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When You Don’t Have The Time To Take Care Of Yourself And Your Loved One (1)


Few Reasons Why Hire a Live-In Caregiver Things You Need to Know before Hiring a Live-In Caregiver Three Types of Caregivers To Chose From For Your Loved One Live-In Caregivers vs. Residential Care Few Reasons Why Respite Care is a Good Choice for Primary Caregivers Benefits of Hiring a Foot Care Nurse What Makes a Foot Care Nurse Better than Spa Workers and Nail Technicians? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: When You Don’t Have The Time To Take Care Of Yourself And Your Loved One (1)

When You Dont Have The Time To Take Care Of
Yourself And Your Loved One
  • Learn More About Live-In Caregiver

  • Few Reasons Why Hire a Live-In Caregiver
  • Things You Need to Know before Hiring a Live-In
  • Three Types of Caregivers To Chose From For Your
    Loved One
  • Live-In Caregivers vs. Residential Care
  • Few Reasons Why Respite Care is a Good Choice for
    Primary Caregivers
  • Benefits of Hiring a Foot Care Nurse
  • What Makes a Foot Care Nurse Better than Spa
    Workers and Nail Technicians?

Few Reasons Why Hire a Live-In Caregiver
  • You will enjoy greater flexibility. Even when you
    like helping your aging family member, it is
    natural to feel stressed out when you have to
    handle so many things at the same time. You have
    to play everything as per the daily schedule of
    your family member. You will be able to take care
    of other things as well when you hire a caregiver
    because they can handle most things from
    preparing the meals and administering medications
    in a timely manner to taking good care of their
    personal hygiene.
  • You will be in a better position to build a
    strong and trusting relationship with a live-in
    caregiver. Leaving your aging family member in a
    nursing home has its benefits, but you will never
    be able to enjoy a good bond with their
    caregivers. Things are different with a live-in
    caregiver because you will be able to interact
    with them and it will also help your loved one
    establish a better connection with their
  • You will have a better peace of mind. When you
    know that there is a trained professional around
    to help you take right care of your family
    member, you will always feel more relaxed and
    feel better. You can even go out and take care of
    other important things in your life, knowing that
    a trained professional is at home to deal with
    any medical emergency.
  • You will not have to worry about your loved one
    being exposed to infections. In nursing homes and
    other facilities where there are other patients
    as well, there is always a high risk of catching
    different diseases and contracting infections.
    With your loved one at home, you do not have to
    worry about it and the caregiver will also ensure
    that your loved one enjoys healthier, happier

Things You Need to Know before Hiring a Live-In
  • You have to determine whether your loved one
    really needs a live-in caregiver or not. You may
    consider using this option if your loved one
    needs assistance with dressing and bathing,
    medication, cooking meals, and using the
    washroom. If you have to attend to other matters
    and there is no one else in your home, you may
    consider hiring a live-in caregiver to help
    someone you know deal with loneliness.
  • You have to know what services caregivers offer
    and when. Many people are under the impression
    that because live-in caregivers live in the house
    with them, they will provide assistance 24 hours
    a day. This is not true because even they need
    some time off to handle other problems in their
    lives. In most cases, they are only going to
    offer assistance with daily tasks. Therefore, you
    should consider this important point and then
    decide if your loved one will certainly benefit
    from hiring a live-in caregiver or not.
  • You have to decide whether you need caregivers
    for a short time or you need them on a long-term
    basis. Sometimes, you may even benefit from
    hiring them permanently. It all depends on the
    condition of your loved one. If they have a minor
    injury that makes it difficult for them to handle
    their daily tasks, you may consider hiring a
    caregiver for a short time only. Similarly, if
    you provide primary care to your loved one but
    you need to go somewhere for a short time, you
    can also consider hiring a caregiver on a
    short-term basis. It is also a good idea to hire
    a caregiver when your loved one has experienced a
    traumatic incident and now finds it difficult to
    manage their daily life, live-in caregivers can
    help make it easier to get back to their normal
    routine. In case your loved one is suffering from
    Alzheimer's or other chronic problems, going for
    permanent caregivers may be the best option.

Three Types of Caregivers To Chose From For Your
Loved One
  • A Caregiver that lives with the individual.
  • This caregiver lives with the person they are
    caring for. They do everything for them such as
    cleaning, cooking, feeding, shopping and etc. On
    a daily basis since they live there full time.
    When friends or family members are unable to give
    their full attention to the individual in need,
    then a caregiver should be assigned to the house.
    This makes it easier for the family.
  • A Caregiver that lives near-by.
  • Having a caregiver that lives nearby is an extra
    advantage. Family members often have busy
    schedules such as working or taking care of kids
    and might not have much time to help out that
    individual as much as the can. A schedule can be
    set for the caregiver. With a caregiver living
    nearby, they can help and make sure things are in
    order for the family members when they return.
  • A Caregiver that lives far away.
  • This caregiver isn't the best option. This would
    be classified as a caregiver living at home with
    the individual while you're living somewhere
    else. With this option, there isn't much room for
    you to give orders. The caregiver is in charge of
    everything, making sure this person has eaten,
    taken a bath and had their pills for the day.
    This option leaves the family members guessing
    about what is going on. The caregiver must know
    that any serious decision being made must be
    agreed upon with the family. Many people start to
    feel lonely or get worried about this option, but
    making trips or even calling their loved ones can
    be a great coping mechanism to help them get
    through this tough time.

