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Best ways to come out of Depression


This Presantation was brought to you by Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre, located on the West side of Ottawa, is a group of psychotherapists and counsellors in Ottawa who offer expertise in a variety of mental health areas and believe in an integrated approach to counselling. For Further Information: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Best ways to come out of Depression

Best ways to Overcome Depression
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  • Depression typically involves sleep problems
    whether you're sleeping too little or too much,
    your mood suffers. Get on a better sleep schedule
    by learning healthy sleep habits.
  • Depression is something you can get rid of over
    time, Depression is a journey in which you learn
    more about yourself. It shows how strong you are,
    because depression is a war that each individual
    fights to win.
  • Depression is curable and is usually much easier
    than you think.

Best ways to overcome Depression
  • Avoid Processed Food
  • Processed food, fast food and commercial baked
    goods are linked to depression. The benefits of
    eating unprocessed food are twofold. First, it
    greatly increases your chances of getting the
    vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other
    nutrients your brain needs to function. And
    secondly, it eliminates additives known to
    contribute to depression like white sugar, MSG
    and artificial sweeteners.

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Best ways to overcome Depression
  • Eat Healthy Fats

Best ways to overcome Depression
  • Besides eating unprocessed food, the other
    dietary rule for depression is to eat plenty of
    healthy fats. Your brain is largely made of fat
    about 60 percent by dry weight.
  • Research has found that the more unhealthy trans
    fats you consume, the higher your risk of
    depression. The simple act of replacing vegetable
    oils that contain trans fats, like canola oil,
    with olive oil decreases risk of depression by
    almost 50 percent.
  • People with depression tend to have lower blood

Best ways to overcome Depression
  • Get Physical Exercise
  • Physical exercise is one of the best things you
    can do for elevating your mood. It increases
    circulation to deliver more oxygen, glucose, and
    nutrients to your brain while clearing out toxins
    and metabolic debris.
  • Exercise builds a healthier brain by increasing
    the levels of brain chemicals that promote new
    brain cell formation and new neural connections.
    It actually reorganizes the brain so that it
    responds better to stress.

Best ways to overcome Depression
Best ways to overcome Depression
  • Practice Meditation
  • If possible, exercise outdoors which is
    considerably more beneficial than indoor
    exercise. Outdoor exercise increases vitality,
    enthusiasm, pleasure, and self-esteem while
    lowering tension, depression, and fatigue even
    better than indoor exercise.
  • The evidence is overwhelming that regular
    meditation is one of the best ways to heal
    depression. Researchers from Johns Hopkins
    University sifted through over 18,000 meditation
    studies and concluded that meditation is
    beneficial for mental disorders of all kinds and
    one of its best uses is for depression.

Best ways to overcome Depression
  • Develop Gratitude
  • You dont have to wait until Thanksgiving to
    count your blessings. Incorporating a daily
    practice of gratitude can improve your health,
    relationships, self-esteem, and sleep. Research
    shows that it can also make you happier.
    Gratitude and depression seem to be inversely

Best ways to overcome Depression
  • Try Herbal Remedies For Depression

While adopting a healthy lifestyle is always
recommended, it wont always be enough to conquer
the black dog of depression. Herbal remedies can
help. You might be surprised to learn that herbal
remedies have been used medicinally to treat
depression in every traditional culture.
Best ways to overcome Depression
  • Use Homeopathic Remedies
  • Homeopathy is a controversial healing practice.
    The medical community largely believes homeopathy
    is quackery and that, if it works at all, its
    due to the placebo effect.

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