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Video Conferencing


Choosing a Video Conferencing Platform That Works. Mobile Video Conference for a Globally Distributed Workforce. Eliminate Performance Issues With Video Chat For Business. How to Pick the Best International Video Conferencing Company. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing
  • True conversational video is possible

  • Choosing a Video Conferencing Platform That Works
  • Mobile Video Conference for a Globally
    Distributed Workforce
  • Eliminate Performance Issues With Video Chat For
  • How to Pick the Best International Video
    Conferencing Company

Choosing a Video Conferencing Platform That Works
  • Number of participants
  • The first thing to consider is how many
    participants will likely join in on these
    conferences on a regular basis? While some allow
    a few numbers of participants to connect for
    free, others charge a considerable amount to
    allow unlimited users to connect. Knowing what
    you need and the number of participants that will
    likely join in on the presentation can help
    determine the right video conferencing package to
    choose. Not only that, it saves a lot of time and
  • Mobile experience
  • One of the essences of video conferencing is to
    be able to connect to people regardless of
    location. And this means being able to
    communicate with them via a mobile device. Thus,
    it is expedient to try connecting a video
    conference service on your mobile devices. This
    will indicate whether or not the video
    conferencing platform is mobile friendly.
    Furthermore, it helps ascertain whether
    participants connecting via mobile devices will
    enjoy the same quality experience as those
    connecting through their personal computers.
  • User friendliness
  • Regardless of the number of participants joining
    the conference, if they find it difficult to use
    the selected video conferencing software, then
    the goal of the meeting is in jeopardy. Choose a
    video conferencing platform that is not only
    user-friendly but also intuitive. Otherwise, you
    might start presentations only to find out no one
    is watching or probably only a few out of the
    many participants could connect. Build your brand
    and business by choosing a user-friendly video
    conferencing platform.

Mobile Video Conference for a Globally
Distributed Workforce
  • Cost-effective
  • Small businesses are looking for ways to cut down
    costs and utilize capital in the most efficient
    way. Mobile video conference simplifies a lot of
    time-consuming activities. It reduces travel time
    and cost of transportation. You dont have to do
    a lot of paperwork or even spend extra money on
    meals unlike traditional meetings. Moreover, it
    makes interviewing potential candidates for
    recruitment easier.
  • Work anywhere
  • Mobile video conference offers you more time to
    speak with your employees, business partners or
    client on the go. Even if you are not within the
    office environment, you can accommodate your
    client and employees instantly. For big
    businesses with branches in many different
    locations, mobile video conferencing will be
    helpful in conducting meetings with managers at
    different branches. Through this platform, you
    get updated information about certain work
  • Immediate response
  • Mobile video conferences have made communications
    a lot easier. You will get to know opinions and
    suggestions directly from the person you are
    talking to. Being able to look at the reactions
    and expressions of the person you are talking to
    proves helpful when trying to attract a potential
    client or probably win back an unsatisfied
    customer. Mobile video conference makes it
    possible to give an immediate response to any
    complaints or suggestions whether verbal or

Eliminate Performance Issues With Video Chat For
  • Conduct Business Faster
  • Video chat for business, if done right, connects
    you to clients and business partners anywhere in
    the world regardless of what systems they use.
    Thus, it is expedient to choose video
    conferencing platform that speaks an array of
    video languages. Furthermore, it should come with
    all standards-based software and hardware. An
    advanced video conferencing platform comes with
    all relevant features to makes communication with
    colleagues or business associates easy and
    hassle-free. Essentially, video chat for business
    makes conducting business faster and more
  • Fast decision-making process
  • Basically, video chat for business allows you to
    have a face-to-face chat with other parties,
    allowing you to see the impact of your
    conversations. Additionally, it comes with
    amazing features and advanced options that allow
    participants share screens among themselves. This
    way, participants are actively involved in the
    conference, thus ensuring a fast decision-making
    process for whatever project or pretty much
    anything else you and your team need to
    accomplish. The burden of making a decision on
    your own has been eliminated. Video chat for
    business allows you to carry every team member
    along in the decision making process.

Eliminate Performance Issues With Video Chat For
  • Save money
  • Traveling by air, rail and road for business
    meetings consume a lot of money. Meeting with
    clients or business owners in a virtual
    environment saves money and time. Video chat for
    business reduces expenses on travel for a
    business meeting. However, it is essential to
    choose the right video conferencing platform that
    offers both a formal scheduled meeting set-up as
    well as the ability to connect to multiparty
    conference. Improved productivity is not only
    about the time and money youve saved, but also
    how user-friendly the system is.
  • Connect people easily
  • Video chat for business connects people easily.
    Furthermore, it allows people to work on the go
    and anywhere whether out of the office, on-site
    or at home. Video chat for business has made it
    possible to reach anyone, regardless of location.
    This is flexibility at its very best. Be sure to
    choose a video conferencing platform that works
    on various devices including personal computers,
    tablets, and phones.

How to Pick the Best International Video
Conferencing Company
  • Scalability
  • How many participants are you hosting in a single
    meeting? How effective is the system when it
    comes to handling a large group? Also, these
    experts will ask if you are considering a
    one-on-one interaction or connecting people from
    more than one location. Since youre dealing with
    clients and business associates from different
    locations, finding a reliable video conferencing
    system capable of connecting people from
    different locations simultaneously is ideal.

How to Pick the Best International Video
Conferencing Company
  • Quality
  • An internationally acclaimed company requires
    nothing but the best quality video conferencing
    system that will surpass its expectation. Crystal
    clear picture and quality audio is the best
    option to go for. This is just perfect for
    business connecting employees, clients or
    business associates across the world.
    Furthermore, a video conferencing company will
    help evaluate the amount of bandwidth you will
    probably need to get the highest quality video
    when hosting video conferences.
  • Functionality
  • Another aspect a video conferencing company
    considers prior to recommending the right video
    conferencing tool for your business need is its
    capabilities. This system should be able to
    provide real solutions that meet your specific
    business needs. Basically, it should allow for
    data transfers, screen sharing and provide
    chalkboards for graphical illustrations, among
    other things. Not only that, a video conferencing
    system should be compatible with various kinds of
    operating systems and devices including
    computers, smartphones, and tablets.

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