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Recumbent Exercise Bike Problem & Solution


Exercising on a stationary bike is a powerful manner to get into bodily form and improve your health. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Recumbent Exercise Bike Problem & Solution

Recumbent Exercise Bike Problem Solution
  • Altered from a lesson indication from Dr.

  • Sc 8th grade 8.1.A.1.C decide whether
    relationships are linear or nonlinear whilst
    represented in words, in a desk, symbolically, or
    in a graph al- use a graph to decide if a
    courting is linear or nonlinear
  • Sc algebra 1 aim 1 the student will
    demonstrate the capacity to research, interpret,
    and speak solutions to mathematical and
    real-international issues the use of styles,
    features and algebra. Expectation 1 the scholar
    will examine a huge variety of styles and
    purposeful relationships the use of the language
    of mathematics and appropriate generation.
    Indicator 1 the scholar will understand, describe
    and/or enlarge styles and useful relationships
    which can be expressed numerically,
    algebraically, and/or geometrically. Al the
    pupil will represent styles and/or purposeful
    relationships in a desk, as a graph, and/or
    through mathematical expression.
  • Middle standards eight.F.5. Describe
    qualitatively the purposeful dating between
    portions via reading a graph (e.G., in which the
    characteristic is growing or reducing, linear or
    nonlinear). Comic strip a graph that reveals the
    qualitative capabilities of a feature that has
    been defined verbally.

Apprentice Framework
  • Objective students will discover the connection
    between work and steepness of the landscape by
    means of sketching a graph of the elevation
    required to reap a sample exercising motorbike
  • Warm-up cartoon a graph that demonstrates a
    positive or bad correlation among variables.
  • Dialogue exercise motorcycles, effort, and
    analyzing the display screen of an exercising
  • Interest you may be requested to sketch the
    panorama that might be accountable for the
    exercising which you are supplied
  • Discussion the relationship among effort and
    elevation, the relationship between attempt and

Object lesson Strategy Specifics
  • Heat-up have college students cartoon a graph
    that demonstrates a fantastic or bad correlation
    between variables.
  • On account that not all college students have
    enjoy with exercising bikes, students and the
    trainer will engage in a dialogue approximately
    workout motorcycles, effort, and analyzing the
  • Students might be asked to sketch the panorama
    that would be accountable for the exercise that
    they are supplied
  • Instructor notes in maximum instances, students
    will create parabola that looks like a hill if
    this doesn't take place the following step may
    not be as important
  • The instructor and students will ride their
    motorcycles, this interactive revel in is
    designed to make college students sincerely
    consider the incline and attempt that is required
    for every degree (1 minute block) of the workout
    profile college students will describe the
    landscape in terms of steepness
  • The trainer will permit college students to
    re-sketch their graphs
  • The trainer will waft around the room having
    small institution discussions with students about
    their graphs and the way they came up with their
    elevation growth/decline

  • Questions
  • Does your graph constitute the effort required
    for the stationary motorcycle exercising?
  • Need to your landscape have any downward sloping
    sections? Why? Why no longer?
  • What does each boom in the desk bound bike
    workout suggest for the elevation of your
  • The complete class could have a dialogue
    approximately the elevation and the rate at which
    it will increase or decreases
  • Students will create a table that demonstrates
    the relationship between time, effort degree, and
    elevation of the actual existence hill
  • College students will use this facts to deduce
    statistics approximately the fee of increase
    among every stage (minute)
  • 6th and 7th grade college students can whole
    this pastime while not having a clean know-how of
    slope due to the fact the language may be
    centered in the actual global
  • 8th grade and algebra 1 students can use their
    information of slope to discover the linear and
    quadratic courting among the variables (see
    lesson wrap up)

Precipitate Query
  • Create a cartoon of the panorama elevation that
    could be required for this workout profile.

  • There are times throughout the lesson for the
    trainer to have a 1 on 1 communication and lesson
    with college students that conflict
  • College students that lack the vocabulary and
    heritage knowledge for a dialogue on slope can
    talk the hobby in phrases of steepness
  • Trade pastime some students can also discover it
    hard to move from the abstract (motorbike screen)
    to the actual world (elevation). Instead, a few
    college students might be given the challenge in
    opposite. With a given elevation sketch, they
    might ought to chart the effort required over
    time to ride the terrain