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Some FAQ’s On Bankruptcy Before You Hire Camden County Bankruptcy Attorney


There are many questions that come to your mind when you deal with the bankruptcy case and you have no idea where to seek information from, here is the place where you can get an amazing idea about what to do in this process and why to hire Camden County bankruptcy attorney. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Some FAQ’s On Bankruptcy Before You Hire Camden County Bankruptcy Attorney

Some FAQs On Bankruptcy Before You Hire Camden
County Bankruptcy Attorney
Every individual's financial needs and
circumstances are different and unique people
usually fall into the trap by comparing their
bankruptcy case with the other which is just
wrong. Always it is better to seek some help
from professional Camden County bankruptcy
attorney and also here is some valuable answers
to the very important frequently asked Questions
that you must read.
The people facing bankruptcy are very frustrated
and tensed with their current situation, they
dont know where to start, what steps should be
taken and what is good for them. With this
confusion, they are not able to select the
perfect option for them and they end up making
the situation more complicated without doing
anything or with doing things that are wrong.
There are many questions in your mind when you
face this situation, it is always necessary to
seek a solution from some experts so that you are
assuring about the outcomes. These questions are
directly related to bankruptcy and must be clear
before you make any choice of hiring Camden
County bankruptcy attorney. Below is some list of
very important frequently asked Questions with a
suitable answer, that will definitely solve most
of your doubts and if you still have any queries,
you should approach a professional advisor for
Who Can File For Bankruptcy?
Under the US Bankruptcy Code, any individual can
file for the bankruptcy, there are different
exceptions as well that you must know and every
case is different and specific so there may be
specific chapter for your specific type of case,
it is always important to speak up with Camden
County bankruptcy attorney who can guide you well
with your type of case.
Does My Spouse Have To File For Me?
No, it is not a compulsion to file the case with
your spouse if you and spouse both think to file
the case separately you can definitely do it. But
the thing you must know is there are some
situations in Bankruptcy in which if you and your
spouse plan for a joint filing it will give you
much better results than filing individually or
differently. You have a word with your
professionals related to this problem according
to your case.
Will Banks Give Me Credit Ever Again?
Firstly, this is not at all a question, you can
definitely gain credits from the bank, and you
just need to take certain good steps and process
to rebuild or re-plan about your credit ratings.
There are banks which provide secured credit
cards and it can be held with very low or minimum
limits which can be great options for people like
you. If you use this instrument really safely and
pay the amount consistently, with this you will
regain the trust and respect and you can rebuild
your credits safely.
Can I Transfer The Assets Out Of My Name To Some
Other Person's Name Before Or During The Filing
Of Bankruptcy Eligible?
Not at all, making this decision can be harmful
and it can impact you really bad with the
Bankruptcy case, even the professional Camden
County bankruptcy attorney you hire will warn you
to not make such steps. These are totally going
to turn bad for you because if you ever make your
assets transfer to some other person during the
case it can be considered as a fraudulent
Can We Select Who To List In A Bankruptcy Case?
NO! People just fall under such myths which are
not at all true, if you think this is possible it
is completely not. You need to list down all the
assets and liabilities in any chapter of your
bankruptcy, Once your case is over or concluded
you can plan on voluntarily making repayments to
anyone of your choice but you have a need to list
down all your creditors before only and not to
hire anyone of them.
Is It Too Late To File Bankruptcy If IM Sued Or
Have A Judgment On Me?
No, its never too late, anytime if you ever feel
the need to file the case on bankruptcy and to
hire Camden County bankruptcy attorney you can
definitely go on with it. You still have some
chances to get rid of your debts even if the
creditors have filed any lawsuit against you, you
can also get rid of your debts if anyone has
filed or have a lien against the property of
yours. You just need to hire a very experienced
person who will take care of your problem really
What Debts Are Not Covered In Bankruptcy?
  • There are many things that are not as part of
    your debts even if you are bankrupt
  • Child or Spousal Support monitory payments
  • DUI Judgments
  • Criminal Conviction fines and penalties
  • Any Intentionally Wrong Actions or Debt from
  • Less Than 3 Years Old Back Taxes
  • Student Loans

Can You Be Fired From Your Job Because Of A
No, you cannot be fired from your job, there are
many reasons where your employer can fire you for
their own purposes, but bankruptcy cannot be the
purpose or excuse for them to fire you from the
job. This is not possible.
Will I Lose My Car And Home?
Not really, bankruptcy can be a reason to save
your home from any foreclosures. It can act as a
protection from foreclosures. There are certain
limitations and specification where you can get
your home and car as well.
Can Bankruptcy Stop Creditor Harassment?
If you file for bankruptcy no creditors can
harass you, there will be government order where
these creditors will not contact you even through
phones or meetings, you will have a safe life
after you file for bankruptcy and gain advice
from Camden County bankruptcy attorney. You can
stop all this and there will be a balance in your
life where you can make better decisions for
yourself and make a safe process with your case
with the guidance of your attorney.
These are the reason why filing for bankruptcy
and hiring a Camden County bankruptcy attorney
can make your life better and stress-free as they
will be responsible for handling many of your
cases and process. If you ever need expert
opinions you can plan for attorneys at The Law
Office of Howard and Sobel, they have attorneys
in this filed from 35 years and they all are
capable of performing the bankruptcy case with
expert and proper guidance. They will help you in
making a better decision.
Contact The Offices of Howard N. Sobel
  • 507 Kresson Road, P.O. Box 1525Voorhees, New
    Jersey 08043856-424-6400
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