Live-In Caregivers vs. Residential Care
  • What kind of care is there?
  • There are two different types of care for those
    who need it. There is live in home care, and
    there is the residential care. Live in home care
    is a caregiver that lives under your roof and
    from when you wake up to when you go to bed,
    there will be someone to assist you. Then there
    is residential care. Residential care you move to
    live in a facility with others who need care but
    all your needs are taken care of, and you have
    your space.
  • Benefits of Live-in care
  • There are many benefits to having a live-in
    caregiver. First and the most appealing is that
    you can stay at your own house. The caregivers
    come to you, sometimes they are living under the
    same roof, or they have around the clock
    caregivers who dont live under your roof.
    Another good reason is that you get one-on-one
    care with your caregivers. You can keep your pets
    with you, and you have control over meals and
    what time meals are ready.
  • Benefits of Residential care
  • There are some good benefits for residential care
    also. You have your individual space, and the
    rest of the place is cleaned and maintained by
    staff. As these are communities, you get much
    more social interaction and events you can attend
    without having to plan them yourself or
    exhausting your energy. In some facilities, you
    have immediate access to doctors and medical
    care, as they have them on-call and on staff. If
    you dont care for planning meals, meals are
    planned and prepared by the staff, all you have
    to do is be on time!

Few Reasons Why Respite Care is a Good Choice for
Primary Caregivers
  • Respite care is one of the best things you can do
    to help you stay healthy while helping a loved
    one live a healthy life. It can actually offer
    relief and renewal, which means that you will
    have enough time to yourself to charge your
    battery and return with more passion. You have to
    understand that no matter how hard you try, you
    just do not have all the tools and knowledge
    required to offer quality care. To avoid a
    burnout, you can consider using the option of
    respite care that provides you with a temporary
    rest and relieves you of your duties for a short
    time. Those occasional short-term breaks can help
    you relieve stress, restore a sense of balance to
    your life, and renew your energy. When you know
    there is something taking care of your loved one,
    you will certainly feel relaxed and be able to
    relieve stress.
  • It is worth mentioning that many people think
    that leaving their loved ones in a nursing home,
    even for a short time, is not a great idea. Of
    course, there are benefits, but you may not feel
    comfortable leaving your loved one in the hands
    of people you do not know. By opting for respite
    care, you do not have to worry about receiving
    low quality care. You can interact directly with
    people who will be responsible for taking care of
    your loved ones. Respite care ensures that your
    loved one also feel comfortable for as long as
    you want them to stay there, and this gives you
    some time to take care of other things happening
    in your life.

Benefits of Hiring a Foot Care Nurse
  • You will receive highly professional foot care
    from trained professionals. Nail technicians and
    spa workers do possess some training, but they
    usually have no formal education related to foot
    care. Foot care nurses are different because they
    have completed years of training and education
    and are capable of offering advanced foot care.
    What it means is that only a foot care nurse is
    in a position to identify any foot related
    medical problems, and that is the reason why it
    is always a good idea to hire a foot nurse when
    your loved one is at an increased risk of
    developing foot related problems.
  • You can hire a foot care nurse when you want some
    help to deal with callous removal. Many spa
    workers may also offer their services in this
    regard, but they are not trained to handle such
    medical issues. It is always a better idea to
    work with a medical professional for corn and
    callous removal.
  • You can hire a foot care nurse to help trim your
    toenails when your doctor has recommended not
    doing it yourself. Many people with nerve damage,
    usually caused by dementia, diabetes, arthritis,
    etc., often fail to notice any pain when they
    have trimmed their toenails incorrectly. It could
    lead to infections and other serious
    complications. A foot care nurse knows how to
    handle the task and they can do it in a safe and
    effective way.
  • You can hire foot care nurses when you do not
    just want some foot care for an aging parent or a
    loved one but also when you want some education
    for yourself. They will teach you and explain
    different techniques so you could offer ongoing
    foot care to your loved one.

What Makes a Foot Care Nurse Better than Spa
Workers and Nail Technicians?
  • They have the degree and education to offer
    top-notch foot care services. They are actually
    registered nurses, personal support workers, or
    licensed practical nurses who choose to
    specialize in foot care. What it also means is
    that if you if you opt for personal support
    workers, you will receive basic foot care help.
    However, you will receive advanced foot care when
    you opt for registered nurses or licensed
    practical nurses.
  • They have the right type of training under their
    belt. In most cases, foot care nurses are
    certified by the provincial nursing college and
    come with a Certificate of Competence. You are
    going to get quality assistance because these
    nurses may have also completed special courses
    related to foot care.
  • They can take care of you and your loved one who
    may not be in a position to handle their routine
    life tasks on their own. Some patients are at a
    greater risk of developing foot related problems.
    A foot care nurse can be of great assistance
    here. A spa treatment is not going to make any
    difference in this situation. A foot care nurse
    will take care of the patient and report any
    medical issue they may find while offering foot
    care. The information can then help you look for
    additional services or opt for follow-up care.
  • They are trained as a medical professional, which
    makes them better than spa workers and nail
    technicians. It is worth mentioning that nail
    technicians may also have years of training, but
    they cannot be termed as registered nurses
    because they do not have any information about
    the medical aspect of different foot related
    problems. Similarly, spa workers cannot offer
    medical help. Foot care nurses can offer foot
    care help and also teach the client ways to
    prevent certain foot related problems.

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