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7 Proven Ways To Lose Weight Fast


7 Proven Ways To Lose Weight Fast No One Is Telling You About – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 7 Proven Ways To Lose Weight Fast

7 Proven Ways To Lose Weight Fast
So you need to lose weightfast?! Wouldnt it be
great if life came with a magic remote control
that made the bad parts speed up and the good
parts slow down? You could hit FF at
the beginning of every workday, and RWD at the
end of awesome date. All the vacations, holidays
and parties could move at the pace of a Kenny G
song, and all the endless conference calls could
spin by faster than Nicki Minajs
hairstyles. And right up there on the FF
listweight loss. Sure, slow and steady may win
the race, but who wants to plod along like a
tortoise, especially when a warm weather getaway
is right around the corner?
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1.Pregame for meals with water Drinking water
throughout the day and during your meals
promotes proper digestion so you don't get backed
up and bloated. But some research suggests
downing two glasses of water glasses before
meals can make you feel fuller when you take
that first forkful, leading you to eat less
2. Eat a Healthy Breakfast Every Morning Eating
breakfast revs up your metabolism. If you skip
breakfast youre likely to eat more calories by
binging later in the day. In a study of people
who lost weight and kept it off for more than
five years, one major thing they all did was eat
breakfast. But Pop-tarts, donuts and Hot Pockets
dont cut it. Cooked oatmeal, whole grain
cereals, whole grain breads, eggs and tofu with
a salad are all healthy choices.
3. Stop counting calories and eat foods that
nourish your body A meal of fat-free,
sugar-free, refined processed foods is also
nutrient-free. Plus, it wont satisfy you for
long compared to a meal of nutrient-dense whole
foods like vegetables, lean meats, whole grains,
and healthy fat. As you begin eating more
nutritious foods and get a little more physical
activity (if you arent physically active now),
your body will come to its natural healthy
A Foolproof, Science-Based System that's
Guaranteed to Melt Away 20 Pounds in Just 14
Days... No Matter How Hard Youve Tried Before!
4. Don't make dinner your heaviest
meal Research suggests that people who eat
their largest meals later in the day lose less
weight than people who eat their heaviest meals
early on, mostly because the body digests food
differently at different times and more slowly
at night, according to Luciani.
5. Always have some veggies and fruit washed and
cut in your fridge This way theyre easy to
grab when youre hungry (instead of reaching for
that giant-size bag of potato chips) and you can
throw them in your bag when youre on the go.
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Veggies You Must Never Eat Them...
6. Avoid sugar-free gum, bubbly drinks, beans,
and other salty, gassy foods Stick with
water, fresh fruits and vegetables, unsalted
nuts, and lean protein, and you'll feel
energized without residual bloating, Grainger
7. Enjoy less healthy foods now and then, in
small portions, unless theres a medical reason
not to do so Not letting yourself eat something
you love may make you feel deprived and
frustrated and subvert your efforts to eat well.
A Foolproof, Science-Based System that's
Guaranteed to Melt Away 20 Pounds in Just 14
Days... No Matter How Hard Youve Tried Before!
Get all up in those weights Lifting your body
weight, alone, can give you a killer workout
(You could sweat just from watching the workout
above!), but strength-training with weights can
help you build lean muscle that your body burns
calories to maintain even
when you're sitting on your butt, according to
Rosante, who promises that lifting light weights
will not bulk you up. Try these 15 ways to get a
full-body workout with dumbbells, and use these
household items that work just as well as weights
if you don't have access to equipment NBD.
Keep tempting foods out of the house Stock your
fridge and pantry with healthy foods and youre
creating an environment that will help make you
successful. Enjoy treats occasionally when
youre out.
Thanks you for Reading!
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