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How to Type Faster: Typing Tips and Instructions


Check this presentation and find out how to type faster using typing tips and instructions, for more details you can visit site – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Updated: 9 October 2017
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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How to Type Faster: Typing Tips and Instructions

How to Type Faster Typing Tips and Instructions
  • We are all aware that speed of typing really
    matters. Whether you need it for your study or
    work, typing slowly takes your precious time as
    well as efforts. Want to be a master of the
    keyboard? Then, read the following tips how to
    type a document as fast as possible.

  • Sit right
  • Your posture is crucial here if youre hunching,
    your back and shoulders will ache soon. Its bad
    for your muscles and negatively influences your
    energy and accuracy as well. Youll be focused on
    your body and how it hurts rather than on typing.

  • On the other hand, straight posture means your
    fingers are in right positions so they can rest.
    Remember to keep your feet squarely on the floor
    and your wrists right on the level with the
    keywords. No way will you get an injury or ache.
    As a result, being relaxed, you will type faster
    and effortlessly.

  • Sit only in a comfortable chair which is good
    enough for your body and at the table or desk
    that allows your forearms feel rested. Also, get
    a high-quality keyboard. All letter keys should
    be easy to press so you can concentrate on typing
    rather than how sticky your keys are.

  • Look at the screen
  • A lot of people are looking at the symbols
    instead of the computer screen when theyre
    typing which is one of the biggest mistakes.
    However, your typing will be much faster without
    looking down on the keys.

  • One of the helpful techniques is to name the keys
    when you push them. Later, you wont need it at
    all as your fingers will remember where a
    particular symbol is.

  • Another option is to cover your keyboard with a
    piece of paper when youre typing. You wont have
    a chance to cheat but rely only on your memory.

  • Let your fingers rest
  • Your fingers must be in close positions to the
    keys so you can press them without additional
    movements. In such a way, there will be less
    stress for your fingers and more energy for
    typing faster.

  • Remember that ring fingers and little fingers are
    quite underdeveloped so always keep them in the
    right positions. If you have no time to learn
    fast typing, you can always use the best typing

  • Take breaks and rest a bit
  • If youre committing too many errors and easily
    getting distracted, its about time you rested.
    It will be much more productive if youre typing
    refreshed and rested.

  • Practice, practice, practice
  • You need to practice a lot to be confident around
    the keyboard. Spend 30 minutes every day and
    type, type and type. Yes, at the very beginning
    youre going to make a lot of mistakes. But it is
    only a matter of time. Continue practicing and
    never give up.

  • Use both hands and absolutely all fingers when
    typing instead of using only the most comfortable
    ones. It is essential if you want to become a
    professional typist.

  • Take typing lessons and tests
  • There are so many typing classes, online
    tutorials, typing sample, and tests which can
    help you to improve your typing speed
    significantly. Choose what fits you the most.

  • Dont be afraid of mistakes
  • Think positively and consider all errors youre
    making while typing not as a failure but as a
    motivation to improve your typing skills.

  • People with a positive attitude are always fast
    learners. Remember that your mindset is crucial
    here it defines how fast you study and what
    amount of information you can keep in mind.

  • Do a lot of repetitions
  • To type faster, you need to develop your muscle
    memory and give your fingers some time to adapt.
    The greatest way to do so is through repetition.

  • Type the same piece of text over and over again.
    In such a way, finger movements will be fixed in
    your muscle memory. As an alternative, use
    professional help with typing.

  • If youre ready to take a challenge, buy Das
    Keyboard Ultimate. This kind of keyboard has
    blank keys so there is no way youll be cheating.
    Find even more information on the topic in this
    Google book.

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