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All About Marijuana Addiction Treatment


Experts Predict More Overdoses in 2017. Facts about Drug Intervention. Most Important Facts about Fentanyl. Important Questions about Fentanyl. Opioid Misuse Overview. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: All About Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Marijuana Addiction Treatment
  • Tips for Becoming Marijuana-Free
  • Marijuana Addiction Treatment What Are the
  • Ways to Tell If A Loved One Is Addicted to

Tips for Becoming Marijuana-Free
  • Getting Active
  • Exercising regularly can release endorphins and
    regulate the chemicals in the brain. This can
    lead to an elevated mood and an increased ability
    to handle stress. This lessens the need to smoke
    marijuana during times of anxiety. Working out
    can also lead to weight loss, which is a concern
    for many addicts who smoke in order to avoid
    putting on excess pounds. Sticking to an exercise
    routine can also boost confidence and a promote a
    positive self-image, which could decrease an
    addicts desire to turn to drugs in order to feel
    relaxed and self-assured.
  • A 12-Step Program
  • This recovery method is beneficial for those who
    are suffering from a number of addictions, and
    can help those with marijuana dependency
    acknowledge their problem and take spiritual
    steps to overcome the addiction. The program also
    helps addicts to come to terms with the fact that
    loved ones and friends have been hurt their
    decisions, and encourages them to reach out these
    individuals, admit their wrongs and try to make
    amends. This provides both a spiritual and
    physical solution to the problem of addiction and
    helps an addict to mend various parts of his/her
    life that will motivate him/her to maintain

Tips for Becoming Marijuana-Free
  • Counseling
  • Counseling may be ideal for those who are
    undecided when It comes to getting rid of
    marijuana. A therapist can help addicts to see
    the negative effects of their habits and the ways
    that addiction is affecting their relationships
    with family, friends and coworkers. Therapy
    sessions can also give addicts a clear picture of
    their dreams and aspirations, and help to explain
    why these dreams may not be able to be
    accomplished when drugs are in the picture.
  • Cold Turkey
  • Of course, some people may want to stop cold
    turkey. This is for extremely strong-willed
    individuals who are serious about not smoking
    anymore. The cold turkey method can be risky,
    however, because the withdrawal symptoms can be
    overwhelming for some. This method is usually
    best for those who have not been smoking for
    long, since THC, the main ingredient in
    marijuana, is stored in the body for weeks and
    the cravings will be strong to increase the
    amount of THC in the bloodstream. If the body has
    become dependent on receiving a certain amount of
    THC on a regular basis, the longer one has been
    maintaining a smoking habit, the harder it will
    be to quit.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment What Are the
  • Motivational Counselling
  • During these sessions, addicts are reminded of
    the things that are important to them, and may
    even uncover some of the things that matter to
    them. Once these things are discussed, an action
    plan for achieving goals is established. For
    instance, if a patient realizes that marijuana
    addiction is keeping him/her from obtaining a
    degree, a plan for eliminating drug use and
    completing schoolwork while receiving stress
    management and study skills could be effective.
  • Dietary Changes
  • Adding more protein to the diet can help to
    reduce the craving for marijuana. Protein helps
    to strengthen the brain and can reduce the
    chances of depression, which can often lead to
    marijuana addiction. Foods that contain vitamin C
    can also help to cure marijuana addiction, since
    this vitamin restores and protects the immune
    system and gives the body energy. Its also
    important to consume whole grains and healthy
    sources of fibre like root vegetables and quinoa
    to stabilize blood sugar and decrease the
    tendency to eat junk foods, which is common with
    marijuana addiction. Keeping the body hydrated
    with water, beverages that are low in sugar and
    high in electrolytes and fresh fruit juices can
    also replenish the body and increase energy.
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • This type of therapy helps addicts to come to
    terms with their destructive behaviour, and to
    realize that these behaviours are leading to
    negative consequences. Cognitive behaviour
    therapy may be necessary for individuals who
    dont know or arent willing to acknowledge how
    marijuana addiction is affecting their
    relationships with loved ones or their
    performance at work or school. Once negative
    behaviours such as being withdrawn from relatives
    or showing up late for work constantly are
    addressed, a plan of action for correcting these
    behaviours is established, and it becomes easier
    for the patient to chart his/her progress.

Ways to Tell If A Loved One Is Addicted to
  • Impaired Memory
  • If you notice that your family member cant
    remember important events, or is having a hard
    time at work or school due to forgetting to turn
    in projects or attend meetings, this could be a
    result of marijuana addiction. Smoking marijuana
    in excess can cause memory loss and the inability
    to comprehend and apply information correctly.
    Its normal to be forgetful every once in a
    while, but if this happens repeatedly and becomes
    a habit, it could be a sign of addiction.
  • Reduced Problem Solving Skills
  • Getting frustrated about simple things or not
    being able to come up with a solution to a
    problem that is easy to solve are also signs of
    marijuana addiction. Marijuana can put the mind
    in such a relaxed state that the skills needed to
    analyze a situation or come up with a plan of
    action are impaired. This can affect a persons
    ability to complete academic assignments or
    professional projects with efficiency. If this
    side effect of marijuana addiction is prevalent
    for too long, it could affect employment, school
    status and even relationships.

Ways to Tell If A Loved One Is Addicted to
  • Impaired Coordination
  • Much like alcohol addiction, marijuana addiction
    fools people into thinking they are much more
    coordinated than they actually are when under the
    influence. Tripping over objects that are in
    plain sight, not being able to stand for long
    periods of time, and the inability to complete
    simple tasks quickly like tying shoes or brushing
    teeth are signs that marijuana has become a
    serious problem.
  • Anxiety and Paranoia
  • Even though marijuana is known for mellowing
    people out and making them calmer, those who are
    addicted to the substance may become overly
    anxious and suspicious. If your loved one
    constantly feels that someone is following them
    or is seeking to do them harm, this could be a
    sign that your family member is abusing
    marijuana. Feeling uneasy in social situations
    and constantly wanting to be alone and also be a
    glue that your loved one has a marijuana
    addiction, especially if he/she used to be very
    social and outgoing.

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