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10 Points to Know About Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management


The Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management is an essential factor in the Construction World as there are many things to order, transport, manage and execute.The difference between the Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management is specified, their types such as 3PL and 4PL are mentioned. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 Points to Know About Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management

Keys to Logistics Management and Supply Chain
  • Before defining Logistics Management and Supply
    Chain Management, lets clear what the meaning of
    logistics and supply chain is.
  • Logistics refers typically to activities that
    occur inside the limitations of a single business
    enterprise and supply chain relates to networks
    of agencies that co-relate together and
    coordinate their actions to deliver a product to
    the marketplace.

  • Also, conventional logistics focuses its
    attention on activities along with procurement,
    distribution, upkeep, and stock control.
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) recognizes all of
    traditional logistics and also includes sports
    along with marketing, new product improvement,
    finance, and customer service.

What is Logistics?
  • Logistics aims for getting the right product, to
    the proper consumer, inside the appropriate
    budget. It should be in the right situation, in
    the right area, at the right time and right value
    (the seven Rs of Logistics).
  • In the past, various Logistics Management duties
    have been underneath exceptional departments.
    However, now they are beneath logistics branch
    and file to the same logistics head.
  • We would like to point out that the word
    logistics ends with the s. Without the s
    (logistic), it means a type of mathematical
    feature displaying exponential growth.

Whats Logistics Management?
  • Logistics Management offers the efficient and
    robust control of common hobby in producing the
    enterprises completed goods and services.

Difference Between Inbound and Outbound
Logistics Management?
  • Inbound Logistics Management refers to the
    transfer of products and raw materials from
    suppliers in your corporation. In contrast,
    Outbound Logistics Management relates to movement
    of completed items out of your enterprise to
  • For example, warehouse and purchasing function
    communicates with suppliers from time to time, it
    is known as supplier facing function.
    Manufacturers making plans and inventory
    management function are the central factor of
    this chart.
  • In Logistics Management, customer support and
    delivery function communicates with customers and
    now and again referred to as customer-facing

Whats the Connection Between Transport and
Logistics Management?
  • Transport and Logistics Management refers to two
    sorts of sports. Specifically, transportation
    (regular offerings inclusive of air/sea/land
    transportation, warehousing, customs clearance).
  • And additionally, logistics (price-added services
    which such as information era and consulting).

What is Worldwide and International
Logistics Management?
  • International Logistics Management,
    worldwide Logistics Management, and Global Supply
    Chain Management are one of the most ambiguous
    corporations terms out there. They may be used
    interchangeably and often noted worldwide for
    production and transportation activities.
  • International Logistics Management (also known as
    Global Logistics Management) specializes in a way
    to manage and control foreign places activities
    efficaciously as a single commercial enterprise
  • Therefore, teams ought to try to harness the
    value of remote places product offerings,
    marketing, RD and turn them into competitive

What is Third Party (3PL) Logistics in
Supply Chain Management?
  • The idea of third-party Logistics or 3PL is to
    reduce charges and enhance services which can be
    defined as below-
  • 3PL or third-party logistics refers to the
    outsourcing of logistics activities, ranging from
    a particular project. Trucking or marine shipping
    to broader activities serves the whole Supply
    Chain Management. It consists of stock
    management, order processing and consulting.
  • In the past, many 3PL companies did not have
    adequate information to function in
    complex Supply Chain Management structure and
    manner. The result turned into the inception of
    another concept.

Whats 4PL or Fourth Party Logistics in
Supply Chain Management?
  • Fourth party logistics or 4PL is the idea
    proposed by Accenture Ltd in 1996. And, it turned
    into described as underneath-
  • 4PL or Fourth party celebration logistics refers
    to a party who works on behalf of the consumer to
    do agreements. It controls the overall
    performance of 3PL carriers. Further, it includes
    the design of the entire Supply Chain
    Management community and manipulates everyday

What is Supply Chain?
  • The supply chain is the network of companies
    which involve, through upstream and downstream
    linkages. It is one-of-a-kind process and
    activity that creates value regarding products
    and services in the customers mind.

Whats Supply Chain Management?
  • Every researcher defines Supply Chain
    Management differently.
  • However, we would like to offer the pure
    definition of Supply Chain Management.
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) refers to the
    coordination of production, inventory, location,
    and transportation.

  • The participants in a Supply Chain
    Management need to acquire the first-rate blend
    of responsiveness and performance for the
  • So, if you too are curious to incorporate the
    ways to improve your Logistics Management and Supp
    ly Chain Management, then you are in for the
    NIBTs course on Logistics Management
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