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Take Care with Male Organ Skin Lightening


Every guy wants his male organ skin to look its best. Some opt for lightening the skin, but this should be done only after careful thought. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Take Care with Male Organ Skin Lightening

Take Care with Male Organ Skin Lightening
By John Dugan
  • The condition of a guys male organ skin can make
    a big impression on partners (or potential
    partners), so its no wonder men take extra steps
    to make their male organ skin attractive.
    Eliminating rashes, removing bumps and keeping
    sores and pimples away can add to the visual
    allure. But some guys may be taking male organ
    skin presentation a little too far when they
    engage in lightening experiments. While some men
    have engaged in member lightening with no
    problems, there is still a potential for member
    health issues where lightening is concerned and
    guys should take that into consideration.

Recent news
  • While manhood lightening has been around for
    years, it recently made headlines due to its
    increasing popularity among men in Thailand. (For
    the record, female organ lightening is reportedly
    also on the rise in that country so its not
    just a manhood thing.)
  • Why would a man want to lighten his member? This
    is a question that has opened up a lot of debate,
    with some people seeing racial overtones in this
    decision. It might be easier to simply say that a
    person may want to lighten his equipment for the
    same reason he searches for any other alteration
    to his manhood he believes the result will be
    pleasing to himself or those he comes into
    contact with. This may be especially true if a
    mans member has blotchy patches or is
    two-toned in appearance he may feel that a
    smooth, even consistency of tone may be more

  • A more important question is How does the male
    organ skin get lightened? And the answer to that
    is very important.
  • Manhood lightening is sometimes referred as male
    organ bleaching and if anyone suggests using
    actual laundry bleach (chlorine or non-chlorine)
    to achieve results, a guy should quickly say no.
    Male organ skin is very delicate and sensitive,
    and harsh bleach would almost certainly burn and
    damage it.
  • Men who have peroxided their hair wonder about
    peroxide bleach on the member, but this is too
    harsh. If actual bleach is to be used on the male
    organ skin, it should be derived from a natural
    source that is much gentler. For example, lemon
    juice, licorice and milk are all possible sources
    that, prepared properly, might be okay to use on
    male organ skin. However, nothing should be used
    unless cleared by a doctor preferably one who
    already knows the patients skin well.

  • One of the interesting points about the reports
    of lightening in Thailand are that the doctors
    quoted seem to be using a form of laser therapy
    for lightening the skin.
  • The jury is still out on the safety of this
    method, but some health professionals warn it
    could cause swelling and pain. In some cases,
    especially if the laser is not operated by an
    experienced professional, there could be scarring
    or disfigurement of the manhood.
  • It should also be noted that laser treatment
    usually requires the client suspend engagement in
    sensual activity for several days after

  • Lightening the male organ skin is a personal
    choice, but the risks really should be weighed
    carefully before deciding to move forward with
    it. Whatever the decision, the member will look
    and feel better if its health is maintained on a
    consistent basis regular application of a high
    quality member health crème (health professionals
    recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically
    proven mild and safe for skin) can help.
    Definitely select a crème with moisturizing
    agents that can support healthy male organ skin,
    such as Shea butter (a high-end emollient) and
    vitamin E (a natural hydrator). The skin will
    also prove more resilient if a crème with a
    potent antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid is
    used. This helps fight excess free radicals which
    can weaken the male organ skin through oxidative

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