role in determining
    the program to go for. This is because although
    you are looking for convenience, it is also
    important to go for a program that falls within
    your expected timelines.
  • Cost of the program
  • Cost of the programs also another factor to
    consider when looking for an Alcohol Rehab
    Program to go for. This is very important
    especially considering that rehab fees can be
    quite hefty. Therefore, you should consult the
    experts on the issue so as to work out a budget
    that will take your loved one through the path of
    treatment. Unfortunately, there are people who do
    not put this factor into consideration but
    instead, just jump into a rehab center. In the
    end, they fail to get funds to complete the
    treatment and drop out before completion. In such
    an event, the people have lost on the benefits of
    treatment as well as the money already spent so
    far. That can be very challenging to many.

The Different Types Of Alcohol Rehab Programs
  • Alcohol Rehab Program can be offered in a wide
    range of places. There are both private and
    public facilities that can play an important role
    in helping you heal from addiction. When it comes
    to public institutions, the treatment is
    affordable but lacks some of the personal
    attention that you get from private institutions.
  • Also, there are some hospitals that are popular
    with offering high quality Alcohol Rehab Programs
    for patients. These hospitals are highly
    reputable with offering high quality services to
  • There are programs that involve patients family
    and loved ones in the process. Such programs
    require family members to be available so that
    they can offer moral support and care to the
    patients. The good thing is that they are trained
    on how to respond to the patient when he is
    suffering or in pain. Addicts develop problems
    when trying to quit alcohol because of withdrawal
    syndromes. Therefore, it is important to find a
    center that provides all the care that you need
    as an addict.

The Best Alcohol Rehab Program
  • Evaluation
  • The best Alcohol Rehab Program should be tailor
    made to meet your individual needs. This is
    because different patients have different needs
    when it comes to the type of treatment that they
    are going to receive and thus, it is important to
    put this into consideration. When you first get
    into a rehab center, the therapists does a
    psychosocial analysis that helps determine your
    stand on family, alcohol and drugs, the recovery
    process as well as relationships. The results of
    this will be used to determine your level of
    success and the ability to make progress in the
    treatment. Normally, those who score high in
    this evaluation have a higher chance of recovery
    than others. In addition, the evaluation is used
    to determine the cause of your addiction. This
    can be family problems, relationships, depression
    and others.
  • Detoxification
  • Detoxification is a very important process in
    drug alcohol addiction as it helps reduce the
    effects of alcohol in your body. The process
    involves the use of drugs and medications to
    reverse the effects of drugs in your body. The
    medications clear alcohol in your blood and body
    cells so that you can avoid withdrawal symptoms.
    In addition, the medications can play a big role
    in eliminating pains that are associated with
    withdrawal symptoms. This is very important for
    it can help you in bettering you health. The good
    thing is that, different centers have qualified
    medical personnel to administer drugs in your
    body according to your detox plans. As a result,
    it is important to stick to what the program
  • Rehabilitation
  • Once you are detoxed of alcohol, you are taken
    through the process of rehabilitation. This
    involves being educated on the effects of alcohol
    abuse and the importance of abstinence from
    alcohol consumption once you are out of the
    centers. This process also teaches you how
    alcohol affects the functioning of your body and
    mind. In the process, the professionals are able
    to break through denial stage. Many addicts are
    on denial in the initial stages of treatment
    because they do not want to see themselves as

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