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Capstone Topics: How to Choose the Right One and Write an Outstanding Paper


If you are looking for a great topic for your capstone project, check this presentation and find out how to to choose right topic and write an outstanding paper. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Capstone Topics: How to Choose the Right One and Write an Outstanding Paper

  • Capstone project writing is a chance for you to
    demonstrate your advanced knowledge of the field
    of study in which you have invested more than a

  • For a lot of students, a capstone project seems
    as a challenging task, but its not so difficult.
    The first thing you need to do is to pick an
    interesting and valuable topic. For this, read
    the following tips.

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Allow a bit of time to think about what courses
    and classes were the most exciting for you. Think
    whether there are some topics you want to learn
    more. Create a list of ideas which seem the most
    perspective and interesting to explore.

  • Review literature
  • Find the latest research concerning ideas from
    your list and define the most promising from
    them. Could you contribute somehow with your
    project? Delete those senior capstone project
    ideas which are too limited or go beyond your
    academic interest as well as major.

  • Narrow your focus
  • Pick one topic which is the most interesting for
    you and write down a list of questions for
    possible research and exploration. Keep your
    focus narrow (instead of deciding to write about
    The Reformation, choose some aspects of it and
    explore them).

  • It's time for a consultation
  • Dont start writing without consulting with your
    adviser. He/she can tell you what topics
    weaknesses are, redirect you if necessary, and
    advise some literature which can help in your
    research. Besides, being approved by your advisor
    is a sign your topic is great.

  • Choose the most interesting one
  • Without being passionate about a chosen topic,
    youll never get enough motivation and a desire
    to work on it. So, pick the one which will catch
    your attention as well as your adviser and the
    academic community.

  • The topic should contain a problem
  • It must be a real problem so you will offer your
    solutions supported by firm theoretical arguments
    and empirical findings. As an alternative, use my
    capstone project online service.

  • Capstone topic must be manageable
  • All resources, facilities and other crucial
    factors for research must be easily available.
    You shouldnt be limited because youll get poor

  • Too out-there topic is not a good idea
  • You dont need to select a capstone topic that
    presents the latest trend in your field of study.
    Pick the one which will hook your readers as well
    as you as a researcher.

  • Define topics strengths and weaknesses
  • There is no guarantee your chosen topic doesnt
    have any weaknesses. Thats why come up with
    several capstone topics and assist with your
    advisor which one is the most winning.

  • Choose a broad topic first
  • When you read literature and previous research
    concerning quite a broad subject, its easier to
    narrow it down. More you read, more ideas youll
    come up.

  • Use different materials
  • Materials from your previous research, notes,
    essays, your advisors tips, materials from
    libraries and online databases use all these
    sources as well as own knowledge youve got
    during studying for finding the best capstone
    project ideas and developing your topic.

  • Write a proposal
  • Its not necessary but it will definitely help
    you to understand what youre going to write. In
    a proposal define a concrete problem, come up
    with solutions, and offer ways to evaluate and
    analyze them.

  • If troubles happen
  • If you find out that another researcher has
    already written a work with a topic very similar
    to yours, dont panic. Thoroughly read this
    project and find out what its main focus and the
    most important findings. Define whether you can
    approach this topic from an absolutely different
    perspective or how you can develop it.

  • Dont be afraid to spend a lot of time
  • If you searching for a good capstone topic takes
    a lot of time and efforts, dont even think it is
    wasted time. Thorough investigation and patience
    are highly important in choosing the best nursing
    capstone projects ideas.

  • Read more and more
  • Having a specific topic, you should dig into
    relevant sources and current research. You have
    to learn more about the historical background of
    your topic as well as what other authors have
    contributed to it.

  • Start writing your capstone project
  • Make a schedule, draw up an outline, keep in
    touch with your advisor and keep working on your
  • More helpful information you will find in this
    Google book.

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