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L & K Bespoke Tailors Hong Kong: Recommended Tailor in Hong Kong, Quick Shirt Tailor Hong Kong https://www.lktailor.com/


We are a passionate team of people who regularly come up with many new fashion styles and make a mark of it in the style industry, we are a team of top 10 custom tailors in Hong Kong who have been working on suits and shirts since decades and have a lot in their back pack regarding suiting and shirting. Along with this we have a team of younger generation who has a nerve of creating modern and innovative cuts for that fine look. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: L & K Bespoke Tailors Hong Kong: Recommended Tailor in Hong Kong, Quick Shirt Tailor Hong Kong https://www.lktailor.com/

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Recommended Tailor in Hong Kong
Quick Suit Tailor Shop in Hong Kong
  • In clothing, a suit is a set of garments made
    from the same cloth, usually consisting of at
    least a jacket and trousers. Lounge suits (also
    known as business suits when sober in colour and
    style), which originated in Britain as country
    wear, are the most common style of Western suit.
    Other types of suit still worn today are
    the dinner suit, part of black tie, which arose
    as a lounging alternative to dress coats in much
    the same way as the day lounge suit came to
    replace frock coats and morning coats and,
    rarely worn today, the morning suit. This article
    discusses the lounge suit (including business
    suits), elements of informal dress code.

Custom Tailor Kowloon
Best Custom Tailors Hong Kong
  • The variations in design, cut, and cloth, such as
    two- and three- piece, or single- and double-
    breasted, determine the social and work
    suitability of the garment. Often, suits are
    worn, as is traditional, with a collared shirt and
     necktie. Until around the 1960s, as with all
    men's clothes, a hat would have been also worn
    when the wearer was outdoors. Suits also come
    with different numbers of pieces a two-piece
    suit has a jacket and the trousers a three piece
    adds a waistcoat (known as a vest in North
    America) further pieces might include a flat
    capmade from the same cloth.

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  • Originally, as with most clothes, a tailor made
    the suit from his client's selected cloth these
    are now often known as bespoke suits. The suit
    was custom made to the measurements, taste, and
    style of the man. Since the Industrial
    Revolution, most suits are mass-produced, and, as
    such, are sold as ready-to-wear garments (though
    alteration by a tailor prior to wearing is
    common). Currently, suits are sold in roughly
    four ways

Classic Custom Tailored Suit Hong Kong
Best Custom Tailor Suit Hong Kong
  • bespoke, in which the garment is custom-made by a
    tailor from a pattern created entirely from the
    customer's measurements, giving the best fit and
    free choice of fabric
  • made to measure, in which a pre-made pattern is
    modified to fit the customer, and a limited
    selection of options and fabrics is available
  • ready-to-wear or off-the-peg (off-the-rack,
    in American English), which is sold ready to be
    tailored or finally as is
  • suit separates where jacket and trousers are sold
    separately, allowing a customer to choose the
    size that is best for him and limit the amount of
    alterations needed.

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  • The current styles were founded in the industrial
    revolution during the late 18th century that
    sharply changed the elaborately embroidered and
    jewelled formal clothing into the simpler
    clothing of the British Regency period, which
    gradually evolved to the stark formality of
    the Victorian era. It was in the search for more
    comfort that the loosening of rules gave rise in
    the late 19th century to the modern lounge suit.

Bespoke Tailor in Hong Kong
Cheap Bespoke Tailor Hong Kong
  • Brooks Brothers is generally credited with first
    offering the "ready-to-wear" suit, a suit which
    was sold already manufactured and sized, ready to
    be tailored. It was Haggar Clothing that first
    introduced the concept of suit separates in the
    US, the concept of separately sold jackets and
    trousers, which are widely found in the
    marketplace today.

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  • The word suit derives from the French suite, meani
    ng "following", from some Late Latin derivative
    form of the Latin verb sequor  "I follow",
    because the component garments (jacket and
    trousers and waistcoat) follow each other and
    have the same cloth and colour and are worn

Bespoke Tailor in Hong Kong
Exclusive Bespoke Tailor Hong Kong
  • As a suit (in this sense) covers all or most of
    the wearer's body, the term "suit" was extended
    to a single garment that covers all or most of
    the body, such as boilersuits and diving
    suits and spacesuits (see Suit (disambiguation)).

