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Tips and Tricks on Writing a Professional Bio


Check this presentation, you will find a lot of useful tips and tricks on writing a professional bio, if you need to get more details visit site. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tips and Tricks on Writing a Professional Bio

Tips and tricks on writing a professional bio
  • A professional bio is a less formal and a bit
    longer version of your resume. Its a chance for
    you to highlight some exciting facts about
    yourself as a professional and add a bit of your

  • The purpose of a short professional bio is to
    tell who you actually are, in what field youre
    the expert, what experience and professional
    skills make you special. All these can help to
    build trust in you as well as in your company or
    brand. Here are some tips on writing different

Artist Biography
  • Include in your artist bio
  • Your education background in the art field
  • What or who has influenced your artwork
  • The most important experiences in this area
  • A few words about your artistic philosophy
  • Unique technique youve been using to creating
    your work.

  • Writing an artist bio rules
  • Keep your bio to the right length
  • Write in the third person
  • Make your bio as interesting as possible
  • Keep your tone professional and concise, but
    dont be too detached and unemotional

  • Proofread your bio there is nothing worse than a
    written piece full of typos and grammar errors
  • Use a plain language like in graphic designers
    bio highly advanced vocabulary can push your
    readers away

  • Dont exaggerate if you say about yourself as
    the greatest in the art field, incredible, or
    genius, it is just showing off. Let your
    readers come to this conclusion by themselves.
  • Tell about your achievements include in your bio
    awards, important exhibitions, collaborations
    with other artists, etc.
  • Keep it short dont include in your bio too many
    details. Dont let your readers lose their

Photographer biography
  • Have a fun it is not a web developer bio, so
    show the reader how creative you are. Only with a
    positive attitude youll make an attractive and
    extraordinary bio.
  • Include a photo to a bio it will be great if you
    put a face to your written piece.
  • Dont try to look pompous get rid of any over
    the top phrases and redundant words. A bio is not
    a place for showing off, but an opportunity to
    tell your fans who you really are.

  • Feel free dont copy someone elses work but
    break rules and compose a bio with your own
    style. Be yourself, grammatically accurate and
  • Watch your language if you consider yourself as
    a bad writer, think about using a bio writer
    service. Youre not going to impress your readers
    with poor grammar or word misuse.

DJ biography
  • Concentrate on what makes you special how long
    youve been playing, when you first discovered
    your music, what is your major audience, how your
    music differs from the rest of the pack.

  • Compose a short and long version professional
    biography writers usually write their short bios
    for Facebook, Twitter and other social media
    accounts, and long version for their website,
    promoters and label owners. Do the same!

  • Exciting details include in your bio interesting
    events youve thrown, music festivals you played
    in, details on releases and record labels, how
    many copies you sold, in what radio or TV shows
    you took part, on what project youve been
    working recently.

Executive bio
  • Start with your talents and strengths show the
    reader how competent, successful and experienced
    you are.
  • Support your achievements include dollars,
    numbers, and percentages to back up your major
  • Background information include in your bio
    university degree youve got, language skills,
    memberships in your community, etc.

  • Eliminate unnecessary details dates, hard to get
    statistics and reports will bore the audience for
    sure. Readers want a brief and appealing
    narrative without too lengthy paragraphs and
    complex sentences. If you have difficulties, use
    professional bio writing services.
  • Make it a story an executive bio, as well as a
    project manager bio, shouldnt look like a
    resume. Tell in an engaging manner what youve
    contributed to the company you worked for.

Realtor bio
  • Highlight your professional experience show your
    readers that youre an expert when it comes to
    real estate. Tell about your education, training,
    skills, experience, and major achievements.
    However, dont go overboard be honest with

  • Add something about your personality information
    about your extracurricular activities and hobbies
    help your readers to see you as a person rather
    than a realtor.
  • Realtors bios are not advertisements show how
    qualified you are but dont turn it into some
    sort of ad as it will definitely push your
    readers and potential clients away.

  • Make it 100 error-free you can totally turn
    your clients away with a bio full of silly
    mistakes so take a break and revise your written
    piece with fresh eyes. Also, ask a trusted friend
    or colleague to read it and give you feedbacks.
  • End it correctly finish a bio with your contact
    information so potential clients will find out
    how to access you.

Police officer biography
  • Avoid jargon and acronyms words and phrases
    which only the police understand should be
    eliminated. However, if law enforcement
    specialists are going to read your written piece,
    then you can use some terms and complex
    vocabulary. Think about your readers and how easy
    it will be for them to understand your bio.
  • Check this Google book if you need more
    information on the topic.

  • Tell about your credential include in your bio
    education background, experience, skills and
    everything else that present you as a
  • Let the reader know you better one of the
    purposes of police officer bio is to build trust
    and present your competence. So, dont be shy and
    include awards youve got, memberships in
    professional organizations, etc. Show the reader
    who you are as a person besides a gun and a

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