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Title: GPS Origin DNA Test - DNA Forensics Laboratory

GPS Origin DNA Test
DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.
GPS (Geographical Population Structure) Origin
GPS Origins is a revolutionary ancestry DNA test
that takes you deep into your family history.
Traditionally, DNA ancestry tests provide a
report of your ethnicity and locate parts of
your DNA in broad continental sweeps, but nothing
specific, not even to the country level.
The GPS Origins (Geographic Population
Structure) ancestry test combines the latest
genetic research with a new ancestral tracking
technique to pinpoint more precisely where your
DNA began.
The GPS Origins test indicates the town or
village where groups of your ancestors from
different cultures met -building a vibrant
picture of the migration journeys that formed
your deep genealogical heritage.
GPS Origins Features Benefits
The GPS Origins ancestry DNA test allows you to
find your DNAs origin
How Does It work?
The GPS Origins test then traces the migration
route of your DNA back to where it originated
from and dated the age of your DNA signature.
It does that for both your maternal and paternal
lineages indicating where your DNA began. Your
results are detailed in a report that reveals
your ancestral origins.
The GPS Origins test analyzes over 800,000
autosomal markers from your DNA to pinpoint your
origins. It identifies when and where your DNA
formed by matching the populations that came
together to create a genetic line that eventually
leads to you.
Your personalized report identifies your top
three Ancestral Origins (the Gene Pools or
ancestral communities that contributed
significant portions of your genetic makeup) and
shows the percentages of DNA you inherited from
each. The report is much more detailed than an
estimate of ethnicity.
Work Flow
Your story starts with the shared origin of all
humankind, and then builds into a vibrant picture
of where and how your ancestors lived, and the
conditions that led them to migrate.
Your report contains maps illustrating the two
most important migration journeys and describes
how your ancestors circumstances changed as they
crossed continents to find better lives.
The report concludes with a summary page of
helpful links to discover additional information
to reveal your ancestral origins.
Next Generation for Ancestry
Building on the ground-breaking research of Dr
Eran Elhaik and his genetic team from the
University of Sheffield, The GPS Origins test
overcomes the limitations of other ancestry
tests with a new ancestral tracking technique
that uses markers in your DNA to pinpoint
specific places where your DNA was formed.
The GPS Origins test is a revolutionary
ancestry test that enables you to trace where
your DNA was formed over 1,000 years ago, along
with its migration routes, down to the nearest
village or town.
These tests generally cannot identify your
origins to particular countries or locations
Current ancestry DNA tests locate where your DNA
formed within countries or continents. Typically
you find that some of your ancestries come from
Western Europe, Africa or South Asia, and given
broad estimates of your ethnicity
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