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Advantage and Disadvantages of SAP ERP System


A fully operational SAP ERP Integration offers a significant competitive edge enabling businesses to optimize production and streamline operations. The concept itself is quite impressive, especially with regard to the advantage it offers from a competitive standpoint. For instance, the dynamic economic landscape necessitates the manufacturing and delivery domains to involve multiple administrative and operational functions. SAP ERP Integration is indispensable in this context, as it guarantees optimization of these functions. To know more click here – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Advantage and Disadvantages of SAP ERP System

of SAP ERP System
What are the Advantages of SAP ERP Integration?
  • SAP ERP Integration establishes transparency
    across multiple functional and cross-functional
  • SAP ERP integration is known for facilitating the
    exchange of information between disparate
    software that a company employs, including those
    outside the internal computing systems.
  • The SAP ERP software simplifies the process of
    data collection process, thereby eradicating the
    possibilities of redundancies associated with
    each application.

How does SAP ERP integration help users?
  • With a single point of data access, SAP ERP
    integration reduces the time taken for a data
    search simultaneously updating the data received.
  • A SAP ERP interface also facilitates active
    cooperation between individuals and departments.
  • SAP ERP integration systematizes operations that
    involve data and functions associated with
    multiple software applications.

Is the SAP ERP Integration Process User-friendly?
  • SAP ERP Integration lowers IT complexity by
    consolidating data and operations of multiple
    applications into one user-friendly interface.
  • SAP ERP Integration boosts agility by enabling
    companies to adapt to market fluctuations,
    address reputation management concerns, and
    supply chain issues and so on, from a single
  • SAP ERP Integration relieves businesses of the
    burden of maintaining their SaaS, thereby helping
    employees to concentrate more on commercial
    growth and action items that in return fetches a
    significant ROI.

What are the Disadvantages of a SAP ERP
  • There are some major drawbacks of the SAP ERP
    Integration process.
  • First of all, SAP ERP Integration involves
    complex processes and enterprises encounter
    challenges in implementing them and getting
    accustomed with the same
  • SAP ERP Integration also necessitates an
    organization to have employees possessing the
    capability of addressing glitches associated with
    the process.

What are the Common Applications Targeted for SAP
ERP Integration?
  • Common integration methods that integrators tend
    to include are as follows
  • Supply chain management (SCM)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Human resources management (HRM)
  • Internal and marketing communications
  • SAP ERP integration is no longer a complicated
  • However, it should be implemented by those who
    have adequate exposure to the process.