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What Are The Different Types Of Cable Harnesses - Miracle Electronics.pptx


Cable harnesses are an important part of any electronic equipment requiring a multitude of wires. However, you need to know which cable harness you need to use, depending upon your application and requirements. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Are The Different Types Of Cable Harnesses - Miracle Electronics.pptx

What Are The Different Types Of Cable Harnesses
Miracle Electronics
Cable harnesses are groups of cables bound
together into a single unit with connectors at
the end. These harnesses are used to connect
various types of equipment electronically.
However, the type of cable harness you need
varies as per the application. Selecting the
right cable harness can be a difficult job. But,
to make sure that you are getting exactly the
harness you need, you can get in touch with
professional cable harness manufacturers in India
who can let you know the exact kind of cable
harness you need to suit your application, while
providing you with the same. Here is a list of
the most common cable harnesses used.
RF/EMI Cable Harnesses RF stands for radio
frequency, while EMI stands for electromagnetic
interferences. With the changing electrical
currents and voltages where RF and EMI are seen,
the disturbance may degrade the performance of
the circuit, or may even stop it from
functioning. In fact, there could be an increase
in the error rate or total data loss, if not
taken care of! This is why you may need RF and
EMI cables or cable harnesses. However, the
applications you want to use them in may or may
not want to leverage these signals so, you must
work with a cable harness manufacturer and
expert to find out what is best for you.
Molded Cable Harnesses Molded cable harnesses are
used in applications where a more durable and
finished appearance is required. HDMI cables
with a molded shell are a common example of
molded cable harnesses. The molded shells could
be made of metal or plastic, and can be shielded
or unshielded. Such molding helps cable
harnesses perform better by allowing them to
become impervious to fluids, thus making them
strong enough to handle harsh environments. The
molding also provides them the ability to
withstand shock, vibration, and flexing without
any damage. Flat Ribbon Cable Harnesses As the
name suggests, flat ribbon cable harnesses have
cables organized in a flat ribbon, instead of
being bundled together within a sheath. However,
these are difficult to fit into a tiny space,
which is why they are avoided in smaller
applications. But, these cable harnesses are much
more durable as compared to their round cable
harness counterparts. Such flat ribbon cables
were used in olden day computers. In a flat
ribbon cable harness, you can colour code each
cable differently depending upon their
purpose. Military Grade Cable Harnesses As the
name suggests, military grade cable harnesses are
used for aerospace, marine, and tactical
applications. Because they are used in such tough
applications, they need to be tough too, which
is why there are many strict requirements to be
fulfilled by them. Also, there is a separate set
of requirements for the connectors on the cables
used in the harness. Moreover, the requirements
for cable harnesses to be used in planes are way
different from those used in underwater
applications. This is why there is a remarkable
difference between the cables harnesses used for
both. The various applications that use military
grade cable harnesses include airborne systems,
marine systems, military ground equipment, field
communication links, inter-shelter
communications, and remote weapons
control. Coaxial Cable Harnesses Coaxial cables
are those that have an inner conductor surrounded
by a tubular insulating layer, surrounded by a
tubular conducting shield. Some of these cables
may also have an insulating sheath or jacket.
These cables differ from other shielded cables as
the dimensions of such cables are controlled to
give constant and precise conductor spacing
required for it to function effectively as a
transmission line. Such coaxial cable harnesses
are used in vehicles, radios, aircrafts, and
medical equipment.
Miracle Electronics is one of the most proficient
and skilled cable harness manufacturers in India
who can provide you with all of the above cable
harness types, as well as other customized
options, with each cable harness tested,
verified, and certified before being delivered
to the customers.
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