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Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne


Get the best laser tattoo removal treatment in Melbourne from Ozmedica Aesthetic Clinic. Our medical grade laser breaks unwanted tattoo into tiny particles that are naturally absorbed by the body. For more information on this, have a look at the attachment. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne
  • Medical-grade laser breaks up your unwanted
    tattoo into tiny ink particles that are naturally
    absorbed by the body.
  • Laser tattoo removal is achieved through the
    use of specialized lasers that work by directing
    energy via highly concentrated colour light
    beams, targeting ink particles that lie beneath
    the skin. These laser pulses shatter the ink
    particles into tiny fragments which are later
    removed by the bodys natural processes, allowing
    the tattoo to eventually disappear. Removing your
    tattoo selectively targets the ink within tattoos
    without causing any damage to the surrounding
    skin, making the process a highly popular
    treatment for a wide variety of people.

  • There are many things to take into
    consideration when choosing to remove tattoos,
    such as the location and size of the tattoo (some
    areas of the body will metabolise much faster),
    the colour/s of the tattoo, whether the tattoo
    was administered professionally, the quality of
    ink used, the complexion of the client and the
    depth of the ink within the skin. Each of these
    factors may cause a variance in terms of a number
    of treatments needed in order to get rid of your
    tattoo. Due to the complexity of the treatment
    process, it is important to undergo this process
    with an accredited clinic with highly trained

Which Laser is Best For Tattoo Removal?
  • Laser technology has significantly developed
    over recent years for aesthetic treatments, and
    this is very much the same case for the laser
    tattoo removal. There are a number of medical
    lasers that may be used for tattoo removal
    treatments, each with their own specific
    functions. The most highly effective of these
    lasers is the Medlite C6, mainly due to its high
    power yet gentle pulses. The MedLite C6 laser
    produces consistent and reliable results with
    fewer complications when compared to other lasers.

  • The main feature of the MedLite C6 is the
    short pulses of power, lasting twenty nanoseconds
    each. This minuscule duration allows for a
    photomechanical effect to take place on the skin,
    shattering those ink particles and prompting an
    effective and safe tattoo removal process. The
    laser light also allows for selective
    photothermolysis to take place, which is the
    process of attracting specific wavelengths in
    order to successfully remove multicolour tattoos.
    As the MedLite C6 technology comprises of four
    different wavelengths, each tattoo removal
    treatment can be completely customised to suit
    each individual and their specific needs.

Why is Medlite C6 the best for tattoos?
  • The MedLite C6 is considered to be one of
    the best lasers on the market due to its high
    effectiveness rate. The more effectively ink
    particles are reduced, the faster the tattoo can
    be removed entirely. For this reason, it will
    typically provide faster and more consistent
    results, often involving fewer treatments than
    other lasers, in turn assisting clients to save
    time and money. In most cases, the MedLite C6
    laser is capable of fading 95 of any given
    tattoo with minimal to no scarring occurring
    post-treatment. These features, alongside many
    others, make the MedLite C6 the most versatile
    and well-rounded laser for multicolour tattoo
    removal treatments.

How To Get Rid of Your Tattoos
  • In order to successfully remove your tattoo,
    it is recommended to undertake 5-10 sessions to
    achieve an 80 reduction of the ink you are
    aiming to remove. Of course, by removing your
    tattoos this is dependent on both the individual
    and the range of factors mentioned earlier. Each
    of those reasons will be individually assessed
    during your initial consultation to create the
    most effective treatment plan for you and your
    needs. This consultation will also discuss the
    recommended number of treatments for your tattoo,
    as well as an estimated cost for the duration of
    the process.

  • It is important to note that there are over
    one hundred different substances used in tattoo
    inks on a global nation, and it may difficult to
    achieve a high success rate depending on the
    materials used. Cover up tattoos generally take
    longer to remove due to the added layers of ink
    within the skin. If your tattoo is
    multi-coloured, you may require more treatments.
    Standard blue or black tattoos generally require
    fewer treatments when compared to brighter
    colours such as blues and greens which are
    generally more resistant to treatment. Amateur
    tattoos require fewer treatment sessions than
    professional tattoos as the ink is unlikely to be
    of a high-quality standard.

