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Workout Diet - What to Eat Before & After A Workout | 98Fit


The workout diet that you eat should be light enough so you do not end up feeling queasy while you pump those muscles. At the same time, the food should be wholesome enough to fuel your body. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Workout Diet - What to Eat Before & After A Workout | 98Fit

Workout diet - What to eat before after a
workout 98Fit
  • Plan a workout diet to stay fueled for your
    exercise goals
  • Whether it is a workout plan for beginners or an
    expert workout plan, what you eat before and
    after it is very important to decide its success.
    Before you workout, a well-charted intake of
    carbs will improve your performance and keep you
    going till you are done. Carbs are your source of
    energy and the more complex carbs you eat before
    you workout, the higher is the release of energy.

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  • Pre workout diet
  • Here are some simple meals that we at 98Fit find
    easy to prepare as part of your workout diet
    before you hit the gym
  • 1. Trail mix with Greek yoghurt
  • If you are preparing for a high intensity cardio
    workout, this is the best option for you.
    Choosing a trail mix that has a base of dry
    fruits and nuts can pack you with tons of energy.
    The sugar in these nuts and fruits are extremely
    healthy and give you a quick boost of energy.
    Yoghurt makes this simple meal easier on your

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  • 2. Smoothies
  • If you want a quick pre-workout meal on the go,
    choose smoothies that have a blend of fruit and
    yoghurt. To add better consistency and to keep
    you full, adding some granola can really make a
    big difference. You can also buy readymade
    smoothies but make sure that they are milk or
    whey based.

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  • 3. Oatmeal and fruits
  • Everyone following any expert workout plan
    regularly will vouch for oatmeal. Oatmeal
    releases sugar into your bloodstream at a slow
    pace which means that you are fuelled throughout
    your workout. Fruits give you a rush of minerals
    and will also add to the fluid content in your
    pre-workout meal to keep you good and hydrated.

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  • 4. Almond butter with apple wedges
  • This is the easiest, no-fuss inclusion in every
    workout diet plan that you can prepare before you
    head out to the gym. Apple leads you up with
    sugar, antioxidants and minerals. Adding almond
    butter will leave you fuller while you enjoy your
    work out.

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  • 5. Whole wheat toast topped with banana and
  • Whole wheat is the best form of complex carbs and
    they will keep you going while banana gives you
    that extra dose of energy that you need. Bananas
    are a great part of every expert workout plan as
    they are high in potassium and will prevent the
    loss of potassium as you sweat. Cinnamon is known
    to stabilize your blood sugar and also keeps you
    mentally active as you workout.

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  • Post workout diet
  • Keeping your body fueled is extremely important
    but it is even more necessary to ensure quick
    recovery after a workout. Our body does
    experience some wear and tear as you pump those
  • To help these muscles recover, you need to stock
    up on the bodys building blocks, namely
    proteins. Lean meat or a good protein shake is
    your best option as they release proteins quickly
    for a speedy recovery. Here are a few meal
    options for post-workout recovery.
  • 1. Grilled chicken breast and mixed veggies
  • Chicken breast has a lot of lean proteins that
    will help you recover after a good workout. The
    veggies give you a rush of minerals that you
    need. Add some olive oil to make a wholesome, yet
    light post workout mean.

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  • 2. Hummus, Spinach and tuna sandwich with whole
    wheat bread
  • If you want a good lunchtime post-workout meal,
    this combination of carbs and protein is ideal.
    Tuna, as you know, is rich in protein and has a
    very low calorie count. Spinach can work wonders
    by reducing inflammation and blood pressure that
    surge after a workout. Whole wheat and hummus
    balance the meal with a dose of fiber.

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  • 3. Sweet potato and grilled salmon
  • This is a great meal as it not only gives you
    proteins but also helps regulate your insulin
    level, manage inflammation and restore glycogen
    levels with the unique combo of sweet potato and

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  • 4. Chocolate milk
  • This is one of the latest crazes among body
    builders. One glass gives you a good balance of
    carbs and proteins and can help restore the fluid
    level in your body.

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  • 5. Vegetable omelet and avocado
  • Muscle recovery and growth is aided with the rich
    proteins provided by eggs. In addition to that,
    this meal is loaded with fiber, minerals and
    vitamins as well.

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  • For your workout to be effective, fuelling your
    body well and making sure that you also recover
    properly is essential. The simple formula is to
    load up on carbs and fluids before working out
    and on proteins and fluids after a good workout.
  • So if you are looking for workout plans for
    beginners or experts get in touch with us at
    98Fit and we will be happy to assist.

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