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Endometriosis Hysteroscopy 16 sep 17


Women having difficulty in continuing their pregnancy can be benefited through this procedure. We provide both diagnostic and operative Hysteroscopy. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Endometriosis Hysteroscopy 16 sep 17

Endometriosis Hysteroscopy
  • endometriosis hysteroscopy
  • A hysteroscopy is a procedure where the inside of
    the uterus is examined through a thin telescope
    that is inserted through the cervix without the
    need for any surgical cuts to be made. The
    procedure may be performed in a clinic setting
    with mild discomfort and no general anaesthetic
    or it may be performed as a day procedure in a
    hospital under a local or general anaesthetic.
    The choice of where and how it is done will
    depend on equipment availability and the skillset
    of the doctors looking after you.
  • Studies have shown that outpatient procedures
    are highly acceptable to women, since they do not
    need to have an aneasthetic and the discomfort is
    minimal with a rapid return to normal activities.
    If the procedure is performed in conjunction
    with a laparoscopy for endometriosis however,
    this would be done at the same time under a
    general anaesthetic.

  • Hysteroscopy may be used to both diagnose and
    treat specific conditions of the uterine cavity.
    Common problems that can be treated by
    hysteroscopy include
  • diagnosing and treating abnormal uterine bleeding
  • investigation of infertility
  • the treatment of scar tissue in the uterus
    (Asherman syndrome)
  • removal of fibroids or polyps
  • endometrial ablation (a treatment where the
    uterine lining is removed due to heavy periods)
  • treatment of uterine abnormalities
  • For women having a procedure for endometriosis,
    it is not necessary to have a hysteroscopy as
    part of a treatment, although frequently there
    may be one of the above additional reasons to
    have a hysteroscopy. Scientific studies have
    previously investigated using a hysteroscopy and
    taking a biopsy of the endometrium to make a
    diagnosis of endometriosis, although this is not
    currently a method of diagnosing endometriosis
    and is not recommended for this purpose.

  • Prior to your hysteroscopy, you will be given
    specific instructions on any dietary requirements
    and this will depend on whether you are having an
    outpatient procedure, a general anaesthetic for
    the hysteroscopy alone or if you are having a
    laparoscopy for endometriosis in conjunction with
    your hysteroscopy. 
  • Depending on where you are having your
    hysteroscopy will determine the pre-procedural
    process including the need for an IV line (drip),
    anaesthetics and monitoring equipment.  For the
    procedure itself, hysteroscopy requires access to
    the vagina, cervix and uterus and you will have
    your legs placed in stirrups and drapes are
    placed over the lower part of your body. The
    cervix is then located either with the
    hysteroscope directly or using a speculum and
    held using a special holding clamp.

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