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Movers Make Relocation of Your Home Easy!


Top 3 Reasons For Seeking Movers How To Choose Perfect Movers And Packers Top 3 Things To Do Before Moving Into A New Apartment How To Handle Movers Efficiently – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Movers Make Relocation of Your Home Easy!

Movers Make Relocation of Your Home Easy!
  • A to Z on Movers

  • Top 3 Reasons For Seeking Movers
  • How To Choose Perfect Movers And Packers
  • Top 3 Things To Do Before Moving Into A New
  • How To Handle Movers Efficiently

Top 3 Reasons For Seeking Movers
  • Save the Time
  • Prefer packers and movers to save time. All you
    have to do is to guide them while you take care
    of other business.
  • Save the Stress
  • While the movers do their job, you can perhaps
    look at the things that you have to give away.
    Call the utility providers. Arranging the lights,
    gas and other facilities at the new place. Making
    calls to the new landlord and talking to the
    current landlord for closure, settling the bills
    and so many other things, except moving your
    furniture and the boxes into the lorry.
  • Save the Pain
  • They are trained to lift weights. Though they may
    not compete in the Olympics or have superpowers,
    they can certainly work together as a team lift
    your furniture, even the heaviest ones, carefully
    and place it in the van without damaging any of
    your goods. They know how to set the boxes so
    that they wont stumble or fall from the lorry or
    the van while moving.

How To Choose Perfect Movers And Packers
  • Listen
  • Listening is such an important part. In order to
    listen, you will have to ask. First, you ask your
    family, friends or neighbours. Someone, surely,
    must have moved in or out of their house near
    your locality. If you have more than one movers
    on your list then take time to call them one by
    one. Take the quote and promise to call them back
    if you choose them.
  • See
  • Lets say, here seeing is not just looking but
    screening the movers. You dont want to put your
    precious household things in their hands, unless
    you trust them. So, before you decided to hire
    the moving company, you have to see if they hold
    a license for their company. Also, their delivery
    records must show, if they have any complaints
    against them. More importantly, SEE if their
    quote matches your budget.
  • Speak
  • Once your initial research is done, call the
    final moving company you have chosen. Meet them
    in person. Make sure you clarify everything. Ask
    them if there are any extra cost, how they handle
    boxes, do they just deliver the boxes or do they
    also have packing services. If they do, how much
    do they charge? Also, check if they charge per
    weight and distance or only distance. If they
    send additional men, will they charge you for it
    or is it borne the company? Do you have to tip
    the representatives from the movers? If yes, how
    much do they expect? One of the most important
    details you have to SPEAK about is, will they
    take responsibility if they damage the goods.

Top 3 Things To Do Before Moving Into A New
  • Prepare a checklist
  • This must be done at least a month before you are
    moving. Take time off from work or your studies
    for a day, once you have found your new abode.
    Prepare a checklist of things you have to do.
    Talk to your family and friends for ideas and
    reminders. Include the important things like
    finding a movers company, you want to use. Go
    around the house look for the things you wont
    need. Trust me, you will find plenty of things
    that you will feel like leaving behind. Dont
    forget to order the boxes, according to the sizes
    that you would need along with the bubble wraps
    for the glass and decorative items.
  • Pause, think and start
  • Take one thing at a time. Throughout the weeks
    and a week, before you move, you may want to take
    the items you dont need and arrange them sell or
    give away or simply drop it at your nearest
    thrift stores. Call and take quotes and
    information from more than one mover, before you
    choose the right one. Once you check that off the
    list, spend a day or two to update your addresses
    with your utilities providers.

Top 3 Things To Do Before Moving Into A New
  • Also, list the things in the order of packing and
    how you are planning to let the movers carry the
    boxes into the van. You have to keep in mind that
    when you are in your new place you will need your
    utensils first and you will be cooking at least
    until the day before you have to move. So, pack
    the essentials in the end.
  • Pack and be ready
  • Now you have days left however, you are now less
    worried because all the planning and arrangement
    worked out. There are, however, a few more things
    left to do. Stop buying fresh groceries and
    frozen items. Make sure your existing utility
    bills are paid and updated. Talk to the landlord
    if necessary about it and confirm once again,
    when you hand over the keys. Recheck if all the
    unwanted things are given away. A day before you
    are moving, explain your plans to the movers.
    Label and arrange the boxes and furniture in the
    order of importance. Your kitchen and office
    equipment must be the last to go. As it would be
    easy for you to place it first in the new place.
    Dont leave the old house trashed. Remember, like
    you are expecting the new apartment to be clean,
    there is someone who wants the same.

How To Handle Movers Efficiently
  • Talk about the time
  • Okay, you have completed your paperwork and shook
    each others hands. You officially have the
    movers. One less thing to worry about. First,
    talk about date and time. If you have opted their
    service along with packing, you have to ensure
    the boxes are delivered at the time you have
    given to them. You will also tell them the number
    of boxes you need and if you need help with the
    packing. Discuss if they would like to come and
    check the house before they estimate the size of
    the vehicle too. And dont forget to respect
    their timings too. You cant ask them to come
    after your return from work.
  • Talk about the items
  • Once you set the date and the time. The
    representative from the company will estimate
    your items and furniture. They will come back and
    deliver the boxes. If you have opted to pack it
    yourself, they will return on the day of moving.

How To Handle Movers Efficiently
  • While they do their job, observe the process of
    packing. Check if they have brought or will bring
    the protective wraps, bubble wraps and mats to
    carry the furniture. Do they have lifting
    equipment to carry the items, if your current
    house is on one of the top floors of the
    building? Do they require you to disassemble the
    furniture such as tables and beds?
  • Talk about responsibility
  • Sealing and labeling the boxes is your
    responsibility. You can even sort out the order
    of the items that goes first into the vehicle
    until the last one. Of course, you have to take
    their suggestion while doing so. You dont want
    the boxes to flip or fall over. Though the
    paperwork will have all the insurance and damage
    cost information, on the day of the move, talk to
    the representatives about being careful. Let them
    know which box contains delicate items,
    electronics or decorative. Be friendly. Also,
    make sure they are not done until all the items
    from the vehicle is placed in the house and until
    you check the back of the vehicle thoroughly.

The End
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