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Laser treatment offered by Prima Britannia


Prima Britannia offers various treatment in which its known for laser treatment – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Laser treatment offered by Prima Britannia

Prima Britannia Skin And Laser Clinic Laser
Prima Britannia is leading clinic in skin care
which offers various treatments in which it has
its expertise in Laser Treatment. Laser
Treatment Such As
Laser Hair Removal London
Getting rid of unwanted body hair is an
unfortunate fact of daily life for men and women
around the world. Its estimated that women spend
over 26 hours a year shaving their legs, while
men shave their faces over 20,000 times during
their lifetime.
At Prima Britannia, we use a medical
grade laser machine which allows us offering the
Best Laser hair removal service. This treatment
is fast, safe and best of all achieves
long-lasting hair reduction. To great pleasure,
this highly effective treatment leaves soft,
silky smooth skin, completely free from nicks,
bumps and ingrown hair. Its no wonder that, this
fantastic treatment is growing in popularity at
all times.
Prima Britannias Laser Hair Removal
treatment will help you to avoid a time-consuming
shaving, plucking and waxing and banishes
unwanted hair for good.
To achieve the very best outcome for your
treatment of laser hair removal, we recommend a
course of six sessions that will allow us to
target all unwanted hair in its various stages of
growth. Along with being the best laser hair
removal clinic across London, Prima Britannia
provides three other laser treatments namely
Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Thread Vein
Removal and LED Light Skin Rejuvenation
Therapy. If youd like to find out more about
our Laser Hair Removal Prices, contact us at
Prima Britannia Laser Clinic and arrange for a
free consultation to get details on which
treatment is right for you, or Book an
appointment today for a test patch.
Laser Thread Vein Removal Whilst some
people may enjoy getting their legs out for the
summer, other people tend to feel slightly
self-conscious. One of the reasons for this lack
of confidence could be thread veins. At our
clinic we are able to give you your confidence
back by thread vein removal, leaving your skin
clear and blemish free. Spider veins or thread
veins are an extremely common problem. They are
tiny red, blue or purple veins that appear just
beneath the skin that can get bigger with time.
Thread veins are commonly found on the legs or
facial area that appear for a number of reasons,
such as
  • After a minor injury,
  • Weak valves/insufficiency
  • Hormone changes (puberty, pregnancy, menopause)
  • Sun exposure
  • Standing for long period of time
  • Obesity
  • Unhealthy lifestyle

Luckily these veins can be easily removed using
our laser thread vein removal treatment. The
introduction of this treatment has been a
revolution in vein removal treatments. Before
this treatment was introduced, the only way to
remove these veins was through surgery, which
required anesthetic and hospitalization. Using
laser we are able to completely remove the vein,
quickly, easily and without leaving a scar. We
use Candela GentleMax Pro and Cynosure Elite
lasers, which are the most reputable and trusted
names on the market to do this. Please refer to
our Report to know more about Candela
GentleMax Another treatment that we provide at
our London clinic is the LED Light Skin
Rejuvenation Therapy which helps banish
blemishes and scars to maintain a clear
complexion. It is done with the help of an LED
(Light Emission Diode). The exposure to light
with the help of panels, making sure there is no
machine to skin contact makes this treatment safe
and effective.
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