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Telecommunication Service Provider | Call Center software | Vert-Age Dialer


Call Center Software Solution is a multi-reason answer for all your Outbound Calling! It fills in as: Outbound Call Center Lead Generation Software: deal with your leads, enhance lead transformation and ROI on leads. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Telecommunication Service Provider | Call Center software | Vert-Age Dialer

Contact Center Solutions
Single Box Solution
Get all advantages of our advanced call center
software programs, without any of the common
glitches. From mobile and IVR services to
agent-assisted communication channels and from
inbound/outbound voice, email to SMS services,
every task in your call center can easily be
streamlined while leveraging our products and
Primary Contact Center Features
How Vert-Age Works
  • Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling with
    agent priorities.
  • Outbound agent-controlled, broadcast and
    predictive dialing.
  • Integrated call recording.
  • Three-Way calling within the agent screen.
  • Scheduled Callbacks Agent-Only and Anyone.
  • Agent Scripting with customer data.
  • External CRM Integration.
  • Web-configurable IVRs and Voicemail boxes.
  • Virtually limitless campaigns, lists, IVRs,
    inbound queues, DIDs, phone accounts, voicemail
    boxes, and user accounts.
  • Immediate or scheduled website callbacks.
  • Real-time reports with click-to-listen to
    monitor agent phone calls.
  • Easy importing of calling lists through the Web,
    by API or scheduled by FTP.
  • Share lead data across Vert-Age clusters
    instantly when calls are transferred.
  • System-wide, per-Campaign and Inbound DNC Lists.
  • Dozens of standard reports, which can be emailed
    out on a set schedule.
  • Ability to have recordings automatically
    transferred to an external FTP site.
  • Quality Control module available.
  • Analog Phone Login.

Analog Phone Login
  • Ability to manually or automatically call up to
    two other customer numbers for the same lead.
  • Automatically dial unlimited alternate numbers
    per customer until you get an answer.
  • Ability to schedule a callback with a customer as
    either any-agent or agent-specific.
  • Ability in Manual dial mode to preview leads
    before dialing.
  • Agents can be logged from anywhere with just a
    phone, web browser, and an internet connection.
  • System-wide and per-campaign DNC lists that can
    optionally be activated per campaign.
  • All calls are logged and statuses of calls are
    logged as well as agent time breakdowns.
  • Multiple campaigns and lead-lists are possible.
  • Several real-time and summary reports available.
  • Real-time campaign display screens.
  • 3rd party conferencing(with DTMF macros and
    number presets).
  • 3rd party blind call transfer.
  • 3rd party conferencing with agent drop-off.
  • Custom Music-On-Hold and agent alert sound for
    inbound calls.
  • Estimated hold time, place in line, overflow
    queues and several other inbound-only features.
  • Queue Prioritization per campaign and inbound

Advances Features
  • Ability to set a campaign to auto-dial and send
    live calls to available agents.
  • Ability to dial predictively in a campaign with
    an adaptive dialing algorithm.
  • Ability to dial on a single campaign across
    multiple Vert-age dialer, or multiple campaigns
    on a single dialer.
  • Ability to transfer calls with customer data to a
  • Ability to open a custom web page with user data
    from the call, per campaign, per In-Group, or per
  • Ability to autodial campaigns to start with a
    simple IVR then direct to agent.
  • Ability to broadcast dial to customers with a
    pre-recorded message.
  • Ability to set outbound CallerID per campaign or
    per list.
  • Ability to take inbound calls gathering CallerID.
  • Ability to function as an ACD(Automatic Call
    Distribution) for inbound and fronter/closer
    verification calls.
  • Ability to have an agent take both inbound and
    outbound calls in one session(blended).
  • Ability to automatically record all calls.
  • Ability to manually or automatically call up to
    two other customer numbers for the same lead.
  • Skills-based ranking and call routing per inbound
    group(queues) and campaign.

Predictive Dialing
A predictive dialer is an outbound calling
system that automatically dials from a list of
telephone numbers. Like other types of auto
dialers (also called rob dialers), predictive
dialers call numbers automatically and can help
agents screen for busy signals, voicemail,
no-answers and disconnected numbers.
Compatible with Domestic And International Calling
Manual/Preview Dialing
Preview dialing enables agents to first view the
available information about the customer and
decide when to place the call. In addition to the
information about the customer, agents may also
view all the history of the customer with the
contact center. After viewing the information
about the customer, the agent requests the system
to make the call.
Progressive Dialing
Progressive dialing is an automated
dialing technique that presents contact
information to the call center agent prior to
dialing the phone number. The agent is given a
specific amount of time to perform this review
prior to the dialer automatically placing the
Voice Broadcastings an easy to use method for
sending a recorded voice message, Greetings ,
Promotional, Survey and Feedback with DTMF to
multiple phone numbers simultaneously. When a
voice message is sent through a voice
broadcasting service, the voice message will be
automatically delivered simultaneously to all of
the phone numbers supplied by the sender.
  • Live Status
  • All Agent Activity Monitor
  • PRI Channel Monitoring
  • GSM Gateway Channel Monitoring
  • Campaign Monitoring.

Real-time data monitoring is a process through
which an administrator can review, evaluate and
modify the addition, deletion, modification and
use of data on software, a database or a system.
  • Enterprise Contact Center (Up to 1000 Agents)
  • SME Contact Center (150 - 180 Agents)
  • Mini Contact Center (Up to 150 Agents)

Call Engine
  • Html
  • CSS
  • JS
  • PHP
  • JAVA
  • Maria DB
  • Asterisk
  • Perl
  • Shell Scripts
  • Ruby

  • PRI Card
  • GSM Gateway
  • VOIP
  • PRI Gateway

Operating System
  • Cent OS (7.4)

Development Flow
Our Support
Onsite Support
Telephonic Support
Remote Support
How We Make Customer Happy?
 There is only one boss. The customer. And he
can fire everybody in the company from the
chairman on down simply by spending his money
somewhere else.
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