Natural Cure for Leucorrhoea to Prevent Vaginal Discharge Problem - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Natural Cure for Leucorrhoea to Prevent Vaginal Discharge Problem


This power point presentation describes about natural cure for leucorrhoea to prevent vaginal discharge problem – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Natural Cure for Leucorrhoea to Prevent Vaginal Discharge Problem

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Inflammation, burning and itching along with
discharge from the female reproductive organ can
happen due to changes in pH and overgrowth of
bacteria, or changes in the estrogen flow due to
intake of estrogen pills.
Fungal infection Candidal vaginitis and presence
of Trichomonal vaginitis are some severe
conditions, and other causes for such discharge
include pelvic inflammatory disease and herpes.
Non-infectious discharge happens in about 30
percent of the cases, mainly, due to exposure to
chemicals and creams.
One should keep the organ clean and should not
unnecessarily use chemicals or hygiene sprays to
prevent vaginal discharge problem. Women
suffering from low estrogen condition may suffer
from unwanted discharge and thinning of walls of
the organ. These symptoms are also observed in
women who undergo chemotherapy and get pelvic
The discharge varies from one woman to other and
is mostly non specific in symptoms. Herbs provide
bio components to nourish the organ without
causing irritation and are best suitable for such
For example - Symplocos Racemosa belongs to the
family of plants which have properties to cure
female fissures. It can be taken orally for ear
diseases, skin diseases, eye diseases, bowel
complaints, liver, uterine disorders and for
various female disorders as it is anti androgenic
in nature and can heal internal ulcer, wounds,
cysts and has anti diabetic impact.
Symplocos Racemosa is a key component of Gynex
capsules and it is widely used to prevent vaginal
discharge problem e.g. leucorrhea. Its bio
components such as Symplocoside (glycoside),
Betulinic acid, Acetyloleanolic acid
(triterpenoids), and Quercetin (flavonoids)
provide natural cure for leucorrhoea and have
healing effects on the female organs.
Lodhara or Symplocos racemosa is the herb used to
make tissues firm. It can be taken for a wide
range of ailments including urinary discharge,
burnings sensation during discharge and various
types of bowel complaints. It works as uterine
relaxant which enhances laxity of the female
reproductive organs and promotes muscle
It has been used traditionally for enhancing
strength of tissues of the reproductive organs -
endometrium and eliminating infectious or scars
of muscular tissues in the organ. It offers
natural cure for leucorrhoea and can be used to
cure PCOS.
Mesua ferrea, also known was cobra saffron, helps
in improving immunity and reducing pain and
inflammation to prevent vaginal discharge
problem. Its oil is taken for various skin
disorders, bleeding diseases and itching skin
conditions. It contains more than 50 percent of
oleic acid (which is used to decrease LDL
cholesterol and can reduce blood pressure)
Mesua ferrea is helpful for women undergoing
menopause (women in menopause phase mostly suffer
from high blood pressure problem and mood
changes). Individually oleic acid is not helpful
rather in natural form it is beneficial. For
example - taking oleate can increases breast
cancer risks but in olive oil it reduces the risk
of breast cancer.
Ashwagandha in the natural cure for leucorrhoea
Gynex capsules, works as endocrine supporter for
women undergoing such infections during the phase
of low estrogen flow e.g. menopause, intake of
drugs or radiations. It is widely useful in
curing the fibroid tumors in the uterus and study
shows it was helpful in reducing uterine bleeding
tendencies caused by fibroid.
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