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The Differences Between Grocery Store Flowers and Ordering from a Flower Shop


Everyone wants fresh and quality flowers for their occasion, but before getting the flowers from any shop, one must know the difference between getting them from a grocery shop and a florist. To learn the difference, you can have a look at the attachment. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Differences Between Grocery Store Flowers and Ordering from a Flower Shop

The Differences Between Grocery Store Flowers and
Ordering from a Flower Shop
  • When in a time crunch, many people find
    themselves buying grocery store flowers. Although
    convenient, cheap and typically pretty, these
    flowers may not give you the most bang for your
    buck. In fact, youll probably find a better deal
    and even more convenience at a flower shop. Not
    to mention, quality and custom arrangements.
    However, there are even more differences between
    store-bought and flowers from a florist. Below
    are three of these differences.

Differences in Cost and Quality
  • Grocery store flowers are popular simply
    because theyre cost-effective and easily
    accessible. Flowers and floral arrangements from
    local florists are typically more expensive.

  • However, the local florist will have better
    quality flowers. The greater quality surely
    justifies the higher price. Besides, the flowers
    that you purchase will be professionally grown
    and maintained, which makes them even better.
    Grocery store flowers usually all have the same
    low quality. Keep in mind, however that florists
    have cost-effective options that are still high
    quality, such as seasonal flowers.

Different Types of Customer Service
  • Most grocery store employees arent
    knowledgeable about flower types. So, most likely
    they wont be able to make good recommendations
    or advise customers on the best flowers for
    specific occasions or personalities.

  • Buying flowers from the grocery store is
    usually a solo adventure where you choose flowers
    that are the most appealing to you, pay for them
    and leave. On the other hand, florists are floral
    experts, meaning theyre incredibly knowledgeable
    about flowers and floral arrangements. In a
    flower shop, youll most likely get help directly
    from the florist as well as recommendations for
    flowers that match your occasion or the
    personality of the person youre shopping for.
    This means buying flowers that are fresh, in
    season and perfect for your recipient and/or

Levels of Freshness
  • Its nearly impossible to find fresh flowers
    in the grocery store. In general, supermarket
    flowers lose their freshness quickly or remain
    for sale for weeks.

  • This means that if your timing isnt right,
    then you most likely wont find fresh flowers.
    Fresh flowers are also placed next to vegetables
    and fruits that produce ethylene, which makes
    flowers wilt faster. On the other hand, a florist
    in Edmonton will have fresh flowers. Besides
    that, you can rest assured that all the flowers
    on display are properly cared for and processed.

  • Florists also use professional-grade plant
    food to treat your freshly cut flowers. Theyll
    also keep flowers at the proper temperature so
    that they stay fresher longer.

  • Not to mention theyll have a greater
    selection of flowers and floral arrangements.
    However, if youre unsure of where to find a
    suitable local florist, just check out Canada
    Floral Delivery. From their website, you can
    order flowers or be connected to any of the
    flowers stores in Edmonton.
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