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NRIs Power Of Attorney To Sell Property In India


On the off chance that you are a non-occupant Indian and need to direct the immense budgetary exchange in India, for example, offering the property, this could really turn into an expansive problem on the off chance that you need to movement to India and back at untouched. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: NRIs Power Of Attorney To Sell Property In India

Home gt Blogs gt NRIs power of attorney to sell
property in India
NRIs Power Of Attorney To Sell Property In India
Mar 2018
NRIs power of attorney to
BAN Kef?
sell property in India
In Green Homes
If you are a non-resident Indian and want to
conduct the huge financial transaction in India
such as selling the property, this could actually
become a large hassle if you have to travel to
India and back at all time. There is easier and
simple solution to this. By drawing up the Power
of Attorney for the non-resident Indians to sell
their property in India, you can easily get your
transaction done without literally traveling all
the way to India. Power of Attorney to sell
property in India isn't complicated. We certainly
have gathered handy guide for the ready reference
and include non-resident India power of attorney
format also.
What is a Power of Attorney? The Power of
Attorney is basically a document that provides
another person chosen by you, the power undertake
acts or deeds when one can't physically be
present. In essence, the Power of Attorney
provides designated person the power to execute
the deed or sign the contracts on your behalf.
What exactly can this designated person can do is
specified in the document. What are varied kinds
of Power of Attorney? General Power of
Attorney General Power of Attorney provides
designated person a huge scope of power to
complete numerous transactions or the deeds that
are actually expected. Special Power of
Attorney Special Power of Attorney is narrower in
scope. It specifies accurately what deeds or the
transactions the designated person can complete
on their behalf. Procedure for a non-resident
Indian Power of Attorney while you are abroad If
you want to draw a Power of Attorney and send it
to India, then it is suggested to go to local
Indian Consulate to get it all attested. It is
certainly important as document won't be valid
unless you attest it at first. Here are some
steps you should take to get the nonresident
Indian Power of Attorney attested at Indian
Consulate- On a plain paper, write down all
the powers that you wish to share with the
designated person. Initially, for huge
transactions of immovable property such as land,
your designated person should definitely be a
blood relative like siblings or parents or
spouse. List it out whatever you like this person
to do on your behalf. A non-resident Indian
Power of Attorney sent from abroad does not need
an Indian stamp paper. Thus, you can make use of
plain paper Before you actually sign the
document, you must go to the Indian Consulate and
ensure that you have a minimum of 2 copies of the
Power of Attorney Two witness signatures
would be required for Non-resident Indian Power
of Attorney to be valid. You can take 2 witnesses
with you while you visit the Consulate or get
their signatures notarized beforehand. If the 2
witnesses are not able to come to the consulate,
only then only you should get it notarized,
otherwise, these must sign the Power of Attorney
in presence of the consular official.
The correct power of attorney format to make sure
the validity
Both the parties in power of attorney should
be competent. Minor or others who are not
qualified by the law can't hold or provide the
power of attorney Power of attorney is valid
only for the legal act The power of attorney
must be stamped, notarized within a specified
frame of time which is generally within 3
months The power of attorney is executed
abroad must be attested by the Consulate Officer
in the residence country The correct power of
attorney format to make sure the validity It is
recommended that you call the local consulate
well in advance to confirm what exactly are the
documents are required and how many copies of
these would be required. This will make sure that
you are well prepared and will certainly save
everyone involved numerous times. Here are,
however, primary documents that you require to
take with when you go to get the power of
attorney attested. Power of attorney itself
with some copies The passport with some
copies. Ensure you include all pages and front
and back pages Address proof in the country
of residence ID proof and copies of ID Proof
for both witnesses Proof the legal status in
the country of residence like Green
card/Visa/others Passport size photographs
You may ask to pay the fee at attestation
time. Calling ahead will help have the money
ready Tips and precautions are taken while
drawing the power of attorney Ensure that
you draw the power of attorney to someone you
trust Wherever possible, try to provide the
special power of attorney. This will specify what
another person can really do for you and for what
exact duration
n g
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