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Expand Your Truth from the Top-Dog Mind Control


The controls of the mind is most important lessons they need to know and should be one of the most fun and easiest for you to teach. Important tips to bring newness in your dogs day to day life and variety of games and add-on mental challenges. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Expand Your Truth from the Top-Dog Mind Control

Expand Your Truth from the Top-Dog Mind Control
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Doing the same old things, same like us, dogs too
usually get bored. Playing with the things day in
and day out make them feel uninterested with
those things and get easily bored. Sometimes this
can even lead to behavioral problems in dogs. To
stimulate their mental ability, you can add up a
variety of games and add-on mental challenges.
Throwing some mind games will help their mind to
be in tip-top shape. Along with physical
exercise, mental exercise is also crucial for the
overall fitness of your furry pal. Get along
with these tips to bring newness in your dogs
day to day life, keeping that boredom at bay.
Get Some Toys for Your Pet
  • You would be bored playing with the same old toy.
  • And, the same thing is applicable for animals.
  • Who would love to go around with the same thing
    and your doggy easily get uninterested.
  • Get your furry pal some interesting new toy to
    play with when he doesnt play with the old toy
    or neglect it.
  • You can even rotate a collection few toys every
    week to add stimulation to your dog.

Arrange A Meeting To Engage with New Humans And
Your dog will get to introduce to new sights when
he is introduced to new human or another dog.
Moreover, they get even exposed to new scents and
sounds. For this, dog parks are the great place
for pups to make new companions. Or you can take
your dog to a new dog-friendly restaurant or a
new dog park/playground in your location.
Manage to Re-Discover the Daily Errands
Wont it be boring for you and your dog to run on
the same errands every day. Taking your dog to a
new place will stimulate the brain very
efficiently. Even if it just going around another
block of houses, or a short shop at your friends
house, a trip to Walmart, or a car wash  it will
make your furry pal really happy to experience
new things.
Engage Them In Interactive Toys And Games
Dogs game world is filled with lot of wonderful
things. Whether you agree or not, board games and
puzzles are also available for dogs that can
sharpen your pups mental skills. Games
like Dog Dominos or Dog Memory greatly helps
improves mind health. Numerous toys like Kong
chewy ball allow to hide treats in them and keep
your dogs mind occupied and challenge their
mental ability.
Teach Your Dog a New Trick
Give your dog a new challenge to stimulate their
brain cells. When you are teaching a new thing,
he will be exposed to new mental challenge. Just
teaching a few tricks is not enough. There is
always a new trick to learn. If your dog has
already learned basic things, give them more
challenging task such as treasure hunt or chasing
a stick. You can even try for agility training.
Give Him a Job to Accomplish
  • Dogs feel good and love to do job given to them.
    The ancestors of dogs used to hunt and stayed in
  • Playing games like throw and fetch or Frisbee
    will keep them engaged. Flyball or Agility are
    also great for challenging your dogs mind. Going
    for swims, an outing, trekking are also great
    mind enhancers.

Next time you notice your dog seems bored or
uninterested in the toys, get a look at this blog
to get tips and get him out of the rut. At the
end of the day, a tired, mentally challenged dog
is happier and a loving companion.
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