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What Are The Best Car Cleaning Products


Taking good care of your car is worth it. Regular washing and detailing not only makes it nicer to spend time in, it can boost the car’s resale value by thousands of dollars down the road. But doing it right isn’t always so straightforward. Even if you’re just washing it, you can do more harm than good if you use the wrong stuff or don’t know what to look out for. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Are The Best Car Cleaning Products

What Are The Best Car Cleaning Productsbackpack
  • Most people that a wash and wax is the best way
    to keep their car shiny and clean. Their heart is
    in the right place, but there is much more to
    washing a car than those two things. We spent a
    day with Mike Pennington and Rick McDonough of
    Meguiars, who demonstrated the proper way to wash
    your car and maintain a clean exterior.

1. Evaluate the Condition of Your Vehicle
  • Evaluating the condition of your vehicle will
    steer you towards how it should be cleaned. A new
    car or one that already has a good coat of wax on
    it, may only need a wash and wax to maintain it,
    but a car with an average to neglected exterior
    may need to be clean and polished as well.

2.Read the Label
  • Before using any type of car cleaning chemical,
    it is important to read the label. The
    application for soap, wax, or detailer can vary
    from brand to brand and vehicle to vehicle. For
    example, using a chrome wheel cleaner which is
    extremely acidic on an aluminum wheel can ruin
    it. Also invest in premium microfiber clothes and
    keep separate piles for those used on your paint,
    wheels, and windows. Wash your towels and
    cleaning mitts after every use.

3. Washing Your Car
  • Washing your car will remove loose contaminants
    such as dust, dirt, and mud from the exterior of
    your vehicle. Always use a car washing soap and
    not a liquid detergent or dish cleaner, which can
    damage the paint and strip away wax. Rinse your
    car first to remove larger pieces of dirt which
    can scratch your car when washing, and use clean
    mitts and drying cloths.

4. Prepare the Surface
  • After washing you can easily see scratches,
    swirls, and oxidation in your paint and feel for
    bonded contaminants such as overspray or tree sap
    that washing doesn't remove. Just run your hand
    over a washed vehicle, and if you can feel little
    bumps, then you need to go a step further with
    cleaning your car.

At the End
  • If you care about your car's exterior, you'll
    avoid those quickie car washes with the big
    brushes that can do more harm than good and do a
    DIY car wash that will achieve the best results.
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