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Tips and Tricks on Effective Document Typing


Hi! Take a look at this presentation and discover best tips and tricks on effective document typing. For more visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tips and Tricks on Effective Document Typing

Tips and Tricks on Effective Document Typing
  • Document typing is an everyday necessity for lots
    of people students, businessmen, professionals
    (even workers in fast food places need it to take
    orders). Want to master your typing skills? Then,
    sit back and check this presentation carefully.

  • The first thing you need to do is to run a typing
    test. It will help to find out where your typing
    abilities currently stand. These tests are freely
    available on the web and let you know your typing
    speed and the level of accuracy.

  • Interesting info those who cant type without
    looking at the keyboard (also known as hunt and
    peck typists) can manage 20 words per minute
    (wpm) without any typing services needed.

  • Beginners can handle 35 wpm, while a professional
    typist can easily type 100 wpm. Did you know that
    the world record for typing is 216 wpm!

  • When typing, use all 10 fingers and place them
    correctly on the keyboard. Have you ever noticed
    raised bumps on letters F and J? They help to
    put your fingers in the right position without
    looking at the keyboard.

  • Dont look at your keyboard actually, it slows
    down the process. Your task here is to remember
    positions of each letter. Want to sneak a peek?
    Fine. Do it. But the next time typing the same
    word, dont look at the keyboard. Try to remember
    when you were cheating.

  • Remember that you need just a light touch on
    letters. Stop mashing the keys down, if you do
    so! The point is that an effective typing latex
    requires the minimum force as your fingers need
    to stay put for a long time.

  • Make sure your back is straight, elbows in the
    right place, body relaxed, fingers on
    matching keys, and no distractions around. Here
    you go!

  • If your fingers are tired, do a little
    stretching. Open and close them, rotate your
    wrists, band your arms back and forth. It will
    definitely help to relax for a bit. As an
    alternative, you can always try legal typing

  • There is no need to rush. Its not going to help
    anyone. Accuracy is much more important than
    typing speed. You may be a super quick typist but
    if every word when you convert m4a to text has an
    error in it, there is nothing you can be happy

  • You are going to have a lot of practice. Its
    like when youre working out. You cant wake up
    one morning with a perfect body after just a few
    pieces of training in the gym. Touch typing
    requires time, practice, persistence, and

  • Typing relies on your muscle memory. After months
    of practicing, your fingers will know where to
    push without any need for you to look at the
    keyboard. Pros from online dictation service are
    persuaded that the more exercises you get, the
    quicker youll type.

  • Reward yourself. Its a great way to get a
    motivation. Even a single cup of your favorite
    latte or ice cream will do the trick its
    enjoyable as well as extra motivated to continue
    practicing even more.

  • Accomplished a goal to reach 10 wpm typing speed?
    Its a small reason to celebrate your success.
    Treat yourself right away!

  • According to experts from manuscript typing
    services, you should forget to take care of
    yourself if you get distracted or committing too
    many errors, take a break immediately. Typing
    will be much more productive when youre relaxed
    and refreshed.

  • Take advantage of typing tests and online games.
    There are plenty of them on the Internet, so
    dont hesitate to try them. Usually, such tests
    provide with data on your typing not only your
    speed but also the number of misspelled words and
    keystroke mistakes. To tell the truth, its a
    good way to get motivated.

  • Professionals from handwriting service advise to
    practice every day at least 10 minutes. Watching
    your favorite TV show? Take your laptop and start
    typing what characters are saying! Its relaxing
    as well as effective for your typing training.

  • Keep in mind this wonderful thing Vince Lombardi
    once said, Practice doesnt make perfect,
    perfect practice makes perfect. So, dont be
    lazy and train a lot. It will be so rewarding at
    the finish. Check even more info on the topic in
    this Google book.

  • Want to learn even more?
  • Check
  • without a doubt!