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Why Are Toroidal Transformers Replacing Conventional Transformers


Why are various industries opting to use toroidal transformers over other conventional transformers? The four qualities – smaller size and weight, ease of mounting, low stray magnetic field, and high efficiency – are the reasons. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Why Are Toroidal Transformers Replacing Conventional Transformers

Today, we are highly dependent on a variety of
electrical appliances and devices like
televisions, computers, kitchen appliances,
audio systems, etc. But, do you realize that all
of this usage would not have been possible
without the use of transformers? So, you can now
realize the importance of transformers in your
everyday lives! However, there are various types
of transformers available, each having its own
advantages and limitations. And, every device
uses a different transformer type, size, and
Transformers used may present various issues if
not of good quality. These could include flux
leakage, core loss, and high electromagnetic
interference. To overcome all of these
challenges, the best transformers that you can
use are toroidal transformers in India. These
transformers have a ring-shaped core covered
entirely with copper wire windings. This core is
made up of a variety of materials, depending
upon the application it needs to be used with.
Toroidal transformers have gained high
popularity due to the various advantages that
they provide. The various applications that use
toroidal transformers include motor controlled
equipment, industrial controlled equipment,
stabilized power supplies, CNC controlled
machines, microprocessor-based units, and many
more. So, which properties have led toroidal
transformers to usage in so many industrial
applications? Which properties make them stand
out significantly against other conventional
transformers? Let us take a look.
Toroidal transformers are easy to mount Toroidal
transformers can be easily mounted by resin
center potting or centering the washer with a
screw or bolt. This easy-to-mount capability
significantly reduces the installation time,
maintenance, and downtime associated with
transformers. Toroidal transformers have a
compact design Toroidal transformers are lighter
in weight and smaller in size as compared to
other conventional transformers as they require
fewer materials for construction. Additionally,
the center washer, nuts, and bolts reduce the
mounting weights, making these transformers
almost half as light and small as other
transformers. Toroidal transformers have low
stray magnetic field Toroidal transformers are
devoid of any air gap, which helps them to have
magnetic stray field around 85-90 lesser than
other conventional transformers. Also, the
uniformly wound copper windings around the
symmetrical core result in a low-radiated
magnetic field. This low magnetic field leads to
improved performance and better
efficiency. Toroidal transformers are highly
efficient The windings in toroidal transformers
are uniformly distributed over the symmetric
ring-shaped core, which reduces the winding
resistance of the transformers. This in turn
lowers the leakage flux or magnetic flux
escaping the core, thus permitting maximum flux
density utilization, and resulting in high
electrical efficiency. From the above mentioned
benefits, it is clear why anyone would prefer
using toroidal transformers over any other. This
is why toroidal transformers are slowly replacing
conventional transformers today. If you are also
seeking a quality toroidal transformer for your
application, make sure you purchase one from a
reliable and reputed manufacturer like Miracle
Electronics. You can be sure of the products as
the company has been providing high- quality
toroidal transformers in India since more than
the past two decades for various applications to
various industries. For more information visit
Miracle Electronics
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