Pre Removal Treatment
  • Before the laser tattoo removal treatment
    takes place, a numbing cream may be applied
    depending on the size of the tattoo and the pain
    tolerance of the individual, through a cooling
    Cryotherapy machine will be utilized to minimise
    any discomfort by keeping the area cool. The
    MedLite C6 laser administers the pulses of energy
    very quickly, ensuring your treatment is over and
    done with as quickly as possible. Should you wish
    to utilize a numbing method, the cream should
    remain on your skin for at least 10-15 minutes
    before your treatment to allow for the best
    result. Depending on the size of the tattoo being
    treated, laser tattoo removal sessions can take
    anywhere between 5 and 45 minutes from start to

Side Effects
  • Following your treatment, Vaseline or a
    similar occlusive topical ointment will be
    applied to the tattoo by your technician in order
    to protect the area from any external irritants.
    You should continue to apply this treatment each
    day for up to a week following your treatment.
    Although laser tattoo removal is considered to be
    non-invasive, it is common for mild inflammation,
    pinpoint bleeding, skin discolouration, blisters
    or scabbing to occur due to the nature of the
    treatment. There is no reason to be alarmed by

  • Blisters generally appear 8-10 hours
    following your session and are completely normal
    and part of the healing process. Blisters are a
    positive indication that your immune system is
    beginning to remove the ink within your skin and
    starting the healing process. If you are
    experiencing any other signs of discomfort or
    pain following your laser tattoo removal
    procedure, it is recommended to immediately
    contact the clinic who provided your treatment
    or, where possible, contact your doctor.

Post Laser Treatment
  • Flaking of the skin may also begin to occur
    within a week or so, with the potential of scabs
    forming over the affected area. It is important
    to keep the affected area as clean as possible
    and avoid bursting any blisters or removing any
    scabbing. You may apply a covered ice pack to the
    area if the heat of the treatment is causing
    discomfort. You may notice the further removal of
    ink as scabbing lifts, and the underlying skin
    may be red in colour. Lightening and darkening of
    the affected area and surrounding skin may occur,
    depending on the size of the tattoo and the
    individuals themselves as some skin may be more
    sensitive than others.

  • It is important to avoid exposing the
    affected area to the sun until the area is fully
    healed to prevent any further skin damage from
    occurring. Do not apply makeup or other creams,
    serums or balms that may irritate the affected
    area. Scented lotions may also irritate the
    healing skin and it is best to avoid using them.
  • You are able to take a shower two hours
    after your laser tattoo removal appointment.
    However, we highly recommend that you do not
    allow any high pressured water to touch the newly
    treated skin. We also recommend that you do not
    swim, soak in a bath or spa until any scabs and
    blisters are fully healed. In some cases, water
    may contain a high level of bacteria that could
    cause infection and scarring.

Is it safe?
  • As each tattoo is individual and has its own
    distinct features, it is not possible to
    guarantee that scarring will not occur. In most
    cases, when performed by licensed professionals
    who are experienced in the field, laser tattoo
    removal is entirely safe and will not cause any
    damage to the skin. Raised scarring may occur in
    some individuals, though it is unlikely and
    dependent on the skin type of the client being
    treated. Changes in pigmentation may also occur,
    potentially causing some whiteness within the
    area that has been treated.

  • The infection will highly increase the risk
    of scarring, furthermore highlighting the
    importance of proper aftercare and hygiene
    measures. Your tattoo will begin to fade over
    four to six weeks. The extent of the fading will
    be easier to see after a few weeks and is best
    noted when comparing your tattoo with
    pre-treatment photographs.

How many session will I need?
  • We recommend waiting 6-8 weeks between each
    laser tattoo removal session. Depending on the
    tattoo, it is sometimes possible to fade or
    remove the tattoo with fewer treatments if you
    are willing to wait 8-12 weeks between
    treatments, ensuring your body has enough
    opportunity to clear the fragments of ink from
    your previous session. It is best to view your
    laser tattoo removal process as an eventual
    project that can be worked on from time to time
    over the next year or so.

Our professional service
  • It is important to remember that there are
    safe, effective methods available to remove your
    tattoo/s, including multi-coloured pieces. There
    are a number of factors which may impact the
    treatment process and duration, such as the
    density of the tattoo, the age of the tattoo, the
    colours of the tattoo and the area you would like
    to be treated. We recommend the use of the
    MedLite C6 laser due to its high effectiveness
    rate and gentle pulses.
  • Whilst laser tattoo removal is considered to
    be quite non-invasive, mild discomfort is to be
    expected due to the nature of the treatment.

  • It is vital to follow correct aftercare
    procedures to allow your skin to heal with the
    best results possible. It is important to wait
    the recommended time of at least 6-8 weeks
    between laser sessions to gain the best outcome
    possible, keeping in mind that laser tattoo
    removal is a lengthy process.
  • Please feel free to get in touch with any
    further questions or queries you may have and we
    would love to assist you. At Ozmedica we provide
    affordable, safe and professional tattoo removal
    right here in Melbourne and our highly trained
    professional clinicians ensure the process is
    efficient and effective.

  • Our professional clinicians will conduct an
    initial consultation with you to assess the size,
    colour/s and density of the tattoo. A treatment
    plan will be tailored specifically to you
    providing you with information on the length and
    number of treatments required.
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