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A Guide To Restore Your Smile


All on Four Implants - The Treatment Protocol Save Money on Oral Rehabilitation with All on Four Implants Dental Bridge And It's Benefits Dental Bridge Procedure Understanding Full Mouth Restoration Procedures Tips On Having Full Mouth Restoration Procedures Performed For more details, please visit - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A Guide To Restore Your Smile

A Guide To Restore Your Smile
  • Because your smile is beautiful

  • All on Four Implants - The Treatment Protocol
  • Save Money on Oral Rehabilitation with All on
    Four Implants
  • Dental Bridge And It's Benefits
  • Dental Bridge Procedure
  • Understanding Full Mouth Restoration Procedures
  • Tips On Having Full Mouth Restoration Procedures

All on Four Implants - The Treatment Protocol
  • The Diagnostic Stage
  • To get started with this procedure, the first
    thing a proficient dentist would do is to
    determine if this procedure is right for you. To
    do this, he employs several diagnostic techniques
    including carrying out a CT scan, 3D imaging and
    a host of other tests usually, the result of all
    these diagnoses comes out in form of vivid,
    elaborate photographs that clearly reveals the
    state of a patients oral health. Upon assessing
    the result, the specialist is able to recommend
    treatment procedures and options depending on
    the extent of tooth decay and the peculiarity of
    diagnosis, an all on 4 tooth replacement option
    or any other non-implant solution can be

All on Four Implants - The Treatment Protocol
  • The Surgical Stage
  • Surgical procedures that could be carried out on
    a patients teeth are varied usually the all in
    4 treatment procedure requires just the surgical
    fixing of four implants along the lower and upper
    arch. However, where necessary, the dentist could
    carry out bone grafts and re-contouring before
    fixing implant. In all these, the consolation for
    patients is that these processes can be completed
    in just one surgical session. All that would be
    left thereafter is to go for follow-up visits
    where the progress of the treatment can be
    monitored. If everything goes well, in 48 hours
    you should be able to live a normal life with
    your new set of teeth and by the 12th week after
    the surgery, the whole treatment process should
    have been concluded.
  • The Restorative Stage
  • Sometimes, might just want to see how comfortable
    you feel with the new set of teeth
    post-treatment so about 16 weeks after the
    surgery, and another visit may be scheduled to
    listen to your complaints and get your feedback
    on whats right, where it hurts or if there is a
    need for an adjustment.

Save Money on Oral Rehabilitation with All on
Four Implants
  • All on Four Implants and the Number of Dental
    Implants Required for Oral Rehabilitation
  • A patient can spend a few bucks and still get
    quality dental rehabilitation. As the name
    implies, as against the ten implants required in
    other replacement procedures, just four dental
    implants are required per jaw under this dental
    implant therapy the innovation in this procedure
    is that rather than fill an entire jaw with
    dental implants, prosthetic dental bridges are
    carefully arranged along the dental arch on each
    side of the jaw.
  • All on Four Implants Requires One Single Surgery
  • All on four plants implants offer something
    really affordable especially now that you just
    have to undergo a single surgery, a lot of the
    excess cost associated with traditional surgical
    procedures is cut off. A single surgery also
    makes the whole therapeutic procedure convenient
    for you you just bear the rigors ones and for
  • All on Four Implants and the Need for Bone
    Grafting Surgery
  • All on four procedures completely eliminates the
    need for bone grafting. As a patient, you just
    now have to look forward to completing your tooth
    rehab in a day without much ado.

Dental Bridge And It's Benefits
  • Dental bridges are tooth look-alikes made of
    artificial materials designed as substitutes for
    the missing teeth of patients it is designed in
    such a way that they look really identical with
    other teeth. Fitting them into gaps require that
    they get some form of support from the adjoining
    teeth that mark the bounds of the gap. A lot of
    meticulous surgical due diligence goes into
    designing a dental bridge for a gap in the teeth
    as all gaps are not of the same length more so,
    they could be located in various positions of the
    tooth arc these critically are the factors that
    determine the type dental bridge that would be
    suitable for covering gaps in the teeth. Making a
    dental bridge designed just to fit into the
    gaping holes of a patients teeth can take quite
    some time so in the interim, the dentist often
    provides a temporary bridge for patients.

Dental Bridge Procedure
  • The process of fixing a dental bridge in there
    may be long as it would take several surgical
    sessions to cover up multiple gaps in the teeth.
    Usually, dentists cover a gap at a time and wait
    for it to fuse well with other teeth before
    moving on to the next. Like other surgical
    procedures, a sedative is used on the gum to make
    it insensitive and numb so that no pain is felt
    by the patient in the process of reshaping the
    teeth to fit snugly with the crown that would
    hold the dental bridge.
  • For the dental bridge to fit in well into the
    gap, it should take the exact shape of the
    missing teeth. to this end, it essential that the
    dentist takes a cast of the shape formed by the
    gap and other teeth around the arc, the cast
    serves as a template for the lab to produce a
    dental bridge that exactly fits into the gap and
    rhymes with the teeth arrangement around the arc.
    However, while the dental bridge is processed at
    the laboratory, the dentist would give you a
    temporary one that equally covers the gap.

Understanding Full Mouth Restoration Procedures
  • Choosing the Right Professional
  • To get the best dental care, it important that
    you commit the job of managing your oral health
    to a professional to identify and recognize them
    amongst the so many dentists that claim to be
    competent, you should look out for experience, a
    number of successful cases handled and
    post-treatment reviews of their past patients.
  • Financing the Procedure
  • It is essential that you match your budget with
    treatment procedures within affordable limits.
    Health insurance packages cover mouth restoration
    procedures, they could be a viable option you can
    look at or consider for financing mouth
    restoration procedures. Included in the bills of
    most clinics for dental restoration are
    professional fees and charges for using certain
    equipment and materials.
  • Ideal Candidates for the Procedure
  • This procedure is specifically designed for
    patients with acute dental problems usually,
    candidates having multiple oral health challenges
    are referred to a specialist who carries out this
    procedure more so, age is a factor in
    determining whether or not a person is qualified
    for this procedure while younger candidates may
    be able to cope with the rigours of the procedure
    and recover early, older candidates may find the
    procedure too rigorous.

Tips On Having Full Mouth Restoration Procedures
  • As far as options are concerned under the mouth
    restoration procedure, you can have your whole
    set of teeth replaced with dental implants or opt
    for denture replacements the former is a lot
    more expensive as such many patients tend to
    stick with the latter. Dentures on the average
    are still a quite capable replacement for your
    natural teeth many are molded from a cast of the
    original tooth they are then put on frames that
    take the shape of your teeth arc. This way you
    can easily take them in and out of your mouth
    though sometimes some tooth can get loose and
    begin to roam inside your mouth then, you can
    easily fix them back on the frame.
  • Moreover, with dental implants, you have no fears
    and you can enjoy yourself eating whatever you
    want. The best way to describe it is that you
    have this feeling that you have reclaimed the
    confidence you had with your natural teeth. Since
    these new set of artificial tooth integrates well
    into your mouth structure and help you live a
    normal life it totally eliminates the memories
    and ill feelings of suffering a tooth loss.
    Dental implants, however, have the disadvantage
    of being a complex and time-consuming, getting
    the titanium rods to fuse with the jaw bone
    requires expertise, meticulous care, and
    patience. Some implants cannot even be mounted on
    the titanium rods until the fusion has taken

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