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What Is a Reflective Essay? Tips For Writing


Check our presentation, today we want to show you what is a reflective essay, also we prepared some tips for writing reflective essay. In case if you need more details about reflective essay, you can visit site – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Is a Reflective Essay? Tips For Writing

  • Many students wonder what is reflective essay.
    This type of essay is a paper in which you
    describe your life experience which has changed
    or developed you as a person you are today. It is
    about your memories and events which affected you

  • What have you learned? Have you grown since
    particular events? Developed or completely
    changed? In a reflective paper, you can start
    your sentences with Looking back and Now, I
    understand, etc. Here are some useful tips for
    writing this type of essay.

  • Before writing
  • Define the topic youre going to write about.
  • Brainstorm ideas and if you can, paint a diagram
    or a map to visualize all of them so youll see
    connections and links between your thoughts.
  • Feel free and know that you always have time to
    edit your piece of writing (for this, start
    writing in advance!).

  • The introduction
  • Many students are not sure how to introduce a
    reflective essay. Start with an engaging
    introduction. You need to hook your readers from
    the very beginning.

  • Say the most exciting part of your experience
    youre going to write about. Alternatively, begin
    with some anecdote, relevant quote, flashback, or
    surprising fact.

  • Then, define your thesis statement. It is a few
    short statements about what your essay is about
    and how the particular experience, event, person,
    or place has impacted on you and your life. Be
    concise and dont write too much.

  • Body Paragraphs
  • Make your narrative chronological. It shouldnt
    be only linear but if you jump from one event in
    the past to another which doesnt make sense,
    youll definitely confuse your readers. So, make
    paragraph order smooth and logical.

  • Dont forget the most important detail you
    should write about the influence of some
    experience or event and what youve learned from
    it. Show how it made you a person youre now.

  • Conclusions
  • It is the final touch which brings a closure to
    your written piece. It should include a short
    summary of your key points youve stated in the
    previous parts.

  • Additional tips
  • Read examples of reflective pieces in newspapers
    and magazines to get an inspiration and see what
    you should include in your paper. Use English
    essay help if you have any writing troubles.

  • If you find it hard to write an introduction,
    dont upset and leave it and come back later. The
    first draft is almost never the perfect one, so
    feel free and edit your paper as often as you
    need till it will look like perfection to you.

  • Write in the first person. The tone of your
    writing should be personal and reflective of your
    personality. Use reflective essay help, if you
    find writing too difficult.

  • Be careful with the vocabulary youre using.
    Dont be afraid to write lots of adjectives as a
    reflective essay is quite descriptive. However,
    dont use words such as nice, good, bad as
    they are so vague and cant express feelings. So,
    be specific which will make your piece more

  • Once youve described some experience or event,
    think and write about what youve learned from
    it, whether it was a successful experience, why
    it is so valuable for you, what is the difference
    between you as a person now and in the past
    before this experience.

  • Keep your essay brief and sweet. Find out the
    word limit and stick to academic requirements. If
    your piece is too long and wordy, there is no
    guarantee your teacher will read it to the very

  • Be wise and selective. A reflective essay
    includes your personal feelings and thoughts. If
    youre revealing some personal fact which makes
    you uncomfortable, it will be wiser not to
    include this information.

  • Make your grammar and spelling flawless. Avoid
    slang and abbreviation. You're writing about your
    personal stuff, but it is still an academic paper.

  • Remember that transition words such as as a
    result, in the first place, together with,
    on the contrary, nevertheless make your piece
    even more appealing and easy to understand.
  • Find even more information on the topic in this
    Google book.

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  • reflectiveessayhelp.com
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