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Magic Mushrooms Illness and Anxiety


Many people struggle with illness and anxiety. These struggles limit their activities and the enjoyment they get out of life. However, psychedelics like magic mushrooms have been studies and their potential in treating mental illness and anxiety seem promising. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Magic Mushrooms Illness and Anxiety

Magic Mushrooms Illness and Anxiety
Many people struggle with illness and anxiety.
These struggles limit their activities and the
enjoyment they get out of life. However,
psychedelics like magic mushrooms have been
studies and their potential in treating mental
illness and anxiety seem promising.
Mental Illness
  • The term mental illness covers a wide range of
    mental health conditions. Basically, these are
    disorders that have a significant effect on your
    mood, thinking, and behavior. Some of the most
    common examples of mental illness are depression,
    anxiety, addiction, and eating disorders.
  • Although most people have mental health concerns
    from time to time, these turn into mental illness
    when persistent signs and symptoms cause frequent
    stress and disable you from functioning normally.
    Mental illness causes misery in facets of ones
    daily life such as school, work, and/or

  • Signs and symptoms can vary depending on the
    exact disorder. Some examples include feeling
    down, confusion, excessive fear, difficulty to
    concentrate, extreme mood changes, distancing
    from friends and activities, lack of energy,
    delusions, inability to cope with stress, changes
    in sex drive, hostility, and even suicidal
  • In some instances, mental illness can present
    physical problems too such as headache,
    stomachache, and other unexplained body pains.
    Generally, mental illnesses are caused by a mix
    of genetic and environmental factors. Some mental
    illnesses are inherited, some are caused by
    exposure toxins, and some depend on ones brain

  • Although anxiety is a normal part of life, people
    with anxiety disorders have intense, excessive,
    and persistent worry about daily situations.
    Anxiety disorders have recurrent episodes of
    sudden and intense anxiety. They interfere with
    daily activities, and are difficult to control.
  • Common signs and symptoms are restlessness,
    tension, a sense of impending danger, increased
    heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, trembling,
    and inability to concentrate.The causes of
    anxiety disorders arent fully understood but
    traumatic events in ones life can
    trigger anxiety disorders in people who are
    already prone to anxiety. Genetic traits can also
    be a factor.

Can Magic Mushrooms Cause Anxiety and Mental
  • Peoples opinions about magic mushrooms are
    usually divided into two. On one hand, magic
    mushroom fans say shrooms can usher in
    transcendence and peace of mind. On the other
    hand, there are others who keep calling back to
    the stigma of the 60s, when psychedelics were
    linked to the counterculture movement, and blamed
    magic mushrooms for a decline in mental health.
  • Researchers have conducted recent experiments
    with magic mushrooms and have come away impressed
    with their potential to treat some forms of
    mental illness and anxiety in patients with
    terminal illness and the general population.

As for the question can magic mushrooms cause
anxiety and mental illness? the key takeaway
from these studies is
New research has indicated the controlled, low
doses of the magic mushrooms may be effective in
treating depression and anxiety.
Each patient was given either a pure dose of
psilocybin or a placebo, and asked to report
their levels of depression and anxiety at
different times over the next few months.
Patients who have been dosed with psilocybin had
lower anxiety levels by the 9th week and levels
of depression were also reduced. By carefully
administering low doses, the research
participants didnt have any negative experiences
while under the influence.
Can I Self-treat with Magic Mushrooms
Self-treating with magic mushrooms may not be a
good idea without supervision or if youre not
experienced in taking magic mushrooms.
One of the factors that contributed to the
positive result of the studies was the oversight
and guidance participants received throughout the
However, you can replicate these research
settings. If you want to experience the
therapeutic effects of psilocybin, here are some
  • Start with a low dose. As seen in the studies
    mentioned above, the research participants were
    given low doses of psilocybin yet they were able
    to enjoy the benefits months after taking the
    drug. This also lets your body adjust to the
    substance easier compared to taking a larger dose
    all at once.
  • Stay in a comfortable, private environment. These
    studies were conducted in settings where the
    participants were able to ride out their
    psychedelic high. Make sure to remove dangerous
    objects in the areas just to be on the safe side.

Low Doses of
  • Enlist the services of a good trip sitter. A trip
    sitter is basically someone who stays sober while
    you go on your psilocybin journey. By having a
    trip sitter present, someone can watch over you
    and even help you process your perceptions.

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