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Top digital marketing company in Bangalore | Waymaxsolutions


Grow your business online with one of the top digital marketing company in Bangalore with our technology centric (digital marketing) services Data-driven Approach • Free Consultation • ROI Focused Strategies Services: PPC Marketing, SearchEngine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing. Visit to know more details about our services. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top digital marketing company in Bangalore | Waymaxsolutions

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Way Max Solutions
Way Max Team is an IT service company
delivering end-to-end solutions services to its
customers worldwide in Software Development,
Android and IOS Application Development, Data
Processing, Data Base Conversion, Web Solutions
and Digital Marketing (SEO,SMO,SMM,SEM,PPC,
Google AdWord) and IT related Industry,
headquartered in Bangalore, India. We integrate
our infinite experience across industry sectors
with world-class technology and state-of-the-art
infrastructure for cost effective solutions.
Way Max Solutions
Digital marketing refers to advertising delivered
through digital channels such as search engines,
websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.
Way Max Solutions
Way Max Solutions
Way Max Solutions
  • Digital marketing, the promotion of products or
    brands via one or more forms of electronic media,
    differs from traditional marketing in that it
    uses channels and methods that enable an
    organization to analyze marketing campaigns and
    understand what is working and what isnt
    typically in real time. More info visit _at_

Way Max Solutions
The 7 big categories of Digital Marketing
are 1.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 2.Search
Engine Marketing (SEM) 3.Content
Marketing 4.Social Media Marketing
(SMM) 5.Pay-Per-Click advertising
(PPC) 6.Affiliate Marketing 7.Email Marketing
Way Max Solutions
Digital Marketing Strategy
Way Max Solutions
Search Engine Optimization is the process of
improving the visibility of a website on organic
search engine result pages(SERPs),by
incorporating search engine friendly elements
into a website. A successful search engine
optimization campaign will have, as part of the
improvements, carefully select, relevant,
keywords which the on-page optimization will be
designed to make prominent for search engine
Way Max Solutions
Search engine optimization is broken down into
two basic areas on-page, and off-page
optimization. On-page optimization refers to
website elements which comprise a web page, such
as HTML code, textual content, and images.
Off-page optimization refers, predominantly, to
backlinks (links pointing to the site which is
being optimized, from other relevant websites).
Way Max Solutions
SEM - Search Engine Marketing
Way Max Solutions
Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of
Internet marketing that involves the promotion of
websites by increasing their visibility in search
engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through
paid advertising.
Way Max Solutions
Content marketing
Way Max Solutions
Content marketing is a marketing technique of
creating and distributing valuable, relevant and
consistent content to attract and acquire a
clearly defined audience with the objective of
driving profitable customer action. The key word
here is valuable. Why Content Marketing? Perhaps
more important than understand what content
marketing is, is understanding why content
marketing is important to your business. First we
need to understand the four steps of the buying
cycle 1.Awareness 2.Research 3.Consideration
Way Max Solutions
Content marketing is a strategic marketing
approach focused on creating and distributing
valuable, relevant, and consistent content to
attract and retain a clearly defined audience
and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer
action. Marketing is impossible without great
and quality content in Digital marketing,
Regardless of what type of marketing tactics you
use, content marketing should be part of your
Business, not something separate. Quality content
is part of all forms of marketing strategies
Social media marketing, SEO, PR,PPC, Inbound
marketing, Content strategy.
Way Max Solutions
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Way Max Solutions
Social media marketing (SMM) is an Internet
marketing that utilizes social networking
websites as a marketing tool. The goal of SMM
is to produce content that users will share with
their social network to help a company increase
brand exposure and broaden customer reach. And
also refers to techniques that target social
networks and applications to spread brand
awareness or promote particular products.
Way Max Solutions
  • Social media marketing campaigns usually center
  • Establishing a social media presence on major
  • Creating shareable content and advertorials
  • Cultivating customer feedback throughout the
    campaign through surveys and contests
  • Social media marketing is perceived as a more
    targeted type of advertising and is therefore
    believed to be very effective in creating brand

Way Max Solutions
Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
Way Max Solutions
Pay Per Click PPC is a type of sponsored
online advertising that is used on a wide range
of websites, including search engines, where the
advertiser only pays or inorganic results, if a
web user clicks on their ad. Hence the title,
pay per click. When our clients ask us to
define Pay Per Click, PPC is a very
cost-effective means to get their site noticed by
their target audience while our other Internet
marketing strategies are gradually helping their
site achieve their natural ranking in the google.
Way Max Solutions
Email Marketing
Way Max Solutions
Basically the use of email to promote products
and services. a better Email Marketing definition
is the use of email to develop relationships with
potential customers or clients. Email Marketing
is one segment of internet marketing, which
encompasses online marketing via websites, social
media, blogs, etc. It is essentially the same as
direct mail? except that instead of sending mail
through the postal service, messages are sent
electronically via email.
Way Max Solutions
  • Why is an effective email marketing strategy so
    important? An email marketing strategy is part
    of your overall marketing strategy and business
    plan. It helps you market your products and
    services with the use of the email channel with
    the best chances for making a profit and reaching
    your goals.
  • 5 tactics for a better email marketing strategy
  • Personalize your messages.
  • Segment your subscribers
  • Send mobile friendly emails
  • Test copy, design and buttons
  • Automate email campaigns when possible

Way Max Solutions
Affiliate Marketing
Way Max Solutions
Affiliate Marketing is a type of
performance-based marketing in which a business
rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor,
customer or client brought by the affiliate's own
marketing efforts. The industry has four core
players merchant, network, publisher,customer.
The market has grown in complexity, resulting in
the emergence of a secondary tier of players,
including affiliate management agencies,
super-affiliates and specialized third party
Way Max Solutions
Affiliate marketing overlaps with other Internet
marketing methods to some degree, because
affiliates often use regular advertising methods.
Those methods include organic Search engine
optimization (SEO), Paid Search engine marketing
(PPC Pay Per Click), Email marketing, Content
marketing and in some sense display advertising.
On the other hand, affiliates sometimes use
less orthodox techniques, such as publishing
reviews of products or services offered by a
Way Max Solutions
Conclusion Digital Marketing is about utilizing
Digital Technology to achieve marketing
objectives. There is no essential need for
Digital marketing to always be separate from the
marketing department as a whole, as the
objectives of both are the same. However, for
now, it remains a useful term because digital
marketing requires a certain skill set to utilize
the Digital technology effectively. As our
recent Developing Digital Skills report showed,
many marketers are now spending gt 50 of their
time on digital marketing activities and two of
the three top job roles in marketing is digital,
so clearly digital marketing is required for any
business run Successfully in corporate word.
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