Very Good Tailor in Hong Kong
The cut
  • A man dressed in a three-piece suit and bowler
  • The silhouette of a suit is its outline. Tailored
    balance created from a canvas fitting allows a
    balanced silhouette so a jacket need not be
    buttoned and a garment is not too tight or too
    loose. A proper garment is shaped from the neck
    to the chest and shoulders to drape without
    wrinkles from tension. Shape is the essential
    part of tailoring that often takes hand work from
    the start. The two main cuts are
    1) double-breasted suits, a conservative design
    with two columns of buttons, spanned by a large
    overlap of the left and right sides and
    2) single-breasted suits, in which the sides
    overlap very slightly, with a single column of

Tailor in Hong Kong
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  • Good tailoring anywhere in the world is
    characterised by strongly tapered sides and
    minimal shoulder, whereas often rack suits are
    padded to reduce labour. More casual suits are
    characterised by less construction and tailoring,
    much like the sack suit is a loose American style.

Bespoke Tailor in Hong Kong
Tailor in Hong Kong
  • There are 3 ways to make suits
  • Ready made and altered "sizes" or precut shapes
    a convenience that often is expressed over time
    with wrinkles from poor shaping, leading to
  • The made-to-measure suit that uses measurements,
    not shaping, to achieve things like style,
    lengths and horizontal measurements
  • The custom, bespoke or tailoring-designed suit
    that has interim half-made fittings and is cut
    from an actual personal pattern.

Very Good Tailor in Hong Kong
Exclusive Bespoke Tailor Hong Kong
  • The acid test of authentic tailoring standards is
    the wrinkle that comes from poor tailoring.
    Rumples can be pressed out. For interim fittings,
    "Rock Of Eye"drawing and cutting inaccuracies are
    overcome by the fitting.

Tailor in Hong Kong
  • Suits are made in a variety of fabrics, but most
    commonly from wool. The two main yarns
    produce worsteds (where the fibres
    are combed before spinning to produce a smooth,
    hard wearing cloth) and woollens (where they are
    not, thus remaining comparatively fluffy in
    texture). These can be woven in a number of ways
    producing flannel, tweed, gabardine, and fresco
    among others. 

Very Good Tailor in Hong Kong
Bespoke Tailor in Hong Kong
  • These fabrics all have different weights and
    feel, and some fabrics have an S
    number describing the fineness of the fibres
    measured by average fibre diameter, e.g., Super
    120 however, the finer the fabric, the more
    delicate and thus less likely to be long-wearing
    it will be. Although wool has traditionally been
    associated with warm, bulky clothing meant for
    warding off cold weather, advances in making
    finer and finer fibre have made wool suits
    acceptable for warmer weather, as fabrics have
    accordingly become lighter and more supple. 

Exclusive Bespoke Tailor Hong Kong
Tailor in Hong Kong
  • Wool fabric is denominated by the weight of a
    one-square yard piece thus, the heavier wools,
    suitable for winter only, are 12-14 oz. the
    medium, "three season" are 10-11 oz. and summer
    wools are 7-8 oz. (In the days before central
    heating, heavier wools such as 16 oz. were used
    in suits now they are used mainly in overcoats
    and topcoats.) Other materials are used
    sometimes, either alone or blended with wool,
    such as cashmere.

Bespoke Tailor in Hong Kong
Exclusive Bespoke Tailor Hong Kong
  • Silk alone or blended with wool is sometimes
    used. Synthetic materials, while cheaper, e.g.,
    polyester, are very rarely recommended by
    experts. At most, a blend of predominantly wool
    may be acceptable to obtain the main benefit of
    synthetics, namely resistance to wrinkling,
    particularly in garments used for travel
    however, any synthetic, blended or otherwise,
    will always be warmer and clammier than wool
    alone. For hot weather, linen is also used, and
    in North America cotton seersucker is worn.
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