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How To Maintain Power Transformers For Better Performance


Power transformers are very essential for transfer of safe amount of electricity to end users. This makes it very important to test and maintain them from time to time for better performance. Today, these tests are made “smart”. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Maintain Power Transformers For Better Performance

How To Maintain Power Transformers For Better
Performance Miracle Electronics
Power transformers are electrical devices used to
transfer electrical energy between two or more
circuits through electromagnetic induction. A
varying current in one coil of the transformer
produces a varying magnetic field, which induces
a varying voltage in the second coil. Power can
be transferred between these two coils through
the magnetic field, without the need of any
metallic connection between the two circuits.
Power transformers can either be step up or step
down, meaning they can increase or decrease the
alternating voltages in power applications, as
required. In fact, power transformers are used in
various stages of the power generation process,
right from the power generating stations to the
end users, by stepping up and stepping down
voltages at various points. It is only due to
these power transformers that we can receive
safe amounts of electricity into our homes and
offices today!
With such high importance of power transformers
in the transfer of electricity, it is essential
that these products are maintained well. Being
used in a variety of applications, power
transformers used by you, whether in your
residential or commercial space, must be
maintained from time to time so that it can
perform better and for longer. With proper
testing and maintenance, the life of a
transformer can be extended by identifying and
fixing the errors before they can result in
severe failures. Power transformers undergo
various electrical, chemical, and dielectric
tests for condition assessment. Earlier, all the
data of the tests had to be transferred manually
from the individual
test devices to one common file. All kinds of
reports, analysis, and comparisons were also
prepared manually. But today, with smart
technologies coming up in every field now, these
tests are also performed with the help of
software. Its a smart combination of initial
screening and focused diagnostic testing, by
performing dissolved gas analysis and
power/dissipation factor tests, which helps keep
the lifecycle management process of the
transformers more cost efficient. Many other
electrical tests like DC winding resistance,
transformer turns ratio, and short circuit
impedance are also performed. Other advanced
methods like dielectric response analysis or
sweep frequency response analysis is used to
diagnose different problems within the
transformers. With such smart technologies and
software, it is possible to collect all data in a
single database, resulting in benefits like easy
data management, data comparison, overall
assessment, one comprehensive report, and lesser
efforts. If you are looking for the best quality
power transformers, you can rely upon Miracle
Electronics, whose products are exclusively
designed to provide the highest level of safety
to the operator by regulating and stepping down
voltages to the required safe level. All the
power transformers are approved and tested
before being supplied to the customers. Just as
much as transformers are important for an
electrical supply, so are cable harnesses, which
help keep cables organized and the working
environment safe. Miracle Electronics is not only
a reliable transformer manufacturer, but is also
one of the best cable harness manufacturers in