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SAP PPM Training | SAP PPM Online Training- Global Online Trainings


SAP PPM Training is to increase visibility.SAP PPM Online Training is given by the trainer, enroll for the best SAP portfolio project management trainers. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: SAP PPM Training | SAP PPM Online Training- Global Online Trainings

Global Online Trainings
  • https//

Introduction to SAP PPM Training
  • SAP PPM Training (portfolio and project
    management) is required to place all projects
    with organization objectives to achieve complete
    product and it will deliver the portfolio project
    management with the portfolio plannings and the
    execution from the financial, strategic and the
    operational across the all portfolio. Where place
    all the portfolio project with the objectives
    through the scoring models. Portfolio project
    performance based only the visibility increase in
    the project throughout the organization.
  • The visibility will increase through the real
    time project to the scheduling, project cost and
    staffing. Project plan, placing, deploying, all
    these are done by some priorities and taking the
    fact decision.

Overview of SAP PPM Training
  • SAP PPM Training is to achieve the product its
    required to keep the all the projects with the
    enterprises. For the SAP PPM Training there will
    be some rules for delivering the final product
    where the strategy management, planning, program
    development, project approval, project design and
    schedule, project construction closing. In some
    of system we can use SAP PPM is an add on.
  • Portfolio is important in SAP PPM Training where
    the portfolio is to align the objectives to
    company to achieve our goals. SAP PPM Training
    will have some modules that is portfolio
    management and project management

Objectives of SAP PPM Training
  • Portfolio
  • Bucket
  • Initiative
  • Item
  • Portfolio
  • Where Portfolio is an the first objective in SAP
    PPM Training is reflects the strategic structure
    of a organization to achieve the objectives. The
    main product will be take place here. It will
    manage the investment opportunities and observe
    the portfolio performance.
  • Bucket
  • Bucket is another objective in SAP PPM Training
    it will group the project with the lines of
    program where the water, generation and
    transmission are there in the bucket. The items
    will be created under the bucket.
  • Initiative
  • Initiative of SAP PPM Training in this item are
    created and that items are managed together in
    this. It will be after the bucket process
    complete. Initiative and the item relation is one
    to one .
  • Item
  • Item of SAP PPM Training where the item are
    create and approve here only its the initial
    stage to create the project.

Tasks in SAP PPM Training
  • Portfolio administrator
  • Portfolio manager
  • Item manager
  • Resource manager
  • Portfolio administrator
  • Portfolio administrator is the process owner it
    is the responsible for the creating the portfolio
    and the bucket in the system. Resource pools,
    dashboards and graphics will also created in the
    portfolio structure the buckets will be created.
  • Portfolio manager
  • Portfolio manager is to taking the decisions and
    here the portfolio items, reviews will be create
    and analysis portfolio, observer the dashboard
    and perform the relating planning. It will do the
    right things. End to end process will take.
    Portfolio manager is an long term planning and
    the capacity assignment.
  • Item manager
  • Item manager will responsible for the item
    creating and observing the portfolio items and it
    can be edited and the item status will be alter.
    Where the project will be done here the items
    will be managed. Project items will be done.
  • Resource manager
  • Resource manager will responsible for the
    resources which are useful in the project the
    resource will be distributed. Capacity
    requirement resource will be distributed.
    Resource manager will observe the capacity
    situation. Based on the resource availability
    and the organization unit.

SAP PPM Training to SAP PS System
  • SAP PPM Training will have some objectives
    portfolio, bucket, initiative, item and project.
    First there will be portfolio bucket to the
    initiative, where the initiative to the item will
    be one to one relationship between them. Directly
    items will be created under the buckets. For
    every initiative there will be some items
    attached and then project will be replicated.

Architecture of the SAP PPM Training
  • SAP PPM Training have the portfolio under buckets
    will be there and then initiative will be there
    item and then replicating the project and the
    item will be pearl to the project. Project will
    have another structure WBS Structure.
  • WBS (Work Break down) structure
  • Where in this planning, cost details and project
    will be executed and the scheduling, activities
    whatever will done take place in this structure.
    Actual time and cost will be replicate to the WBS
    structure and go back to the portfolio. Ps
    Project of then link to the ms project . The
    product will be delivered efficient, and the
    optimal decision will take with that execution

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