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Sober Living Homes - Get a Sober Life


Sober Living Programs – The Right Level of Care Sober Living Home – The In-house Rules How to Find the Best Sober Living Homes – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sober Living Homes - Get a Sober Life

Sober Living Homes
  • Get a Sober Life
  • Sober Living Programs The Right Level of Care
  • Sober Living Home The In-house Rules
  • How to Find the Best Sober Living Homes

Sober Living Programs The Right Level of Care
  • Friendly care during recovery
  • There are different levels of care available for
    recovering addicts. The right one for you depends
    on your individual situation and needs. This
    depends on how much, how long and how often
    you have been drinking or drugging. In addition,
    other factors such as gender, age, mental status
    and health condition can also play a part in
    determining the type of care that you should
    have. As you look for the right sober living
    programs, you should choose amongst the friendly
    care programs available.
  • Professional Intervention
  • An Interventionist is a profession who determines
    the right level of care for addicts.
    Consultations can either be done on phone or over
    the internet. Whichever way it goes, the
    interventionist helps both the addict and his
    family cope with the stresses of recovery. Also,
    the interventionist has the necessary skills to
    help clients beat addiction. However, long term
    treatment requires a better plan that goes beyond
    the initial treatment program.
  • Detox through medication
  • Most sober living programs use drugs detox to
    help addicts beat addiction. Rehab centers have a
    professional doctor who specializes in
    addictionology. The doctor does all he can to
    improve the health and performance of addicts
    through the right medication and treatments.
    However, this kind of treatment is ideal for
    hardcore addicts who have had a drinking or drug
    abuse problem for a long period of time. However,
    Self detox is not advised as it has many side
    effects on patients.

Sober Living Programs The Right Level of Care
  • A holistic treatment
  • On the other hand, there is a holistic kind of
    treatment that treats individuals through the use
    of natural substances. Normally, natural
    substances such as vitamins, amino acids,
    minerals and B-12 injections are used in the
    process. Other natural treatment methods include
    acupuncture, energy healing and massage.
  • Drug detox
  • Drug detox targets hard drugs in the system. It
    takes a pharmacological approach to cleanse the
    system. On their part, Opium addicts are given a
    detox that consists of suboxone. On the other
    hand, heroine addicts have a harder time
    cleansing their systems. This is because they
    have to take much heavier doses of depade,
    suboxone and vivitrol.
  • Alcohol detox
  • Unlike other types of sober living programs,
    alcohol detox has a higher level of side effects
    including seizures and heart attacks.
    Unfortunately, those side effects can become
  • Residential treatment centers
  • Another approach to sober living programs are the
    normal rehab centers where addicts are taken in.
    the addicts have to live in the centers for
    extended periods of time where they receive
    treatments as needed. It is important to note
    that these centers have all the facilities and
    personnel to help addicts through the process of

Sober Living Home The In-house Rules
  • You have to abstain from all alcohol or drug
    substances while at the facility. This is very
    important as it is the primary reason why you are
    in the facility.
  • Be prepared to go for routine drug tests. During
    your stay at the facility, you will be required
    to go for routine tests at the facility. This is
    done to ensure that you are coping with the
    treatment. The patrons at the homes take these
    tests from time to time.
  • Attend community meetings. At sober living home,
    you will be required to attend routine community
    meetings. These meetings help members of the
    community to mingle and interact. In addition,
    such meetings can help in teaching youths about
    the effects of drugs and substance abuse.
  • Take your resident duties seriously. It is
    important for all members to take their resident
    duties seriously. There is a duty roster in every
    sober living home that assigns responsibilities
    to members. The duties include cleaning,
    teaching, organizing halls and keeping the lawn
    tidy. You should take all these duties seriously.
  • Integrate well with the community. Member so of
    the community is also expected to live well with
    the rest of the community. Sober living home
    consists of a big community and all members are
    expected to live in harmony.

How to Find the Best Sober Living Homes
  • The main goals
  • The main purpose of a sober living home is to
    remove a recovering addict from their former
    surroundings that could have prompted them to
    start abusing drugs. Sober living homes have
    systems and facilities to help recovering addicts
    ease back to normal living. In addition, they
    have safe surroundings that encourage addicts to
    regain their life skills again. Sober living
    homes also come with an enabling environment for
    recovering addicts to integrate with the
    community. And since you may need a lot of time
    to clear your mind and body of drugs, your stay
    at the home is unlimited. The professionals also
    set some goals for you to achieve and at the end,
    you become a whole new person.
  • The goals of the program
  • All people at sober living home are equal. This
    is because, the home does not discriminate
    against members based on their color, race, sex
    etc. all people in the home are there for one
    reason to recover from addiction and become
    productive members of the society. The patrons of
    these homes use well structured programs to
    better the future of their patients. They achieve
    this in various ways including
  • The sober home living programs recognize that
    each member has unique needs, aspirations,
    strengths and challenges. Therefore, they treat
    each individual differently till full recovery is

How to Find the Best Sober Living Homes
  • Bad influences and habits are highly discouraged.
  • Individuals are coached on how to plan their
    lives, set goals and develop careers.
  • Types of sober living homes
  • Different sober living homes have different types
    of managements. It is therefore important to
    evaluate different types of homes in order to
    identify the one that suits your needs best. The
    only common feature in these homes is the rules.
    All sober living homes have rules that need to be
    followed by all residents. In addition, the
    residents are also expected to find jobs or go
    back to school so that they can improve their
  • The benefits
  • Sober home living provides a transition between
    an onboard recovery facility and your home. In
    addition, the residents are taught how to harness
    their dreams and get the most out of them. The
    residents are encouraged to work hard so that
    they can achieve their dreams. The individuals
    are also encouraged to achieve all that they want
    through determination and hard work. The good
    thing is that, there are expert addiction
    counselors who help in streamlining the process
    for you. They offer quality advice on how to
    achieve your goals.

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