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Benefits Of Paint Less Dent Service | Auto Detailing Services Christchurch


Fixing those small dents that have shown up on your car might not be at the top of you to-do list because you think it will be a costly inconvenience and it's just not really worth the trouble. However, there is a modern dent repair technique that a lot of folks just aren't familiar with. Paint less dent repair is a low-cost, high-quality alternative to more intense body repairs. And also there are more benefits of Paint Dent Removal. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Benefits Of Paint Less Dent Service | Auto Detailing Services Christchurch

Dents and dings are common among young drivers
and in some cases, older drivers also become
victims of dents and dings. There was a time
when repairing dents required a very lengthy and
expensive visit to the professional body
shop. Fortunately, PDR or paint less dent repair
came along and car owners could finally breathe a
sigh of relief.
Paint less Dent Repair A High-quality
Alternative to Conventional Body Repairs
PDR is an effective and quick way of removing
dings and dents through massaging the dented part
from the back-side of the dent. Sometimes
professionals might even make use of specialized
tools to massage it from the front. The
original paint of the vehicle is not removed in
the process.
This low-cost method of removing dents is perfect
for car owners who do not wish to undertake the
added expense of extensive body work. PDR is
ideal for small to medium-sized dings, dents,
scratches or bangs on any type of vehicle. PDR
provides vehicle owners with a number of
advantages over traditional auto-body work. Take
a look below.
PDR Saves A Lot Of Time
PDR takes very little time and this is one of the
main reasons why this repair method is
increasingly growing popular. Most of the body
shops offering paint less dent removal service
will get your car back to you within a day whilst
traditional repairs would take a minimum of 3 to
6 days. Since you will get your vehicle back in
a day, you do not have to worry about renting a
vehicle for your daily travel needs. Also, you
will not have to postpone your plans because of a
dented car.
Fixes Dents At Almost Half The Price Of Normal
Auto-body Repair
A paint job is not required in PDR. This helps
in saving a lot of material and labour time cost.
If you have small dents that are approximately
1 inch in size, it will obviously be inexpensive
to fix. However, the prices may start to climb
if your vehicle has deeper and larger dings.
Even then, the method of PDR is going to be
significantly less than normal repair methods.
Another wonderful way that PDR helps in saving
you money is by preventing the rise of car
insurance premiums. For the removal of dents,
via the paint less dent repair method, you do not
need to go through the hassle of an insurance
PDR Keeps The Resale Value Of The Car Intact
Paint less dent repair allows you to keep your
vehicle's original paint job and saves you the
trouble of spending a lot of money in trying to
replicate the original paint job. Also, when
dings and dents are fixed by this method, the
details are usually kept off the information
report of your vehicle.
This report is what potential buyers will check
in order to know the history and condition of
your vehicle, if you decide to sell your car in
the future. The more damage and accidents are
mentioned in the report, the more it will hurt
the resale value of your vehicle.
A Non-toxic Repair Method
The paint less dent repair method does not make
use of any harmful solvents, chemicals or
primers. It is one of the most environmentally
safe option to fix dents without modifying the
car in any significant way.
As stated before, paint less dent repair is one
of the most popular and common repair methods
used today. This method is affordable, simple
and quick. Without having to spend a lot, you
will be able to drive a car that looks brand new.
If you want to find out whether you vehicle is
eligible for PDR, you can talk to a qualified
technician. A professional will also be able to
give you more information about how the method
exactly works.
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Removal Services. We personally train and
accredit their technicians so their customers get
the highest quality service.
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